The popularity of "Attack on Titan" has reached new heights in 2013 with the anime series, and now fans can watch free episodes online! If you're looking to watch "Attack on Titan" for free online, there are episodes available with English subtitles here.
Of course, finding free episodes of "Attack on Titan" online is not the only way a fan can celebrate the popular anime series.
According to Kotaku, a new "Attack on Titan" action figure has recently sold out at the cost of $1180!

The special Attack on Titan x IOS x DOLK collaboration has created an action figure with individual strands of hair and incredible details on the action figure equipment. Although its demand is currently very high, no doubt more of these "Attack on Titan" action figures will arrive in 2014.
In addition, a new DLC has arrived for Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind for the Nintendo 3DS. This DLC puts players in control of Levi and Sasha, according to CrunchyRoll, and Levi's DLC will remain a free download in Japan until January 31, 2014.

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