A handy item to have on a hike just in case you happen to lose your pack is a survival necklace. Making a sliding knot necklace is the best way to carry these items around, since you will want an easy non-mechanical way to adjust the size to get it over your head. Once you have it tied like in the last picture, you can grab both knots and pull them to tighten the necklace. Here are some great looking survival shelters you can probably build yourself if you ever find yourself in a SHTF or survival situation… assuming you have moderate skills.
June 2, 2014 By McKenzie I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community. I knew that the perfect place to find great items for a summertime survival kit would be Walgreens. Johnson & Johnson and Walgreens have put together this awesome deal so you can celebrate every goal in your family too!

I took the Tylenol, the lip balm, and the Band-Aids out of their packaging so they would fit in the pencil case more easily.
The pencil case is just the right size that I can slide it under the seat in my car and I can have it handy for all of our summertime fun. With the long days of Summer, these 10 fun Summer activities for children with entertain and thrill – chasing away the bored blues. If you purchase $15 of select Johnson & Johnson products on these select end caps, you can earn 3,000 points for your Walgreens Balance Rewards. I put each item in the pencil case and actually had room that I could put a few other items in there too! These activities are frugal to make and will get children up, moving around, laughing and boosting creativeness. It is nice to know that we can go out as a family on all sorts of adventures without having to worry about remembering the diaper bag or having to change diapers in awkward situations.

Each of these items are great to have on hand in your car during the summer because you seriously don’t know when you might feel a headache coming on, or your child gets a scrape, or your lips are killing you because they are so chapped, or you are starving, or you forgot to pack the sunscreen.
I wanted to be sure to keep it simple so I could fit it all in a pencil case, but if you wanted to make a larger one, you could include tons of other great items too like Aveeno lotion, Zyrtec, and Neosporin. Since I know that we will be out and about a lot, I wanted to put together a little kit to keep in our car that is a little bit first aid and a little bit survival of the summer. It is perfect for when you get in situations that you realize that you need something ASAP and you aren’t close to home to get it.

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