Grown men who won’t shed a tear at their mother’s funeral will bawl when they watch “Rudy”. The film itakes place in 1988, and covers the story of the High School football team called Permian. Coach Gaines triumphs and battles with successful football games and linking with his gamers a variety of periods during their tremulous period.
The word “football” is a used to denote a sport which has to do with feet and ball, but sometimes it is used for both soccer and American football.
The offense is the team with the control of the oval-shaped football and their object is to run down the field, passing the ball in the attempt of reaching the goalpost.
Gridiron is the playing field where two opposing American football teams meet in order to play a game. Quarterback is the leader of the team in charge of giving signals at the line of scrimmage and receiving the ball from the center.
Two inner members of the offensive line are called left guard and right guard and their supposed to protect the quarterback who carries the ball and block the players from the sides. Just like the guards, there are left tackle and right tackle that are on the offensive line and are two outer members. The job of the defensive tackle is to maintain positions stop a running play or to break the offensive line and pressure the quarterback. On every play there are three or four linebackers, whose job is to line up behind the defensive linemen and tackle, run and pass. Nic D: Somewhere between Micky from the Goonies and Frodo’s best bud, Samwise Gamgee, the young man named Sean Astin played Daniel E. Nic D: I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve yelled, “Come on Mox, you skinny ass bitch, LET’S ROLL aha ha!”  This was a contender for the number one spot…Hits, tits and plenty of “get you PUMPED” situations. Zac: I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but it seems like Bud Kilmer should get more credit than he does. Zac: The only thing that bothered me about this movie was the scene at the end where Julius chases down the Marshall running back and causes the fumble to set up the game winning play. Zac: It’s hard to decide how to properly rate this movie, because so much of it was so unrealistic. Nic D: It’s a rarity to see a remake movie topping a list as prestigious as this, I know, but best casting performance ever?  Let’s get the biggest guys you can find in the cinema world and have them go head to head. Zac: So Gary Gaines runs Boobie Miles into the ground and causes him to miss the remainder of the season, and it’s all okay. In honor of this LOVE filled time of year, we want to make the movie watching season a little easier on the men out there with a significant other…hang in there pal, we feel your pain!
Remember the titans is based on a true story that toke place in Virginia schools around 1971.
I love this American football movie because i love a good storyline and this film surly has it .
With this Sunday being the Super Bowl, I thought I'd take a look at what I consider to be the top ten American football films. In the lead up to the big game over the years, my Super Bowl Sundays have involved watching some of the films included in the list below. James Van Der Beek plays Jonathan Moxon (or Mox, for short) who is less enthusiastic about football than those around him, pressured to play from a young age, by his father, and constantly playing second fiddle to star quarterback Lance Harbor (played by Paul Walker).
Goldie Hawn plays Molly McGrath, an American football-obsessed high school track coach at a prestigious school, who dreams of being given the opportunity to coach a football team. The source material was written by Peter Gent, a former wide receiver for the Cowboys and he's played here by Nick Nolte. As with many (and arguably the best) American football movies, this is based on a true story. This is the 1974, Oscar-nominated, Burt Reynolds version, not the questionable 2005 remake starring Adam Sandler (that Burt Reynolds also stars in). In another story based on someone achieving against the odds despite a physical disadvantage, Adam Sandler's backwater simpleton, Bobby Boucher, discovers that he's able to tackle like a beast when he channels his rage. Out of all of the movies on the list, this is my favourite and one that I'll definitely be watching on Sunday before the game. Just because the first round has passed by and your team didn’t address one of the many needs they probably have, does not mean all is lost yet. KC shows their lack of faith in Brodie Croyle and is thrilled when Falco falls all the way to the beginning of the 2nd round. Harbor gets selected in round 2 by the Bears as another option for the black-hole that is Chicago’s QB’s. Quite possibly the largest man to ever play in the NFL, Turley stands over 7-feet tall and a legitimate 400 pounds. The man who calls himself “Steamin Willie Beamon” heads to Tampa as a backup to Jeff Garcia and potentially take over for him somewhere down the line. After taking Washington as their premier back in round 1, the Raiders grab the best lead-blocking fullback in the draft to clear the path for him. Not one team who interviewed him liked his attitude, although it may translate to toughness on the field. Attempting to remedy their huge mistake in last year’s draft by selecting Justin Medlock over Mason Crosby, KC selects Gruff in the hopes that they don’t miss again. Pick #18: [Houston Texans] Barney Gorman (Tony Danza), K – The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon. Houston needs someone at camp to challenge Kris Brown who missed a few clutch kicks last year and while he has the leg strength, lacks severely in accuracy. Parcells waits until late in the draft to take an alternative to John Beck when he selects Collins in the 6th round.
Atlanta takes a stab at finding a replacement for the aging Warrick Dunn by selecting Grey in the final round of the draft. I don’t know how the Indianapolis Colts passed up Forrest Gump when he was still on the board late in the second round.
Ask the people who know me and they would say I’m actually the last person who would do that.

