Cloudbusting Resources How to create or modify weather systems in accordance with scientific, orgonomic, and radionic protocols. The Biefeld-Brown Effect Explanation of why electric dipoles produce asymmetrical gravity fields and accelerate toward the positive pole.
Ether Physics Conclusions from my Scalar Superpotential Theory that unites gravity, electricity, and magnetism.
The Physics of 2012 How quantum physics and Relativity explain the impending dimensional Shift.
Intelligent Design On evolution and the false dichotomies of Creationism and Darwinism. Neutral centers can be created electromagnetically via radially converging or diverging electric current pulses, spherical standing waves in piezoelectric materials, or via the radial null vectors of large masses as described above. Based on calculations, one possible magnetic profile of such a conduit should consist of circular magnetic fields that are weakest at the center and increase in magnitude with distance from the center, a vector plot looking similar to how wheat is laid down in crop circles. So assuming the earth grid network is distributed like the corners of Platonic solids, plotting the grid would require placing each solid within the globe, aligning one vertex to a chosen geographic location and rotating the rest of the vertices to find all other points. The Becker-Hagens Grid incoporates both the Platonic solids and the hexakis icosahedron to create a grid of 62 points. There is an interesting map drawn by Admiral Piri Reis in 1513, assembled from fragments of other maps known at the time. I realized the map showed a grid system that conformed precisely to a dodecahedral configuration overlayed upon the globe. Now, to test the theory it would be necessary to create a computer program that could calculate the latitude and longitude coordinates of all Platonic solid vertices within the earth given a set of lock coordinates and bearing or rotation angle around that point. Thus I created a couple scripts written in Python that would produce a list of coordinates that could then be plotted in Google Earth. Instead of bearing, the script will ask for header coordinates, the point toward which the grid will be rotated.
Recently (November 2007) I created a web interface to allow generation of these files through your web browser. Now we had the entire modern age filled with industrious moles tunneling through the earth, spying on the planet from below. Check out the book, it’s interesting and stocked with clues and secrets hidden in plain sight for those with eyes to see.
That the Eiffel Tower might be on a grid point seems logical, and with the Python scripts wouldn’t take much time to test. Click here for map comparisons (this compares the Piri Reis map to a simpler plot created with PhiGrid instead of Google Earth because for this illustration it makes the points easier to see.
The calculated coordinates are close enough for horseshoes, off just a little perhaps due to either the rotational pole having wandered slightly or the calculations not taking into account the earth being a slightly oblate spheroid — most likely both.
Whatever the case, once the gridpoints are known the next question is when do they activate, if ever?
This would have use in tracking ritualistic and extraterrestrial activity, and later to be coupled with technology allowing teleportation, reality engineering, healing, free energy, and antigravity. On one of their journeyings to Franz Joseph Land to gather some ivory, they decided, under the favorable weather conditions, to journey to this unseen land of their forefathers and view it once and for all with their own eyes.
The Smoky God catalogues their journey to this hidden land and their dealings with the giant race that inhabits it. It describes the language, culture and lifestyle of these beings that exist in the marvelous land of perpetual sunlight.
This article was published first in the January, 1995 issue of NEXUS, international science and freedom magazine. Its scientific significance is exceeded only by the mechanical flight discovery of Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903. In 1913 Gardner wrote his original book proving beyond any doubt that our Earth is a hollow sphere. The title is A JOURNEY TO THE EARTH’S INTERIOR or HAVE THE POLES REALLY BEEN DISCOVERED? Although he seems not to have been aware of it, Gardner’s work had incompletely been preceded by William Reed, whose book PHANTOM OF THE POLES was 281 pages and was published in 1906 New York City by the Walter S.
As a result, he was never able to logically account for the powerful source of heat and illumination present in the Earth’s Interior. The difference is that whereas Reed confined his research strictly to Polar exploration, Gardner augmented this with studies of astronomy.
The majority of this article will be testimony from the real experts, the people who were there at the huge telescopes and especially there in those vast and previously mysterious Polar regions. The last Macuxies (from the northern Amazon) tell us that, until the year 1907 they entered a cavern and walked from 13 to 15 days until they reached the interior. The main motto of the Macuxies of this place, was to look out for the entrance of the cavern, keeping out everyone who was not an authorized member of the tribe. The stairs ended at the third day (they kept record of the days with thir stomachs and sleep time, wich is pretty accurate). They left there the breos (torches made of sticks impregnated with tar from nearby oil ponds), and they carried on iluminated by lights that were just there, as big as a watermelon and clear as a bulb. They crossed 5 well marked places trough some huge caverns whose ceilings they could not see. On this place grew some trees with good fruit, like cajues, oaks, mangos, bananas and some lesser plants.
