In fact the vivid details you’re going to see could well be downright terrifying if you or anyone you care about lives in the United States. Anyone with children, or anyone over 50, 60 or 70 who thugs, punks or bullies think they can mess with in the middle of a crisis has the duty to hear these unpopular, but dangerously-effective tactics.
You already know this, but, without taking matters into your own hands and with the way our 2nd amendment rights are being threatened, every hardworking American is at risk. But Republicans and Democrats both seem to be ignoring this threat, while our enemies like China & Al-Qaeda have complete access to the detailed plans showcasing our weakness just by viewing public records online. So you can see why the information you’re about to hear is extremely time sensitive. Even though this message is brutally honest and will shock many people, I’m not here to be sensational or over-the-top. So I’m here to be sure no other mom, dad or grandparent has to go through a disaster worrying about their family. Now that said, some people are still going to be shocked, offended and are not going to want to believe what you’re about to uncover.
Faithful readers of the real news outlets like Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, Fox News or Newsmax will recognize this obvious wisdom, and may have heard about some of these events before. The government has proven to us time-and-time again that they can’t handle any type of disaster. During the storm more than 800,000 people in New York City lost power and about 95% of Newark, New Jersey was left completely in the dark. And since it’s been uncovered that grocery stores cover just 3 days of food, even a small hiccup in the supply chain could make you, your kids and your grandkids go hungry. In 2006 I was separated from my family and they were forced into a tiny storm cellar already packed with 15 other people. Which is why the graphic predictions I’m about to share with you is for adults only. But before we get into that, I want you to know, me and my family aren’t anything special. And to be honest, until I came face-to-face with the terrifying situations that can actually hit moms, dads and grandparents everyday I had no idea at how, well, savage people can be in a crisis. These are situations that no mother, father or grandparent should ever have to see, but most of the United States is completely clueless about them.
First up is the one situation I predict will happen the fastest, but I hope to goodness doesn’t. In 30 days or less Iran, China or terrorists could hit our food supply directly, using practically invisible and impossible to trace, deadly microbes. In 1984 a few crackpot members of a religious commune following Indian Guru Bhagawan Shree Rajneesh tried to rig the elections by poisoning 751 people with salmonella at a local restaurants. This was a poorly coordinated attack, so if you’re a mom, dad or grandparent you can imagine the kind of devastation a well-executed attack like this could do to your family.
With the way genetically modified animals and plants are being used today it’s only a matter of time before one of the bugs goes wrong and sabotages an entire plantation.
Honestly, for a terrorist or US enemy like Iran or China, this would be the perfect time to strike and send America spiraling down into a state of fear. So if you’ve got kids, grandkids or friends with children listen to this next disaster very closely.
The Sun Could Launch A Mindless, But Devastating Solar Missile Straight Toward The United States, Shutting Down Our Power Grid & Life As We Know It! When you pump gas you’re relying on electricity to get you the fuel you need and keep your car running.
It’s called AR1598 and could be about to for bombard us with a ball of high-energy plasma. Which means we’re wide open to a high-energy wave of plasma to shut down our power grid.
But one of the biggest problems there is, is so much of the information out there trying to teach people how to prepare just doesn’t cut it.
Which means, even if you try your hardest and invest in what you think is good information, you could still be leaving your spouse, your kids and your grandkids wide open to either one of these disasters! I started researching, talking to experienced military and law enforcement guys and most importantly a€“ trying out my survival plans in the real world to make sure I could actually use what I was learning.
Whether you’re a grandparent, mom or dad you should be able to sleep soundly knowing that your loved ones are protected from terrorists, from foreign attacks and from any kind disaster that can pop-up in between. While I’ve only showed you 2 of the horrific predictions that could strike any time in the next 29 days, the truth is there are quite a few more. You probably already know that North Korea, Iran or Russia could strike the US people just about any time of day without setting foot on American soil (and no I’m not talking about hitting us with a surface nuke or some other kind of dirty bomb).
