March 10, 2014 19 Comments Sweet Potato and Chorizo Hand Pies are sweet, savory, slightly spicy and everything you want in a hand held appetizer. Every so often, I gather my various lists in attempt to streamline my thoughts and put the recipes in one place.
Maybe not the most conventional way to eat sweet potatoes or the quickest but I can assure you these are worth every minute of your time. I am making these for Mother’s Day, but wanted to know how many pies this recipe makes? Flakey pie dough wrapped around roasted sweet potato, spicy chorizo and a shredded jack cheese. I am the same way with various pads of ideas, notebooks, and phone lists of ideas always around. When making soup or rice, increase the liquid by 15-20% and add a few extra minutes of cooking time. With the food processor running, add the cold water and pulse until the dough becomes crumbly and starts to stick together.
My phone has umpteen lists on it with taco recipes, seasonal recipes and everything in between. Three sweet potato taco recipes, a soup recipe, something for the holidays, a pizza, two salads, one that involved grilling and one that involved roasting and stuffing. I have grocery store receipts with lists of recipe ideas floating around my purse and kitchen drawers. Line a sheet pan with parchment paper or silicone baking sheet. Roast the sweet potato on a baking sheet for 40 minutes or until fully cooked. They can be roasted, mashed, in a soup, on their own, or in this case, stuffed into a flakey hand pie and paired with spicy chorizo and jack cheese.

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