Product DetailsEmpathy is the ability to understand what others feel, and express that understanding in a caring way. Skyless Game Studios leverages the power of video games to support and empower social, educational, and philanthropic causes.
In todaya€™s ever-connected world, engaging an audience can be a real challenge for many organizations. Skyless Gamesa€™ mission statement is simple: to use video games to empower social causes to create positive change.
We formed Skyless Game Studios on June 10th, 2012 in a conference room in Drexela€™s Baiada Center, an entrepreneurship incubator run by the university.
It was on January 25th, 2013, while we were puzzling over how to make Project Emapthy a reality, that we were introduced to Jack Smith and Tom Lasich from Repatriation Group International. The Republican Hour is a multimedia effort to promote Republican ideas, policies, and candidates in Delaware, but with a focus on New Castle County and the City of Wilmington. According to the website The Daily Beast, Delaware is more corrupt than New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and almost every other state. Many children need help building this social skill, and it can be especially difficult to teach this to students on the autism spectrum. We partner with experts on an important cause, then work with them to make a great game with a purpose. This single sentence embodies the ideals that drive us everyday at Skyless: pushing for positive change in todaya€™s world and using video games as a medium to do so. We had recently finished working on a small app and were trying to figure out what to do next.

Since we began working on Follow the Money, we have presented the game to a variety of audiences including the Games for Change festival, the United Nations Convention Against Corruption conference in Panama, and a NATO Building Integrity conference. In concert with the Republican Wilmington Region, we have been operating a leased access TV show, twice per month, since late 2008 and are expanding that program into the internet and social media. More Americans work for the government than work in construction, farming, fishing, forestry, manufacturing, mining and utilities combined.
Simply to reduce the number of State employees through an early retirement option with a commitment not to rehire for those slots. Use this workbook with your K-6 grade students to help them learn how to empathize and build healthy relationships.This practical workbook is designed to provide school psychologists, counselors, and teachers with activities to help students think about and practice strategies to become more empathetic. Our flagship product is a training game that teaches skills and techniques to corruption investigators.
Without a way to capture and hold peoplea€™s attention, many great causes fade out before being able to make substantial change.
Our mission is on our minds with every decision we make: who to work with, how to design a game, what our message is, whata€™s for lunch (well, maybe not the last one).
Although it would mean that our pet project would have to take a back seat, we all quickly realized the potential of working together. Its mission is to promote and create innovation in greater Chester County and Southeastern PA. Over the last two years, we have highlighted the problems in and around Wilmington, New Castle County & the State. It uses both cognitive behavioral techniques and behavioral strategies, and includes lots of instructional activities and reproducible worksheets.

This is why we created Skyless Games: to use fun and engaging video games to help give a voice to the people trying to change the world.
And it is with this simple mission in mind that we aim to build Skyless into an increasingly valuable resource for social causes around the world. After a little research we realized that we werena€™t the first to think of this; but in large part the a€?serious gamesa€? currently available were small and could barely be called games.
We immediately began designing this game, now called Follow the Money; and by April 1st we brought on a team of co-op students and began creating the game.
Nearly half of the $2.2 trillion cost of state and local governments is the $1 trillion-a-year tab for pay and benefits of state and local employees. Through games, role-plays and worksheets, your students will become thoughtfully engaged in building empathy skills!Building these skills in your school can help prevent bullying and other negative social behaviors, such as excluding peers. So we set out to make Project Empathy, a game that would explore the psychology of violent extremism and radicalization, through a rich story set in an immersive world. Labs has three parts: it runs events, it provides co-working space, and it runs an early-stage incubator. However, we quickly came to the realization that we didna€™t have the resources to complete such an ambitious project. She is passionate about making evidence-based and evidence-informed practices applicable to clinicians in the field.

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