Respecting this cycle, starting their march against the wind (which was for their own safety) they climbed down three days on the stairs and after two days of march on a narrow stair-less tunnel, the wind blew back inside, hence they watched their steps since the days they departed, to not leave loose stones on their path wich would hit them in the back. Sometimes the wind was so strong, and instead of using the walls to impulse themselves, they should do it to stop and avoid being hit.
Sometimes they should hang to the rocky edges to metal pieces that were in the rock there before they passed by, and wait two days until the wind died. They remained there a few days enjoying some nearby beaches, getting younger as the time passed by. The returning trip started with the wind blowing on their backs, to have it again in there on the last stage of the journey, when they climbed the stairs the last three days , whose ruins exists nowadays. The belief (or knowledge) of the Macuxies, is that if they follow the rules given by the giants, after they die here in the outside, they’ll be reborn in there, among them. One of them sent a letter to Her Majesty, repeating her a tale like this one, with some more details. In the beaches of the inner lands, there’s an abundance of diamonds, just like there is in some carbon mines of serpentine, from ancient volcanic shafts, wich are today, precisely, those tunnels to the interior of the world.
After two years of poverty and angst (That zone, in the outer surface had diamonds — useless for them back then — but lacked fruit and fish), they chose to attempt a new contact with the giants, despite the banning. Some of them returned immediately, but some other chose to follow the new and unknown path.

Some of them refused to go, because the place assigned to them was one of those huge caves.
Years later, the garampeiros started to arrive, to pollute the rivers with zarandas, resumidoras and quicksilver and to destroy the minds of the Macuxies that stayed behind with drugs. During June or July of 1946 there was a huge collapse in the tunnel, destroying almost all the stairs.
Today there’s only some steps at the beginning of it and a huge and unclimbable pit where the wind blows with different rhythms. Some old Macuxies who escaped the English whip, and still live counting their age in moons, don?t give up entirely to forget the Lost Paradise. This is an example of a widgeted area that you can place text to describe a particular product or service. When the paper came out, it was followed by a bit of media noise, some of which poked a little bit of fun at the whole idea. Then, because the whole thing was technically based on science, another group decided this year to see if they could replicate what the first group had found. The first group, clearly annoyed at the findings of the second group, asked to have a look at what they had been looking at in basing their findings, and lo and behold, found, at least to their eyes, all manner of errors, not the least of which was that the second group seemed to be looking at hay bales, barns and other inanimate objects in addition to the cows that were supposed to be the focus of the research.
The second team then responded by stating rather emphatically that they had not studied inanimate objects but did suggest that the two teams may have been looking at different pictures, which might account for some discrepancies in findings. Luckily, others have also had a look at the work that both teams did and have done some looking of their own, and most apparently, at least at this point, are siding with the first team, saying that there does indeed seem to be some evidence that shows that cows, for whatever reason, do indeed tend to align themselves with the Earth’s magnetic field lines. A recent Journal of Climate paper by Stanford’s Mark Jacobson and John Ten Hoeve (2011) on urban heat islands and cool roofs is a useful contribution to the literature.
There are six components to an apology - and the more of them you include when you say you're sorry, the more effective your apology will be, according to new research. Thirty-eight hundred years ago, on the hot river plains of what is now southern Iraq, a Babylonian student did a bit of schoolwork that changed our understanding of ancient mathematics. Scholars have long debated how much of the Hebrew bible was composed before the destruction of Jerusalem and the Kingdom of Judah in 586 BCE. Bustling cities, sprawling suburbs and blossoming agricultural regions might seem strong evidence that people have always dominated the environment.
They've been digesting ferrite magnets, in turn broken down into nanoparticles by the cow's body, thus becoming superparamagnetic due to having a single domain, deposited in the brain, and extremely sensitive to external magnetic fields, thus influencing bovine posturing.
