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View Poll Results: Which look do women in the US find more attractive from your experience?
Look 2: Men with Black hair, Brown eyes, and a tanned skin tone that is somewhat Olive or Light Brown. Custom led headlights – carid., But regardless of their function, the two things you can count on with our led headlights are improved illumination, which makes your car or truck more visible to.
Which headlights shine best: halogen, hid or led?, Led, halogen and xenon headlights all offer advantages for your vehicle, but is there a clear winner among these bulbs. This installation video will guide you through the complete process of how to install a set of projector headlights in 2007-13 chevrolet suburban, tahoe. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Comment Disclaimer: Comments that contain profane or derogatory language, video links or exceed 200 words will require approval by a moderator before appearing in the comment section. I hate when ppl think they are better because they have natural hair, you are not more black than I am and you are not more secure. So when is the ridiculously exaggerated article about the horrors of relaxed hair being posted, Madame Noire? EXACTLY let's talk about how after going natural a lot of women go through scalp pains for months like their head is going through withdrawal from creamy crack aka relaxers. Anyway, I think the one that has rung especially true is that my hair doesn't turn out the same as some of the girls I see on youtube, or on the natural hair blogs. When are black women simply going to love themselves for who they are and how they were born?!!!!!! I have a hard time understanding women who are natural that choose to act out defensively in their online posts. I know that for most women a man with Black hair and Blue eyes would probably be very attractive.
Can range from White males with very dark features like Joseph Gordon Levitt to Latino men or Brown men (Persians, Indians with a lighter complexion. It is no question that most actors like Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio are Blonde and White.
I love being able to style my hair myself without a beautician's license or professional-level tools. White dudes have been stepping to me since day one of rocking my 'fro but when I got locked a lot of east Asian dudes, especially Chinese guys complimented me and asked me on dates. Some of you are so ignorant to the concept of respecting other's points-of-view, it's ridiculous!!!! It has been extremely difficult for me to maintain my hair especially on those days when I have gone to the gym and worked out.
How is the hair that comes out of the pores of your scalp hard, unacceptable, difficult etc….whose standard do we have to live up to? I can say this because I was relaxed for 20 years (sounds weird cuz Im still really young) and my hair is just about the same length it was before I did my Big Chop (20 months ago). Weave hairstyles are versatile, low maintenance, and stylish, making them a great option if you’re looking for a refreshing change from natural hairstyles.
So generally I think that Blonde White men are the preference for most women in America simply because the media promotes them much more than their darker counterparts. But, really, if I think about it, I dated a Nordic looking blond and a Latino way back when, so ya, all of the above.
Not all, but many are abandoning the once coveted boxes of relaxers and replacing them with restorative oils and headwraps inspired by Erykah Badu.
The article assumes that this movement of a lot of Black women going natural is all about empowerment and not at all about health. If I was a transitioner or curious about naturalhair I would be reluctant after reading this. So what my hair isn't straight in the sink… Was that a reason to put in this article? I love it that my hair can grow past my ears and not look like it's been through a shredder due to over-processing for that bone-straight look. Who told you that your hair was hard to deal with unless you were comparing it to someone else of a different race or culture. I had medium arm pit length hair the majority of my life never getting any longer just thinner because of the chemical from the relaxers.
Get ideas from the fabulous hairstyles of popular black female celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Kerry Washington, Naomi Campbell, Chanel Iman, and Keri Hilson. It will help you simplify your natural hair care routine and achieve maximum natural hair growth.
Maybe we're tired of putting drano in our hair or burning the hell out of it with flat irons to achieve some look.
When I look for articles to read and share I want to feel encouraged and I didn’t get that at all. As an AA woman who works in Corporate America, who is extremely active in sports, and is in her first six-month stretch of transitioning to natural, I have experienced many of the points discussed. So in less than 2 years later I'm back at the same length but my hair is SOOOO much healthier and its all mine. Black people in the past and until now, have never been seen by the world with a positive view when it comes to beauty, therefore, we try to assimilate with the European standard of beauty. I just think the article would have been much more useful if it gave a more in depth discussion on the pros and cons of going natural. The naturalhair journey is as hard as you make it yes it takes courage and a good support system, yes it can be aot of work but its worth it and can be done. Go for a relaxer if you like the look and the upkeep doesn't drive you mad, but I swear I could have bought a car with the money wasted trying to make my hair look passable when God made it beautiful. Just because all scenarios don't fit your life, they obviously fit someone's life! Women who relax their hair are not necessarily brainwashed, self-hating, unhealthy, vain, or any other negative qualities that sometimes people tend to associate us with. Beyonce Knowles Weave Hairstyle: Mid-length, beachy wavesSensational songstress Beyonce Knowles looks fabulous with her mid-length, beachy waves of hair.