And you probably already know that the one vaccine we really need to prevent the spread of the deadliest disease the world has ever seen is currently illegal. But Russia still has vats of this poison lying around that could easily be dropped on to any warhead and spell the end of up to 60% of the American population. All these reasons are exactly why for the first time ever I’m pouring out the most important information I have on getting your family prepared and am going to make it available to a select few people who are taking these threats seriously. It’s got 4 major components and has been ruthlessly edited so it weighs in at a lean 59 pages. That means you don’t have to waste any time getting the most important survival information available.

Be sure to make sure you haven’t fallen prey to any of the 6 undercover psychological attacks that can make it impossible for you to prepare!
Also, make sure you pay close attention to the bare minimum amount of supplies you need to be sure your spouse, kids and grandkids are safe. And be sure to see the one simple tool that can get you instant access to all the government’s disaster information, so you know as much as they know in real time!
Inside this module you’re going to get step-by-step checklists on creating your stockpile as fast as possible. You’re also going to get the ultimate prepper meal plan to get your family started. And be sure not to miss the top foodstuffs you should buy a€“ even if you HATE the taste!
Plus you’ll uncover the tiny miracle of modern science that packs an incredible 2,400 calories in each pound. This information is especially important for anybody who is not in perfect shape but is still serious about keeping their home and kids or grandkids safe. Also, if you want to know how to purify water exactly like the best survival experts in the world a€“ the US military, be sure not to miss the step-by-step instructions inside this module. These guys are in life-or-death situations regularly and really know the importance of clean water, so this is information you definitely don’t want to miss. And you’ll get no-holds-barred information on the exact chemicals to use if you absolutely need to get water purified fast. But if you read nothing else, be sure to checkout the facts about how many times your water really needs to be treated.
When the rest of the world can tell you’ve got plenty of water (think about it, just walking around while every one else is near passed out from dehydration will send this signal loud and clear), you and your family are going to become a target. This module is vital for anyone with kids or grandkids, and is especially useful for those of us who aren’t in as great a shape as we once were. For this module I was able to talk my friend and criminal research expert, Detective John M. Plus one officer-recommended trick to get out of a dangerous situation as fast as possible, and keep yourself from risking jail for pulverizing your attacker! And the natural, God-given weaponry you’ve got that can take down an attacker before he knows what hit him. Now I’ve got to admit, self-defense courses are some of the most expensive out there. Plus, be sure to checkout the truth behind Nikola Tesla’s long forgotten generator.
This generator works by using nature’s largest possible fusion reaction and pumps out a surprising amount of energy. Plus you’ll get immediate access to the essentials you need to get started with off-grid power as soon as possible. Now, with off-grid power systems going from $10,000 and up it’d be easy to imagine this module was one of the most expensive in the Home Survival Course.
These 4 modules are the rock solid foundation that every American needs to protect his spouse, kids and grandkids from any of the impending disasters.
But the thing is, whether you’re an experienced prepper, or this is your first time getting ready for a disaster you need to make these preparations FAST.
To make sure you get equipped ASAP your first bonus guide is The 72 Hour Survival Quick Start Guide.
And if you’ve ever wondered about exactly what you need to get started as quick as possible this guide will clear up any confusion.
Oh yeah, incase you’re curious what kind of training you need to use this, the answer is none. Since there’s nothing more demoralizing than having a full stock of food that you lose just because you made a little-known or never-talked about mistake I want to show you the top 14.
Plus, never ignore the one factor that can be the difference between your food being nothing but a spoiled pile of roach-chow and feeding your family comfortably for days (this is mistake #6). And be sure not to make this one easy-to-do blunder when you’re figuring out how to package your food. But before we go on, there’s one more key gap in your survival plan you should know about.
Inside you’ll be shocked to uncover how many mistakes you and your neighbors are making. Be sure to pay close attention to mistake #9 a€“ the one home improvement tool NEVER to leave in your yard.
And don’t miss the brain-dead simple blunder that can render your home security system completely useless!
Along with the one mistake that can practically GUARANTEE your home is broken into when you’re away.
Plus the number one danger of beautifying your yard… Please, do NOT make mistake #3 or your land will be the perfect hiding spot for crooks. With the 4 modules plus these free bonuses you’ll know enough to protect your spouse, kids or grandkids in any situation that arises.
