The point of this is, you can make your own ferret cage if you have a clue as to what you’re doing, and you are responsible enough to make sure it is safe for the ferrets.
While my cage is nice and spacious, it is still a monster pain in my butt when it comes to cleaning, hanging things, ect.
For rats, I'd add several more shelves (in case of falls), as it's 5 feet tall, and of course the usual hammocks etc. We put it together with "c-clips"- you can buy them at a hardware store, and the tool to put them on. The downfalls- You have to grind any cut sides of the wire- you'll get little sharp points sticking out otherwise.
Finally, I have no idea now what that cage cost us to build, (we've had it quite a long time) but I'm sure you can buy a Martin's rat cage for around the same money we spent on a roll of coated wire, delivered and already built.

We keep two ferrets in it, and it seems comfy enough for them that they usually return to it by themselves when they get tired. It doesn’t take up so much room by being only 14 inches wide, and the ferrets seem to really like it. There are some major drawbacks to home made cages though so much so that I gave up and don't use mine much anymore. I use a wire that goes around the top of each level of my cage, but the hammocks slip around and get bunched up. You can find bird cages, ferret cages, rabbit cages, ect that with a bit of modification can make a nice cage at a decent price. We used key-rings as hinges, and covered the edges of the wire doors with window trim material, left over from when my husband's store sold screens and windows.

Be sure and watch any ferret you put into a cage like this to make sure they don’t get their head stuck on one of the squares. If it's not sealed kiss your cage goodbye because the urine will soak in and the cage will stink quickly. I think there's a gallery here, though, of pics, you can probably see what everyone uses for cages and get some inspiration that way.
They didn’t seem interested in it until I put it inside the cage, now they really like it.

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