Most Black men are so used to the ever changing hairstyles we undertake that they really no longer care. NEWSFLASH: if your a person of color, a woman, disabled, fat, short, tall skinny or anything people have judged you. To make matter worse black people are more racist against themselves than any other groups. The blonde highlights are perfect for summer, as they brighten up Bey’s complexion, giving her face a warm and healthy glow. Why should anyone stop themseleves from trying something they like because they might be judged?
U all sound like a bunch of ANGRY BLACK WOMEN who needs to understand that your hair represents who u are, not the other way around.
Kerry Washington Weave Hairstyle: Long tousled bob with bangsScandal actress Kerry Washington looks divine with her long, tousled bob and choppy bangs. You can't be be truly free, until you reject the European standard of beauty along with their religion and the names the gave us. This weave hairstyle is very flattering for her heart-shaped face, as the feathered layers soften her angular jawline and pointed chin.
The thought of the chems touching my skin freaked me and not to mention the length of time the relaxer was left on my hair. Although, slavery has been over, but the fact still remains with the names with carry today. I understand people have their own thoughts about what other people do but you live for yourself.
I don't want to, but my lifestyle is just not conducive for my thick multi-textured hair. Kelly Rowland Weave Hairstyle: Long, glamorous curls Advertisement Singer, songwriter and actress Kelly Rowland looks gorgeous with her long, glamorous curls and shimmery raven locks. Jet black is classy, simple, and flattering for darker skin tones, making it a popular hue for weaves. The curls add width to Kelly’s long face by accentuating her cheekbones, and we love the thick, voluminous locks that cascade over her shoulders.
Wear your weave in a deep middle parting for maximum glamour, and keep your curls in place with a light, non-greasy hair spray.4. Granted my hair has grown tremendously, but what's the point when I'm limited to 72 hour straight hairstyles?
Rihanna Fenty Weave Hairstyle: Sexy blonde curlsBarbadian beauty and singer Rihanna Fenty looks stunning with her sexy blonde curls and candyfloss-pink lips. This weave hairstyle is casual and romantic, and the warm honey-blonde color is perfect for summer. For a soft and flirty look, make sure that the tips of your weave are feathered (cut so that they are soft and fluffy, instead of blunt and harsh). If you have a high forehead like Rihanna’s, add a few soft, wispy bangs to conceal it. Chanel Iman Weave Hairstyle: Sweeping side-fringeAmerican model Chanel Iman looks superb with her medium length locks and a long, sweeping side fringe. Her weave sports a subtle ombre fade from rich espresso brown to a warm caramel brown, giving her locks extra volume and depth. Create a long, sweeping side fringe by making a deep side parting and combing hair across your forehead. Use an anti-frizz spray for a sleek finish, and wear your hair loose to show off your gorgeous ombre fade.6.
Keri Hilson Weave Hairstyle: Edgy asymmetrical bobSinger-songwriter Keri Hilson looks stunning with her edgy asymmetrical bob and a rich two-tone hair color. The asymmetrical bob is angled and uneven, creating a fantastic contrast with Keri’s symmetrical features and her balanced oval face shape. Jourdan Dunn Weave Hairstyle: Long, glossy locksBritish fashion model Jourdan Dunn looks divine with her long, glossy locks cascading over one shoulder. If you’re struggling to grow your natural hair out and you can’t wait to tie your hair up in a thick ponytail, why not get a long, glamorous weave to speed up the process?

Source a high quality human hair weave for best results, and only keep it in for 2-3 months – any longer and you risk hair breakage and unsightly bald patches! Zoe Saldana Weave Hairstyle: Mid-length layersAmerican actress Zoe Saldana looks gorgeous with her mid-length mocha brown layers of hair and a light berry-hued lipstick. If you have a long face shape, layers can add width if you concentrate them at cheek level. Thandie Newton Weave Hairstyle: Natural curlsEnglish actress Thandie Newton looks beautiful with her hair in natural, bouncy curls.