Plus you’ll uncover which potentially fatal mistakes never to make in hoarding your food or protecting your home.
I was ready to do whatever it took to keep them safe - even if it meant spending $4,000 or $5,000 on gear or hiring a private investigator.

So I’m going to give it to you for just a little more than it costs to produce and spread the word.
By giving you instant access to a private digital members area I can save quite a bit on printing costs. But I have to warn you, you’re only going to get to see those special pages once so read them carefully! Or maybe you think there’s just no way you could ever have your family ready for the horrific disasters I told you about. Well, I’m going to give you a full 60 days to take this system, test it out and even use the checklists to prepare your family. And if you don’t feel like the Home Survival Course has shown you how to keep your spouse, kids and grandkids protected in any disaster the world can throw at you, I want to give you your money back.
Look, I don’t want anyone to go through what my family did before getting prepared. Don’t wait for a disaster until you uncover the exact steps to prepare for any crisis. Remember, I want everyone to know that I’m taking all the risk when you test this out.
If you want your money back for any reason in the next 60 days, just send me an email (or if you want you can call me), and my team will get your refund processed ASAP. And like I said you keep each one of the 4 modules, and every single one of the special bonuses.
Are you ready for your next adventure?Get the skills to choose your own way!Book your spot now! At Perth’s 4WD and Survival Training we deliver one day survival training not only based around 4WD trips, but also suitable for bushwalkers, trail and mountain bike riders. If you are looking for 4WD training in Perth, Western Wilderness 4WD & Survival Training delivers quality, practical and fun training in a relaxed and safe environment. At the same time, many people have all too recently experienced the devastation brought on by hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, floods and other natural disasters. Indeed, if you listen to some people, many of the problems that we now face have been brought on by the actions of government itself.
This website is designed to help those who want to survive whatever the future brings ….
When natural disasters strike, those who are prepared for such emergencies and have a disaster survival plan ready to be actioned, can quickly decide whether to leave with their bug-out bags or hunker down and weather the storm.
When it comes to preparing for some kind of financial meltdown, one of the first priorities is to make sure that any money, assets and investments you have are safe.
No widgets!Add widgets to this sidebar in the Widgets panel under Appearance in the WordPress Admin. Of course, the Family Survival Course doesn’t just prepare you for economic collapse.
Several decades of research and experience are crammed into the Long-Term Family Survival Course, including life-saving information that most survival guides completely neglect. This entry was posted in Family Survival Course and tagged family survival course, family survival course jason richards, jason richards, john lahan, long-term family survival course. Affiliate DisclosureIf you click on one of our links and make a purchase, we will receive a commission payment. About UsAt Zornes Marketing we purchase and study popular digital products so we can offer people exclusive previews.
But first you not only have to learn to take control behind the wheel of your four wheel drive (4WD) but also how to survive if the unexpected happens to your four wheel drive (4WD), i.e. These courses are capped at 10 customers to allow for plenty of hands on experience.Western Wilderness also caters for the 4WD customers who want to learn both 4WD and survival training with its two day course which includes an overnight camp. A world where emergency preparedness is no longer a term used only by a minority highly critical of the actions of federal government. Such disasters are inevitably followed by periods of chaos where survivors are thankful that they are alive but struggle to find food, water and shelter.
This requires a degree of forward planning and we provide advice and help to guide you through the various options. If you prefer, we can also provide one on one training with a course tailored to your specific needs. We aim to help those who have realized that emergency and disaster preparedness is a sensible precaution at a time, when none of us can predict what the future will hold. Unlike many so-called experts, he’s actually survived in the wilderness for weeks at a time with nothing more than a knife and a water bottle. He learned directly from elite survivalists like John Lahan, an ex-military who fought in Afghanistan for 5 years before coming back and teaching his own survivalist training course. There are dozens of things that can happen, and Jason wants you to be prepared for all of them. You can get prepared fast by storing cheap foods properly and setting up a home defense system with things you already have around the house.

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