Of the great Muslim Empires of the Early Modern period, the Mughal Empire was by far the largest.
Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital city, was laid out in a grid pattern, with a network of canals, roads and bridges dividing the land into rectangular plots. Most Aztec public buildings consisted of stone platforms, or rooms built on top of stone platforms. Double-temple pyramids became much more standardised in size and form - probably reflecting their status as the largest and most central temples at the most powerful Aztec capital cities. Public buildings such as temples were highly visible structures that could easily be seen by the public. Professor Michael Smith (who is on our Panel of Experts) classifies these as: double-temple pyramids, single-temple pyramids, circular temples, ballcourts, shrines, and palaces.

In most Aztec towns the pyramid temple was the tallest building, standing next to a large open plaza in the town centre; the temple stood out to visitors approaching the town or city and loomed over visitors in the plaza. The most famous of all, of course, is the Great Temple of Tenochtitlan, whose plaza could fit 8,000 people.
I am doing an iconographic research about Mexico-Tenochtitlan, and I have found the image I was looking for. Toothpicks, strands from LPT-cable, PVA-glue, mix of dry tea (from used tea-bags) vith PVA, foam. I also have to make an aztec pyramid: do you have any tips or instructions on how I could do this? The pyramids represented mountains - sources of water and fertility and homes of ancient ancestors.

All Aztec cities, except the most powerful capitals, used the single-temple pyramid as their major temple, and most or all Aztec cities had additional, smaller, single-temple pyramids (in local parishes) in addition to their main temple.
Most temples faced west, built on the east side of the plaza (main square), with the stairway being approached from the plaza.

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