If you’re looking for a soft, romantic look, opt for a curly weave in a neutral hair color. Tia Mowry Weave Hairstyle: Long waves with bangsActress Tia Mowry looks gorgeous with her long, wavy locks and eye-skimming bangs. This glamorous hairstyle is versatile and modern, and the long bangs are very flattering for narrow face shapes, as they conceal a high forehead.
Take inspiration from Tia and add a few warm highlights to your weave for a contemporary and stylish look.
Choose a shade that works well with your hair color, and opt for thin highlights that won’t overwhelm your locks. Trim your bangs to suit your face shape, and wear your hair straight with a subtle wave for a delightfully romantic touch.11. Beyonce Knowles Weave Hairstyle: Poker straightSinger Beyonce Knowles looks fabulous with her poker-straight blonde weave and a revealing, sparkly dress that shows off her enviable figure. Bey sports a stylish deep middle parting that accentuates her symmetrical, oval-shaped face, and we love her warm, summery blonde hair color. Invest in a high-quality ceramic hair straightener to keep your locks smooth and straight for everyday looks and special occasions. Finish off with some light hairspray to tame flyaway hairs, and flawless makeup for that perfect diva look.12. Kerry Washington Weave Hairstyle: Perfect curlsAmerican actress Kerry Washington looks glamorous with her perfect, mid-length curls and soft, romantic makeup.
Curls are feminine, stylish, and classic, and mid-length curls will give you a professional and polished look. Take inspiration from Kerry and opt for a medium length weave that grazes your collarbones. Wear your hair in a deep side parting with a long, sweeping side fringe that will soften your features.13. This thick, glossy weave is sexy and feminine, and we love the natural texture and the soft, full waves that frame Kelly’s face.
The angled bangs are especially flattering for her long, narrow face shape as they draw attention to her cheekbones and her eyes, creating the illusion of a wider, more oval-shaped face.
Create your own bouffant by teasing and backcombing hair at the crown, before securing it with a hairpin or two and some hairspray. We simply adore her undone, tousled locks and the subtle ombre fade from a dark and rich espresso brown to a light, warm caramel. Ombre is a contemporary, trendy hair color option that’s perfect for summer, as it mimics the natural hair color fading caused by the sun.
The angled bob is a stylish and modern hairstyle that’s versatile and flattering for most face shapes. Keri has an oval-shaped face, which is the most balanced and symmetrical of the face shapes.
If you have an oval face shape, most hairstyles will suit you, but be sure to check with your hair stylist before investing in a weave hairstyle, just to be sure! Braided hairstyles never go out of fashion (they were popular with royalty even in medieval times!) and they are incredibly versatile. The crown braid is feminine, regal, and practical in warm weather, making it a perfect hairstyle choice for a summer wedding or party. Find a step-by-step online tutorial to find out how to create your crown braid, and keep practicing until you feel comfortable styling your own hair. Thandie Newton Weave Hairstyle: Long, thick bobEnglish actress Thandie (Thandiwe) Newton looks gorgeous with her long, thick bob and a stylish side fringe.
We love the layers towards the tips of her locks, and the gorgeous, healthy shine that brings out her rich espresso-brown hair color.
If you’re not sure whether to go for a short weave or a super-long one, why not compromise and choose a mid-length hairstyle like a long bob?
Naomi Campbell Weave Hairstyle: Poker-straight bob with blunt bangsFormer British supermodel Naomi Campbell looks amazing with her poker straight bob and blunt bangs. The long bangs accentuate Naomi’s fabulous cheekbones, and she further emphasizes her eyes with smoky eye-shadow and super-long lashes.
Invest in a high-quality ceramic hair straightener to keep your weave poker-straight and sleek, and use a light, non-greasy hairspray to tame flyaway hairs. Avoid hair styling products that contain silicone, as they can leave hair looking limp and greasy.20. Beyonce Knowles Weave Hairstyle: Low ponytailSongstress Beyonce Knowles looks fierce with her highlighted locks in a sassy low ponytail. If you want long, straight hair without relaxing or damaging your natural locks, then a weave is the perfect choice.
Choose a high quality human hair weave, and don’t leave it in for longer than 3 months, as you risk damaging your hair permanently.
Halle Berry Weave Hairstyle: Tousled bob Actress Halle Berry looks gorgeous with her short, tousled bob and summery blonde highlights.
