One of the most commercially successful rock bands of all time, Kiss were pioneers in developing and exploiting the theatrical potential of heavy metal while simultaneously making it a safe form of mainstream entertainment, creating cartoon- like characters out of the band members and crafting simple and hook-filled party anthems that they delivered in the midst of concerts that were as much visual spectacles as musical performances, featuring costumes, makeup, fog machines, elaborate light shows, smoking guitars, blood spitting, and fire breathing.
Emerging from New York City in the early seventies, Kiss took their cue from the early glam image and theatricality of Alice Cooper and the New York Dolls, and combined it with a straightforward hard rock style. The band’s eponymous debut wasn’t a blockbuster, but it did make it as high as 87 on the charts. Their next album, Destroyer, was an ambitious undertaking and was heavily produced by producer Bob Ezrin.
In the 1978 the band hit on the idea of simultaneous solo albums that still featured the band’s logo. Session drummer Anton Fig (later of Letterman Late Show band fame) would sit in on 1980’s Kiss Unmasked, with Eric Carr joining the band in time for a world tour later that same year. Creatures of the Night, featuring new guitarist Vinnie Vincent, sold somewhat better, making it to 45 on the charts. There followed a string of successful albums, and then in 1990 drummer Eric Carr became ill with cancer, succumbing to the disease the following year at the age of 41. In 1996, sensing the time was ripe for a bit of nostalgia, Simmons and Stanley welcomed back Frehley and Criss for a reunion tour featuring the band in its full make-up. For six Wednesdays in a row, beginning July 10, Williamsburg's semi-scruffy McCarren Park hosts the hugely popular SummerScreen series.
Now in its fifth year, the Intrepid's free summer movie series returns with its usual slate of action-heavy films (you ARE, after all, on the deck of a one-time war machine). The kids' flicks are shown at Pier 46 in the Village; the more adult fare screens at Pier 63 in Chelsea, and both boast an impressive slate of recent hits.
Since the late 1990s Rooftop Films has gone from guerilla screenings in semi-dangerous nabes to, these days, emerging as a full-fledged, totally legit festival, showing Sundance, Cannes, and Tribeca favorites (like Central Park Five on June 18) in well-publicized locations.
And, of course, there's the Bryant Park movies, Outdoor Cinema at Socrates Sculpture Park in LIC, the Syfy Movies With a View festival in the lovely Brooklyn Bridge Park, an indoor series at the Sony Wonder Lab in Midtown, movie nights at Lavender Lake in Gowanus, and at Habana Outpost in Fort Greene, on and on and on.
One of the many reasons that people continue to flock to NYC is because there is ALWAYS something to do. Summer may be over, but cooler temperatures will give way to a delicious New York City tradition: outdoor food festivals!
Free Things to Do Summer Fun Events New York City Kids For some New Yorkers, the warm weather triggers a primordial urge to flee. Whether you're visiting New York City for the day, a week or hanging here with your kids the entire season, our Summer Fun Guide gives you everything you need know to have an incredible time with the kids. Reviewing the Drama offers news and views about theatre, ballet, movies and other forms of artistic expression.

Finishing the evening with a flourish was Jerome Robbins's Fancy Free, a longtime favorite of mine. Their hook-filled tunes and command of the stage created the template for the arena rock of the seventies and eighties and inspired a whole generation of bands that would follow them. The band first came together when Gene Simmons (bass, vocals) and Paul Stanley (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) responded to drummer Peter Criss’s classified ad in Rolling Stone, and then placed one for a guitarist in the Village Voice, to which lead guitarist Ace Frehley responded. Where their previous albums had been very straightforward affairs, Destroyer was a much slicker-sounding album.
In 1983 the band took off their make-up and transitioned into a more mainstream rock image.
Replacing Carr with drummer Eric Singer, the band released 1992’s Revenge, which became a top ten hit.
The tour was a huge success and moneymaker for the band and went all over the world treating fans to their first look at the vintage Kiss look in over fourteen years. Yes, HBO's Bryant Park Summer Film Festival has been around since the early 1990s, and there are a couple of other venerable series still going strong, but nowadays it seems as if each summer brings a host of new serial screenings and one-time movie events, as well as expanded offerings from our old favorites.
The 2013 McCarren Park free movie lineup includes such '80s crowd-pleasers as Goonies (July 31) and Pee Wee's Big Adventure (July 17). The movies roll on select Fridays beginning May 24, and feature the likes of Jaws (June 28), Star Trek (the one from 1979, on July 26), and the first Harry Potter (August 2).
Friday is kids' night, with such box-office hits as Rise of the Guardians (August 9), ParaNorman (July 19), and Madagascar 3 (August 2). There's still plenty of edgy offerings, though, as well as short-film programs you won't find anywhere else. Paper Magazine offers a good wrap-up here, and the NYC Go has a comprehensive listing here.
After working up a unique act involving face make-up and costumes, and a band logo featuring lightning bolts for the “s” in their name (Frehley’s idea), the band held their first concert in New York.
It was a formula that was standard at the time, and Kiss followed it to the letter, releasing two more albums, Hotter Than Hell (1974) and Dressed to Kill (1975), in the next three years.
Dynasty, released in 1979, was another platinum seller, featuring the hit single “I Was Made for Loving You,” which although alienating some fans because of its disco beat, was a radio smash. The gambit seemed to work with the 1983 album Lick It Up going platinum and the title track becoming a radio hit. In 1998 the reunited lineup released Pyscho Circus, which turned out to be a critical and commercial disappointment for the band.
And on Wednesdays, the PG-13-and-above crowd can look forward to Silver Linings Playbook (July 10), Moonrise Kingdom (July 31), and Pitch Perfect (August 14), among others.

Families can take advantage of all the fun the city has to offer: beaches, pools, outdoor concerts and movies, boat rides, events and activities, much of it completely free, turning the town into one big summer-long fest—and we don't mean a "sweat-fest," either. On Reviewing the Drama, I’ll be bringing you my musings on culture and pop-culture and other odds and ends that pique my interest.
The concert generated serious interest in the band’s entertaining proposition, and manager Bill Aucoin, who caught the show, offered to manage the band immediately afterward.
By 1975, the band’s constant touring had helped them to build a large and enthusiastic fan base.
The album featured the ballad “Beth” (sung by drummer Criss), which became their first top ten single, while the tune “Detroit Rock City,” one of their best rockers, also gained significant airplay.
The album, however, would be the band’s last with its original lineup, as Criss would leave in 1980.
With Vincent leaving to form the Vinnie Vincent Invasion (remember them?), the band hired guitarist Mark St. Within two weeks, he had the band a record deal with impresario Neil Bogart’s Casablanca Records. This set the stage for their major breakthrough in the fall of 1975 with the release of the live album Alive! The following year the band announced a farewell tour, but before the tour hit its Japanese and Australian legs, Criss left the group over a salary dispute. Hitting number 12 on the album charts, the album made the band’s name a household word, and the album was the must-have album of the year. Kiss mania was in full swing, and in a foreshadowing of the band’s commercial bent, Kiss took full advantage of the marketing potential their position and image offered.
In a move that proved controversial to some fans, Simmons and Stanley merely hired former drummer Eric Singer and had him don Criss’s trademark make-up and costume and resumed the tour. With the single “Rock ‘n’ Roll All Nite,” the band had it first radio hit, and Kiss were a mass phenomenon for the first time.
There were Kiss dolls, comic books featuring the band, even a made-for-TV movie starring the band called “Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park.” By the end of the year the band’s fan club—The Kiss Army—had over 10,000 members.
John had to leave the band after developing Rieter’s syndrome, guitarist Brue Kulick took his place.

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