Open Curiosity, not tailoring our observations to fit our prejudices and assumptions, is important to making scientific discoveries. Most modern cow magnets are actually made to be slowly digestable, also many are laced with vitamin and mineral supplements. My metastudy suggests that what is really going on here is that hay bales and barns are lined up normal to the Earth's magnetic field.That cows line up aligned with the magnetic field is a trivial consequence. One detail about the study: as it was performed using Google Earth, I presume all cows observed for the studies were observed during daylight hours.
Just in case you didn't know -- the images Google uses, although called 'satellite' images, are actually taken by low flying aircraft. There was a commercial out here in the Bay Area for Berkeley Farms (Farms in Berkeley?) where Mel Blanc (Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd)says he feeds his cows food that is rich in iron, magnesium and phosphorus. I'd noticed cows often facing in the same direction long ago.I'd always assumed they were keeping an eye on the herd leader, who would be grazing ahead of all the other herd members. The deuterium nucleus consists of 1 proton and 1 neutron with an atomic mass of exactly 2.0. In the last lecture you saw that sun, like any other hot object, releases its energy in discrete "rays" that have some properties of particles and some properties of waves.
There is a distribution of energies of the radiation that looks similar to distribution of kinetic energies of atoms and molecules within a substance. Notice that radiation in the visible light range is close to the average energy for the solar spectrum but there is quite a bit of radiation more and less energetic than this. Although all waves of electromagnetic radiation travel at the speed of light, different types of waves have vastly differing wavelengths, frequencies, and energies. You can now use a convenient web interface to generate Google Earth files that show earth overlaid with one of the five platonic solids (or the Becker-Hagens grid) with all vertices connected by lines. Now you can just use your browser to punch in grid alignment coordinates and receive a link to download the Google Earth .KML file. Skip to the next section if you wish to bypass my technical speculation on the nature of gridpoints. I’m not certain whether these spherical harmonics correlate to mechanical, electromagnetic, or gravitational vibrations. Unlike a neutral center which has a null point in the middle of a sphere, these vortical conduits have a null axis inside a tubular vortex. Their electromagnetic configuration includes little if any magnetic, electric, or gravitational components except in special circumstances at special times. This is exactly the reverse of how ordinary magnetic fields behave, which drop off with distance instead. Such conduits may, however, alter the dynamic characteristics of oscillating electric and magnetic fields brought into them, so a device that can measure displacement current would suffice. It is worth reading the work of Becker and Hagens as they delved deeply into the historical backup for such a grid.
These maps were anomalously advanced and probably put together from maps dating back to the first several millennia after the Great Flood. So it seems the ancients were well aware of the earth grid and Platonic solids correspondence — most likely it used to be standard knowledge. The first script ( requires entering the chosen type of grid, lock longitude, lock latitude, and bearing angle.
Starting with the Piri Reis map, one can get a pretty nice match using the Becker-Hagens grid.
He leaned out the window and saw in the distance, above the roofs of Milan, the lights of the steel tower of the Italian Radio, the great city antenna. Even the space race became comprehensible, with those crazy satellites that did nothing but photograph the crust of the globe to localize invisible tensions, submarine tides, currents of warmer air. Basic plot revolves around three intellectuals stumbling upon a Templar conspiracy to jack into the earth grid and thereby attain ultimate power, a conspiracy initiated six hundred years ago and awaiting a time when technology would be sufficient to make use of these gridpoints.
With one dodecahedron vertex on Paris, the other grid points aligned with the North and South poles, the two major Piri Reis map gridpoints, the Hawaiian Islands, and Mecca. Gardner of Aurora, Kane County, Illinois, USA, submitted his discovery application to the United States Patent Office.
So voluminous was the evidence which he continued to amass from studies of astronomy and Polar exploration, that he expanded his book to 450 pages in 1920.
When the great wind wich ran through the great tunnel began blowing outside, (it had a rhythm of 5 days blowing out and another 5 blowing in) they could start climbing down the stairs (about 33″ each step).

There were (in one of the chambers) four sun-like lights, impossible to stare at, but surely not as high as the sun it self. With this precious cargo, apples bigger than a human head and grapes fist-sized, besides a lot of body energy, they came back accompanied by some giants who helped them to carry the enormous weight they carried back. They tell that some Macuxies hadn’t died, but they transformed (transfigured?) into half giants and they stayed inside. Macuxi’s lands still have some diamonds today, but it has been exploited since 1912 and there are almost none in there, making their extraction barely or non-profitable.