This weave hairstyle is very flattering for Halle’s heart-shaped face, as the curls and layers soften her angular jawline whilst drawing attention away from her slightly pointed chin. Short hair can be incredibly feminine, and short hairstyles are perfect for spring and summer. She takes a break from her signature afro hairstyle and opts for a long, jet-black weave with loads of pretty, playful curls. Create your own curls at home with a thick-barreled curling iron on low heat, and set your curls with a light hairspray. If you get a curly weave, you can always straighten out your curls with a ceramic flat iron – just make sure that your weave is made from human hair, otherwise your locks might melt!23. Keri Hilson Weave Hairstyle: Quirky, asymmetrical bobAmerican singer, songwriter, and actress Keri Hilson looks fabulous with her quirky, asymmetrical bob. We love absolutely everything about this hairstyle – the uneven lengths, the pretty, flipped bangs, her honey blonde hair color with its caramel undertones, and the super-smooth texture of her locks. This weave hairstyle is full of glamour and personality, making it perfect for a special occasion or fancy event.
Rihanna Fenty Weave Hairstyle: Super-long ombre curlsBarbadian singer Rihanna looks phenomenal with her super-long ombre curls and bold, cherry-red lipstick. We love how her hair color fades gradually from a rich espresso brown into a gold-streaked caramel blonde – simply divine. Long hair can be hard to take care of – especially considering the amount of time, hair products, and money spent keeping it in tip-top condition – so choose wisely before getting a super-long weave! You can always trim your weave when you get tired of the length, but it may be more affordable to choose a sensible length to begin with. Chanel Iman Weave Hairstyle: Half-up hairdoAmerican model Chanel Iman looks gorgeous with her brunette locks in a simple, half-up hairdo. The half-up hairdo combines the best of both worlds with half the hair worn in a chic up’do, and the other half worn carefree and loose. This weave hairstyle is contemporary and practical, and it’s a great look for any occasion.
To recreate this hairstyle at home, simply take a section of hair from each temple, smooth both sections back, and secure them behind your head discreetly with a hairpin or two.
Beyonce Knowles Weave Hairstyle: Side-swept curlsSinger and actress Beyonce Knowles looks fantastic with her glamorous, side-swept curls and a bold reverse ombre fade. Side swept hairstyles have been trending on the red carpet this year, with side-swept curls being a preferred style by the stars. Tyra Banks Weave Hairstyle: Poker-straight with blunt bangsFormer supermodel and current TV personality Tyra Banks looks fierce with her poker-straight locks and blunt bangs. She sports super-long bangs that skim her eyes whilst cleverly concealing her high forehead, and we love the smooth, silky texture of her locks . Thandie Newton Weave Hairstyle: Soft, wispy layersBritish actress Thandie Newton looks utterly gorgeous with her soft, wispy layers of hair. We love her warm mocha-brown hair color, the soft texture of her hair, and the subtle, flattering layers that frame her face. When choosing a hair color for your weave, take into consideration your complexion, your natural hair color, and your eye color.
Your chosen hue should complement your complexion by brightening your skin tone and accentuating your eyes. Rihanna Fenty Weave Hairstyle: Curled, voluminous bobSinger, songwriter and fashion icon Rihanna Fenty looks superb with her curled, voluminous bob in a vibrant shade of bright red. Use volume boosting mousse when styling, and try blow drying your locks in curlers or with a round brush. Keep your side fringe in place with some light hairspray, and finish off your look with shimmery eye-shadow, peachy cheeks, long lashes, and glossy lips for extra impact.30. Alicia Keys Weave Hairstyle: Thick, romantic curlsSinger, songwriter, and musician Alicia Keys looks stunning with her thick, romantic brunette curls.
Alicia takes a break from her edgy braided hairstyles and indulges in some classic glamour with long, voluminous locks and seductive eye makeup.
If you’re looking for a pretty and elegant everyday weave hairstyle, this is a great option. Solid hair colors look the most natural, so stick to one hue if you’re looking for a simple and classic style.
You can always style your hair differently for a special occasion – simply use heat styling tools to straighten or curl your hair, and add an embellishment or two for extra glamour. Beyonce Knowles Weave Hairstyle: Tousled platinum locksSinger Beyonce Knowles looks phenomenal with her tousled platinum blonde locks and bombshell red lips. This super-long weave is full of sex appeal, and we love that Bey’s kept her dark roots for a stunning color contrast.
