Well, considering I'm more pregnant than ever (literally, I never made it this far with Ashlynn), it's time to start packing the hospital bag! For Ashlynn's birth, I had packed comfy yoga pants, shirts for nursing, zippered hoodies, slippers - the works.
I never found a nursing bra I liked in my size during the entire 13 months I nursed Ashlynn. For my "mama needs", the hospital typically has you covered, I will pack some nursing pads just incase they are needed early and my Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter. Oh and not shown, but so glad I packed chapstick last time and definitely won't skip that again!! Also, we both LOVED having a loofa and shower gel… that first shower was amazing and we were so happy we didn’t have to use the hospital soap! We have so enjoyed following along with you and your beautiful posts…can’t wait to see the little guy!!
November 20, 2013 By Catherine 1 Comment A friend of mine recently called to ask for some advice about what exactly to pack for her hospital bag as she and her husband are prepping for the arrival of their first baby. I forgot a lot of stuff for myself, I was so concentrated on making sure everything for baby was packed I didn’t remember everything for myself. I’ll give birth in a clinic in my city and all I need with me is the ID and the money. There’s plenty of information out there on what exactly you should pack in your hospital bag.
But what about if you could buy a pre-packed hospital bag, fully stocked with everything you’d need in the hospital? That, and 15% of your purchase is donated to the Harvard School of Public Health Women’s and Health Initiative.

At first I thought that the $120 price tag was too steep, but it truly comes with everything you could possibly need — down to thank-you notes for extra attentive nurses and thoughtful hospital gift-givers. And even if you wouldn’t spend this much on a hospital bag, it definitely makes a cool baby shower gift idea.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This time I was lucky enough to find a bag that fits everything together without looking ridiculously oversized.
Sorry but it's true - especially after having two so close together I feel like I've been pregnant forever! My milk came in the last day I was in the hospital and totally soaked my shirt with 2 big wet circles in front of my visitors! Though I had access to yummy food of my own at the push of a button, my husband, who stayed with me, did not. Not everyone uses a nursing pillow, I personally found it helpful, especially when first learning. Our hospital had a full stash of newborn diapers in our room for use but it’s always nice to have your own and not all hospitals provide them.
Again, the hospital provided blankets for us but not to take home and we wanted to get comfortable using the ones we would be using at home. We were not allowed to leave the hospital until the nurse signed off on her placement within a car seat. You can never be too prepared for baby’s arrival if you think you’ll need it, bring it! When she isn't soaking up all that Motherhood has to offer, you can find her blogging over at Plunged in Debt where she chronicles her and her husbands journey out of debt.

If you'd like to see what I packed in my hospital bag for my first pregnancy you can read that blog post here. I also didn’t want to call for small snacks or a drink so we brought a bag of our own snacks and it was very helpful!
If you’re breastfeeding, make sure your clothes are easily accessible since in the early days you will be nursing often and need easy access. Remember a small hat too, regardless of season (our daughter was born in June) since babies are used to a very warm environment. This would be a wonderful weekend or mini-break bag as it holds a surprising amount of stuff - I was really impressed with how much I could fit in here!
I bought two t-shirts at Old Navy that were light, loose and had button snaps to open and close it at the neckline. When our baby was born, I also found shower shoes to be a must-have (hospitals are gross, let's face it). With all the post labor hormones I was sweating so much I went through a couple each night though, so it did come in handy to have an endless supply. I liked having the computer there too for when we wanted to order things (like the swing we thought would help us get some sleep). I think next time I might bring one of those night masks since it is so hard to sleep in hospital rooms.
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