PG's Charles Saufley is On Location at the 2011 LA Amp Show where he visits the Red Witch Analog Pedals room. I was thinking about removing my MB and everything out of my current case (Dell C521, a small computer), building my own plexiglass case, and sticking everything in that. Redefining the styling direction of a genre once again, SiverStone LC13-E can be seen as an impressive fascia that is both beautiful and purposeful.
A plexiglass display case can be a useful addition to a home since it allows you to conveniently store and exhibit a range of items.
Buy LOGISYS Computer Area 51 CS51WBK Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 480W Power Supply with fast shipping and top-rated customer service.
I'm not sure about most of your questions, *BUT* from working in a hardware store I HAVE learned that you should pre-drill.
When I buy the acrylic pieces from Home Depot and screw screws into them, they do crack as you tighten them down. If you're going to screw thru it, which is certainly quite doable, then yes, plexiglass must be predrilled.
Or, you can use clear plastic roofing panels if you don't demand great optical clarity -- do use the wavy filler strips, and follow installation instructions regarding predrilling and using the right fasteners, but it's real easy. I secured the hardware cloth to the frame inside so I could leave the windows open and still have security. I saw this window frame at a salvage yard and coveted it for a few months before finally buying it. I have a window grid just like this, the other day we were cleaning up the back storage space at work, (i work in a construction office) and they were going to toss it, because it had been ordered the wrong size to replace a broken one long long ago; I told them to save the space in the dumpster and put it in my car, SCORE! I’m moving furniture today, Husband will love to fill the holes after I move that mirror?????

This a great, minimalistic, LED name sign created using a simple setup of plexiglass, LEDs and some cool extra features.
Although he used a homemade CNC Machine to engrave his name, you can use a Dremel and a steady hand to accomplish the same thing. You never know when you might need a glowing cube to convince people you are from the future. Drill a hole in one side of the box, bake the hole large enough for the button on the swich to be pushed through it..
Use the cube to slow, stop, or reverse time, or even turn ordinary technology into transformers.
There's a lot to look over, so sit back with a cup of coffee, relax and browse around. Sometimes you can find types of molding that already have a suitable thickness of rabbet taken out; it's worth cruising the molding section of the store if you don't own a router,anyhow, see what your store has. Be sure to drill the holes a little wider than the THREADS of the screws (this is different than drilling pilot holes into wood, where you'd size the hole to just the *shaft* of the screw) and be very, very gentle with your drilling.
Even the cheap PVC (Palruf, etc) panels are "not so bad" if used for WALL lights rather than roofing -- they are still not that temperature-tolerant or long-lived, but because they won't be exposed to much wind or (hopefully) to hail when they're being used as window panels, their brittleness and short lifespan isn't so much of a problem, and they *are* cheaper than the polycarbonate. Measure the piece of Plexiglass, and call glass stores for price quotes on mirrors the same size. I already have mirror squares left over from a different project that i got really cheap at Lowes… I can do this project with out spending any money now because i can cut them to size on my own, just measure, use a ruler, and mark the edge with a marker, then cut like you do glass for stained glass projects. If you find a window with the glass still in it, Krylon makes a spray product that silvers the back and turns it into mirror glass. You can even add a spritz or two of dark grey paint between coats to mimic those antique mercury spots.

A The author makes the project more complex by throwing in a microcontroller to the mix to change the colors, but you could easily wire up a simple LED circuit without the microcontroller. The LEDs would normally shine straight through the Plexiglas and not create the glowing effect shown above but because the outer edges are scratched, the light is visible and the sign becomes illuminated the light was trapped in the engravings and thus illuminated. Make sure that when you glue onto the button you don't stop it from being pressed down, and that it sticks out enough to be pushed down. You need WOOD molding, not mdf and personally I'd stay away from the fingerjointed wood molding too (solid wood is best).
I mean by all means the polycarbonate is *better* but while I'd really pretty much discourage anyone from using pvc for roofing I think it is a legitimate tight-budget option for WALL panels.
Find the studs in your wall (by knocking or using a stud sensor), and drill drywall screws into the studs (or use a drywall anchor or molly bolt). Then when you screw it to the wood, don't tighten the screw down too much, you can use a rubber washer or just be careful. Depending on the thickness of your frame and the cardboard, you may need two pieces for each opening.
Once you have it the way you want it, there’s a sealer coat that makes it more durable.
I inserted washers under each fastener to give a little extra space underneath for the screw head to fit. I hung mine outdoors, and they lasted through four Maine winters before a really big windstorm tore them off – but the shards still looked pretty!

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