Lighter hair looks amazing in summer, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time at the beach. For a softer look, opt for more natural curls with loads of texture, and choose a romantic color palette of pastels for your makeup.32.

Kelly Rowland Weave Hairstyle: Straight and fineSinger-songwriter Kelly Rowland looks fabulous with her straight, fine weave and long choppy bangs. She’s right on trend with her long bob, and the length of her weave hairstyle is very flattering for her long, oval-shaped face. Take inspiration from Kelly and add a few complementary highlights to your hair for a contemporary twist. Kerry Washington Weave Hairstyle: Side-swept curls with mahogany streaksScandal actress Kerry Washington looks fabulous with her side-swept curls and a few bold mahogany streaks in her locks. She sports a faux side-shaved hairstyle by wearing her hair scraped back on one side, and her curls piled up on the other. If you don’t want permanent color streaks in your hair, you can use hair chalk to brighten up your look. Chanel Iman Weave Hairstyle: Mid-length locksAmerican model Chanel Iman looks divine with her layered, mid-length locks.
Her deep side parting gives her hairstyle a touch of glamour, and we love the fine, tousled, side-swept layers that frame her face. Fine hair can be tricky to keep in place, so buy a light hairspray to help you tame your locks. Rihanna Fenty Weave Hairstyle: Sexy pixie cropSongstress Rihanna looks smoking hot with her jet black pixie cut.
This short weave hairstyle is modern, sexy, and playful, and we think that Rihanna totally rocks it.
The long, sweeping bangs add to this hairstyle’s sex appeal, and we love how the angled edges accentuate her eyes. This haircut suits most face shapes, although you’ll need to alter your weave slightly to suit your own face shape. Take inspiration from Rihanna and show off your bold, confident personality with an edgy and sexy haircut and bright makeup.36. Kali Hawk Weave Hairstyle: Long, loose wavesAmerican actress, comedian, and model Kali Hawk looks stunning with her long, loose waves of hair. She sports perfectly integrated highlights and tousled layers that add volume to her long locks. Take inspiration from Kali and start adding highlights to your weave at cheek level – this will accentuate your cheekbones and draw attention to your eyes. If you have naturally thin hair that is hard to style, then a thick, voluminous weave is an easy solution. Choose a manageable length and thickness (bust length is best) to minimize the time needed to style your hair each day. Super-long curls may look fabulous, but you’ll soon grow weary of washing, brushing, and styling them for hours every day. Invest in a few hair styling tools and vary your weave hairstyle slightly whenever you get bored – and, you can always trim your weave for a shorter, more updated style!38.
Rihanna Fenty Weave Hairstyle: Brunette bobSongstress Rihanna Fenty looks gorgeous with her sleek and sexy brunette bob. This may be one of her tamer weave hairstyles (see her bold fire-engine red ‘do a few points back), but it still turns heads.
We love the fine texture of her hair, and the subtle golden highlights that brighten up her medium complexion. When you get your weave, ask your stylist to feather the ends of the hair for a soft and romantic touch.39. Beyonce Knowles Weave Hairstyle: Asymmetrical, angled bobSinger, songwriter, and actress Beyonce Knowles rocks a short, asymmetrical and angular bob in a light shade of blonde. Keep the length of your hair uneven for an edgy look, and choose a flattering hair color that suits your complexion.40. Tika Sumpter Weave Hairstyle: Sleek topknot bunAmerican actress, singer, and model Tika Sumpter looks gorgeous with her long raven locks up in a sleek topknot bun.
If you have a long, straight weave, you have many styling possibilities, including fancy up’dos and bun hairstyles.
When you can’t bear to have your hair in your face in summer, simply wind it up into a high bun and secure it with a discreet hair tie.
You can also wind a section of hair around the base of the bun to conceal the hair tie, or add a pretty hair accessory for extra glamour.41.
Kerry Washington Weave Hairstyle: Sexy waves and side fringeScandal actress Kerry Washington looks divine with her dark hair in sexy waves, and we love her flattering side-fringe. If you have a long face and high forehead like Kerry’s, a side fringe or bangs can be extremely flattering.
Fringes and bangs conceal a high forehead, drawing attention back down to the lower half of your face.
Adjust the bangs on your weave according to the height of your forehead – the higher your forehead, the longer your bangs.
