Stay Healthy This Winter With Herbal Roots The Real Secret To Solar Power War Belt: Additional Mags Onboard. This Time With Pics Once A Liar… Always A Liar Time To Tighten Our Belts The 35 Reasons You Should Store Salt Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Dona€™t Join A Survival Group Without Reading This! Since cows can live off of grass, a cow on pasture can survive with little human intervention and many homesteaders raise healthy animals through intelligent grazing plans and supplementary minerals. Cold winters can cause problems when trying to keep hungry dairy cows fed, however, especially if you do not have experience putting up feed yourself.

If you are concerned about the upcoming winter months, then this article is designed to guide you through the process of preparing for winter. Dairy cow dietary requirements In order to stay healthy, a cow requires two main dietary components: roughage and protein.
Both of these components can be met with a good quality grass during warm weather months, but high-producing dairy cows may require more protein, such as alfalfa, mixed grass-legume pasture, or a protein supplement. In addition to roughage and protein, cows will need salt and minerals, which can be easily supplied in a salt lick.

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