It starts with an overhead shot of the Stadium in Odessa, The film jumps right into things and all in all is a little bit different from other American football films. Fullback Don Billings (Garrett Hedlund) has a rugged connection with his alcohol addiction and violent dad(this theme is popular in American football films inserting the hardships of the main characters that happens off the field.) this gives us a more personal look at them and helps us relate to the story.
His job is determined by the Panthers making the year divisional playoffs, and his group is in a three-way tie with two other groups at the end of the frequent period. But if you want to understand some basic terminology of American Football, read on and find out the basic terminology used in American football, commonly known throughout the USA just as football. The defense team’s objective is to stop the offense team and their progress and take over the ball which they will control.
Upon receiving the ball the quarterback can either hand it off to a running back or throws it to a receiver or run with the ball. With that in mind, here’s a list of gridiron flicks that should be on every sports lover’s movie shelf.
How many times have you flipped across this while watching TV with a girl, started watching, then frantically tried to change the channel before they cut to Rudy’s dad in the stands at the end? Sure he was a pain in the ass and a tyrant on the sidelines, but the guy delivered 2 state championships, and 22, count ‘em, 22 district titles!
A bunch of city league fat guys on NBA on TNT!  Coaches being interviewed on the sidelines, mic’d up 40 year olds catching bows! However, I do wonder how successful it would have been if Mike Oher hadn’t become a top level NFL player. Both teams have outstanding quarterbacks leading their offence and were the top seed in their respective conference. It features some of the best looking American football action committed to celluloid and a host of appearances from a number of NFL legends, plus it's good to see Dennis Quaid in any movie. But when Harbor is sidelined with an injury, Moxon is called on to start and lead the team. When an opportunity to coach the team of an inner city high school comes up, she applies and gets the job. Denzel Washington plays Herman Boone who is hired as the head coach for the T C Willams High School football team. Rudy was dyslexic and physically unimpressive (well, at least by American football standards), but persisted to achieve his dream of playing for Notre Dame. This is not only one of the best American football movies, but one of the best prison movies ever made as well.
His new found talent helps him make the transition from waterboy to starting linebacker, helping his team reach the championship in the process. Bissinger, Friday Night Lights follows the exploits of the Permian Panthers, from the blue collar town of Odessa Texas 1988 season and their run for the state championship. My enjoyment of the movie is helped by a lot of the music being provided by Texan post rockers Explosions in the Sky and the inclusion of New Noise by Refused. I don’t have to run the list of NFL superstars that were plucked from further down in the draft, but it is a long list. Falco is a guy with a big arm but carries some concerns for lack of production in big games against top-tier opponents. He overcame a devastating knee injury in high school to go on to a productive college career. If Detroit can work on his footwork which does not match the wonders of his size by any means, they may have the steal of the draft. He also has some running ability, having lost his starting tailback spot to former teammate Darnell Jefferson, which also can help take some of the attention off Washington.
He has led quite a charming life while breaking most rushing records at Alabama, yet scouts still worried about his shortcomings.
But now Cheeseburger Eddy can certainly afford more from the dollar menu as a 3rd rounder of the Packers. He has been labeled his entire career as a dirty player, rumored to have spit on a teammate once. Unfortunately they don’t do much better than a guy who may even get beat out by Darren Sproles for the #2. Gruff has a monster leg with above-average accuracy, but there are many concerns with his activities off the field.
Gorman comes in as an underdog who beat the odds to get a shot kicking and while he has only average leg strength, the name of the game for Houston is hitting the ones you’re supposed to. It still manages to be a controversial pick due to Collins’ dismissal from the team after only managing a backup role throughout his career. He is a classic prototype of a guy from a big program who has played in big-time games and produced but simply doesn’t have the measurable needed to be a regular in the NFL.
Because all of us (especially men) get emotional about relentlessly pursuing our dreams, even in the face of ridicule and long-shot odds, and being rewarded for it. And I certainly don’t feel like I’ve achieved enough in my life and career that I’m ready to be carried off the field on anyone’s shoulders.  I’m telling you this because, and I wish there was a way to make this sound less hokey, nothing will empower you like whole-heartedly going after your dreams. Football is a sport played between two teams of eleven players on a field with goalposts at each end. The game was only close because the crazy dad with a buzz cut told his kid to play dirty, which ignited a Giants rally. A head coach who gets drunk and winds up with hookers every night, yet the big story on sports news is him yelling at a reporter? They both kinda look similar, have a habit of shrinking in big moments, and don’t mind snagging the occasional kiss on the sidelines. Anyway, this is a good one, and a lot of people forget that it was a TV movie, so it should definitely get some extra points for having to go up against the big studio fare.
It was nice to see a nod to the original with the casting of Burt Reynolds, and Chris Rock is funny as Caretaker, but for me, the breakout star here was Dan Patrick, as the starstruck police officer who joins Crewe making fun of his partner.