Kelly Rowland Weave Hairstyle: Super long blunt bangsSinger, songwriter, and actress Kelly Rowland looks superb with her long, wavy locks and super-long blunt bangs. Not everyone can carry off such a heavy fringe, but Kelly rocks this style by keeping her locks slightly thinner towards the ends. To get Kelly’s casual waves, wrap thin sections of hair around a thick-barreled curling iron on low heat. Once you’ve made loose curls, brush them out gently to create soft, unstructured waves.
Beyonce Knowles Weave Hairstyle: Big, bouncy curlsSongstress Beyonce Knowles looks fabulous with her signature big, bouncy curls. This playful weave is bold and feminine, and it suits Beyonce’s bubbly personality perfectly. Wear your hair in a deep side parting to keep hair out of your face, and comb your fringe to one side for a contemporary look.
You can also wear your hair in a simple half-up hairstyle to tame your curls, or a loose ponytail with lots of loose tendrils to frame your face.44. Tessa Thompson Weave Hairstyle: Mid-length wavesAmerican actress Tessa Thompson looks divine with her mid-length waves of hair. This is a great everyday weave hairstyle for summer, as the hair is fine, light, and easy to style. Lighter locks look fabulous in summer, and they suit fair to medium complexions, whereas darker locks suit every season and most complexions.
Tika Sumpter Weave Hairstyle: Hollywood curlsAmerican actress, singer, and model Tika Sumpter looks fabulous with her long, Hollywood style curls. This weave hairstyle is all about the volume, and we love the puffy bubble side fringe atop Tika’s head.
To get really big and full curls, build up the volume from the very beginning with volume boosting shampoo, conditioner, and styling mousse.
Blow-dry your hair in curlers or with a round brush, and use volumizing hair spray for extra effect. Once you have the desired curls, finish off your hairstyle with an anti-frizz spray to tame fuzz and flyaway hairs.46.
Beyonce Knowles Weave Hairstyle: Glamorous curlsSongstress Beyonce looks divine with her glamorous, structured curls and a warm honey-blonde hair color. This weave hairstyle is pure glamour – the swirly side bangs, the impressive volume, the color – simply amazing!
Although it may not be for everyday wear, we can imagine rocking this weave at a prom, wedding, or other special occasion where dressing up is required. Get your stylist to do the difficult bits, and keep your weave looks fab with a light hairspray and a lot of anti-frizz serum.47. Tiffany Hines Weave Hairstyle: Posh bobAmerican actress Tiffany Hines looks gorgeous with her posh bob hairstyle and shimmery blue eye-shadow. We love her asymmetrical haircut (short at the back and longer in front), and the quirky, flipped bangs that accentuate her beautiful eyes. This weave hairstyle is very flattering for her heart-shaped face, as the subtle layers soften her angular jawline and draw attention away from her slightly pointed chin.
Take inspiration from Tiff and add some flattering highlights to your raven locks for a more contemporary look.
Finish off with some bright, shimmery eye makeup, cerise lips, and sparkly earrings, and you’re good to go!48.
Ask your stylist to add layers to your long weave, and make sure that your shortest layers are below chin level for a sleek outline.49.
Zoe Saldana Weave Hairstyle: Long bob with romantic curlsAmerican actress Zoe Saldana looks divine with her long bob full of romantic curls.
The length of her weave is perfect for her face shape, and it draws attention to her shapely neckline.
Then, curl your locks with a thick-barreled curling iron, and set the curls with a light hairspray. Avoid hair products with silicone, as they can weigh your hair down, making it look greasy. Rather choose extra strength hairsprays that still allow your hair to move around naturally.50. Beyonce Knowles Weave Hairstyle: Glamorous ponytailQueen B looks phenomenal with her glamorous high ponytail and pretty chandelier earrings. You can even tease hair at the crown for extra sex appeal, or keep it slicked back for a formal look. Finish off this chic look with smoky, metallic eye makeup, nude lips, and glowing, dewy skin.So there you have it – our 50 Best Black Weave Hairstyles! We hope that you’ve been inspired to update your look by trying out one of the fabulous hairstyles featured here. Thanks for commenting!Reply santhosh July 29, 2014 at 5:30 pmIt is great to see the divas in their weaves.
Thanks for sharing and keep up the good workReply web admin April 13, 2015 at 6:56 pmThere are a number of other articles on this site that could interest you, John. Perhaps a search of the Internet would reveal some good sites, or you could ask some of your friends where they go to get their hair done.ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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