Take 2 seconds and subscribe to the Fun Club: a monthly newsletter with free printables, holiday reminders, and more! This fun and festive idea comes from Andrea, who put these kits together for her sister and brother-in-law before they became parents. Who wouldn’t love to receive a fun little care package before they head to the hospital to become a mom or dad?
The next time you have a baby shower to go to, think about giving Hospital Survival Kits as a baby gift.

Use this free printable label to put together a little Hospital Survival Kit for a mother-to-be.
Knottie1457295826, betholuwatosin, KHE123, jaynie23, VirgoB74 and 70 others were promoted to member. While it's fun to get all the cute baby stuff, sometimes it's nice for mom to get a little something for herself at the baby shower. She picked up most of the items from the Dollar store, which makes this not only easy,  but cost -effective, too!

I'm doing something similar for DH- I've packed him a bag and in addition to essentials like a change of socks and underwear, toothbrush, etc. Other than that I think I can pretty much count on him spending most of the labor time playing Angry Birds on his iPhone, LOL.

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