The three men went out (or went in) in an expedition, but they did not come back ever again. They traveled with hopes for two days, but they reached a point in the path where the wind came from a cavern they did not know. Several months later one of them came back and told the others that they could come inside, but they could never go out ever again, because more English would come in their land and hurt them. You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, a tag cloud or more. Case in point, back in 2008, a group of guys with Biology and wildlife backgrounds were apparently sitting around looking at pictures taken by Google Earth, when they noticed that there seemed to be a pattern in the way some cows in a pasture aligned themselves. Others responded that cows lining up is nothing new, they do it to get the best angle on the sun to help keep warm, or to avoid a cold wind. Unfortunately, this second group failed to find any real good examples to back up the claims made by the first, and said so in their paper published in the Journal of Comparative Physiology A.
They also found that the second group had apparently been looking at individual cows, rather than at herds overall. Which means, of course, we can all smile inwardly and get on with our day, safe in the knowledge that the world’s scientists are hard at work trying to solve the great mysteries of our time. When I did 6 years worth of internships in western PA, prime dairy country, we used mainly ferrite magnets, also , What about CP-6 SrFe chelated magnets for example ? Yes, except that in order to to prevent the magnet from pulling metallic debris from another stomach chamber and piercing the stomach lining, they reduce the range of the magnet by making it a quadrupole (or higher order) magnet, not a dipole. The magnets are acting like a compass in their gut and the cows line up acordingly So if a magnet lodges itself in there pointing upwards, the cow prefers to stand on its forelimbs? Wherever the dominant cow tended to walk, the others would tend to submissively keep to the side or behind it, probably all of them also keeping the same rule with regard to the general "pecking order" of all the herd members. I define the neutral center as a point at which the gravitational field sums to zero but gravitational potential is quite high. Whatever the case, standing waves are set up that create equally spaced node and antinodal points on earth’s surface. Their primary electromagnetic structure consists of potential fields, both magnetic, electric, and gravitational potential, which are not easily detectable.
The second ( is similar but instead of bearing requires a second coordinate point to align the grid with. The chances of this are pretty slim, so I would say with certainty that Paris was intentionally built on a major gridpoint. You can download the KML showing a dodecahedron grid aligned to Paris and open it with Google Earth to see for yourself.
Before the Great Flood, the earth’s pole was located somewhere in middle to northern Hudson Bay, so the earth grid back then was aligned differently. These other grids could be other Platonic shapes or perhaps the same shape but different alignment.
In the end, one computer program should be able to plot all the gridpoints and what times they activate. Gardner could not have fully anticipated in the early 1900s, and which are now abundantly clear, his discovery soon became the most highly classified military secret of all time.
In their place, the giants came out, punished the Macuxies and they banned them from entering inside ever again. This led them to conclude that the work done by the second group was flawed and thus their findings were not valid.
By the way, a steak floating in water on a plate does not align itself with the earths magnetic field unless you first magnetize it by wrapping in heavy insulated wire and putting significant current through it. If sufficiently high, time slows to a crawl and becomes imaginary, meaning spacetime breaks down and opens a window into other dimensions and densities. These points are spaced in various configurations matching the Platonic solids: tetrahedron, octahedron, cube, icosahedron, and dodecahedron.
In fact, it could wander over a period of several hundred or thousand years after a major pole shift before it settles into its stable configuration we know today. Gardner United States patent 1096102, the second most important scientific document ever issued. Oddly enough, the cows seemed to be aligning themselves with the Earth’s magnetic field lines.
Do cows align themselves either relatively parallel or perpendicular to the sun during early morning, the noon hour, and late afternoon? Different ancients sites built at different times may therefore be aligned to different grids due to the shifting grid alignment with shifting rotational pole orientation. The group, led by Hynek Burda wrote up a paper describing what they’d found and had it published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Later, the team did additional research and found that no such kinds of lining up occurred around power lines which they thought might disrupt the cow’s ability to sense magnetic fields. Does the effect vary by latitude, by season, by weather, by distance from water, by temperature? An isotope of hydrogen, deuterium or 2H, combines with another isotope of hydrogen, tritium or 3H, to form helium and a neutron. The metal megalith, the menhir of the last Celts, the hollow spire taller than all Gothic spires. There are so many reasons cows align themselves when in herds - which is the major factor, what are the minor factors, and how are these factors ordered?4.
And tell me to what empire this creation of American initiates refers if not the empire of Rudolf of Prague! The Eiffel Tower picks up signals from underground and compares them with what comes from the sky.

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