Would Sandra be toting around an Oscar right now if Mike had slid to the 6th round, gotten drafted by the Chargers, and then been dismissed from the team after knocking Phil Rivers out cold for whipping a ball at him? What a double standard, Gaines didn’t have anywhere near Kilmer’s resume, and he certainly didn’t have a statue.

I've stocked up on beer and have booked Monday off work, so don't need to worry about having to function on only a couple of hours sleep. As is the case with most seasons, I'll be following this year's finale as a neutral, as the team that I follow, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, once again failed to make it to the play-offs. She faces challenges in getting the team together but turns their fortunes around and ends up taking them to the championship game where she faces the school where she used to teach. The Dallas Cowboys were reportedly none too pleased with either the book or film of North Dallas Forty, given the similarities between the legendary NFL team and the fictional North Dallas Bulls here, due to the fact that active encouragement of the use of pain killers features. Boone faces opposition initially, with the white players threatening to boycott the team if he's appointed (it's this threat that convinces Boone to take the job).  The players soon change their mind and Boone puts them through a rigorous training camp that helps unite a racially segregated team in preparation for their season.
Rudy gets his dream and plays in the final play of the season in which he sacks the opposing team's quarterback. Again, this is another film that's based on true events, focussed on the life of Chicago Bears running back Brian Piccolo who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and his friendship with team mate Gale Sayers. Coach Gary Gaines (played by Billy Bob Thornton) faces constant scrutiny and faces losing his job if the team doesn't make the playoffs. Kitna may also need a stepladder to throw over him, but it won’t matter much if Turley just plows over anyone and anything in front of him. He pulled off the lowest ever score on the Wonderlic which caused him to slide into the 3rd round to the delight of the Titans. Point-shaving incidents followed him all through his career but he still somehow managed better than a 90% career field goal percentage. Good speed and size with somewhat suspect hands, he could be taken under the wing of Burleson and brought along slowly. He certainly has been known for effectively carrying on the drunken backup QB stigma very well. One thing is for sure, he possesses all the intangibles and is not quite ready to deal with what life without football has to give. His best and only friend dies in an accident so the kid, Rudy, decides to follow his dream of playing football for Notre Dame. But I encourage everyone to do anything they can to go after what they want, what they believe and what they are passionate about. Coach Gary Gaines ( which is played by Billy Bob Thornton),is in his second season there, and everybody expects the team to win state.
Plus, Moranis wasn’t even calling the plays, it was the chess nerd (sadly, this was before Moneyball…he was just a little ahead of his time). Keith Brookings (real-life crazy linebacker) could play Danny Bateman (fictional crazy linebacker), and really, any number of guys could play the convict Free Safety who’s out on parole. Also, this movie should get extra credit for spawning a TV series that people absolutely go nuts over.
It handles the dark underbelly of American football in an incredibly clumsy way and Al Pacino is ridiculously over the top.
Like a film that appears later in this list, Varsity Blues explores the effect American football has on a small town Texan community. Sean Astin puts in one hell of a performance as Daniel 'Rudy' Ruettiger and the film features Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau in their earliest film appearance.
When the team lose their star running back early in the season, the outlook is bleak, but they manage to remain competitive in their attempt to mount a title challenge.
Some of you will be thrilled that these names fell so far to your team, and others may just be worried about the diruption in the lockerroom it may cause.
If Tennessee ever wins the Super Bowl, it should be just another day for the man who has already been to the White House…twice. Not to mention those in his inner circle claim that he is a “whack-job” and practices “cult-like” beliefs. I finally decided to forgo the treadmill and the trends and get serious about lifting weights. Do that and one day you may just get to run out of that tunnel with your gold helmet shining in the sun. And while we’re at it, I like Ed O’Neill as much as the next guy, but was I the only one who had trouble buying him as a HEISMAN-FREAKING-TROPHY WINNER?!
There is only one certainty that comes along with the draft…that there are no certainties. He gets rejected from even attending Notre Dame so he enrolls at a nearby Junior College to get his grades in order.
For all those early morning alarm clocks and generous coaches who I used to admire from a far and I now have the honor of calling my colleagues. Billingsley quietly continues the misuse from his dad, who won conditions tournament at Permian only to discover himself incapable to get into higher education and trapped operating a dead-end job. For my training partners and coworkers who inspire me every day to push my mind and my body further. And I don’t care how good of a guy you are, if you’re a Heisman winner you’re making money as a network analyst or coach or motivational speaker or living off your NFL earnings…you’re aren’t slinging used Chevys in small town America.
I decided to forgo a long-built career in advertising to pursue my passion of strength, health and fitness. The team is so impressed with his never quit attitude that they rally together so that he can be on the sidelines in uniform for the last game of his senior season. Not as a post-college kid but as a married adult who had pulled in a six figure salary the year before.
They blow out Georgia Tech in this game and after much prodding from the fans and players, the coach lets Rudy on the field for the final two plays.
I got unbelievably lucky and one of the greatest in the industry decided to take me under his wing and teach me what he knows.
A title card alerts us that this is the last time a Notre Dame player has ever left the stadium on his teammates’ shoulders.

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