In addition, I recently learned that there are military organizations that DO NOT get paid.
Heck, I spent 15 years in the Army and enjoyed my experience immensely.  I enjoyed the travel, belonging to a team, deploying overseas, the personal growth, the friendships, the camaraderie, and everything else. This is America nobody is gonna blame you for making an employment decision based on money.
While money isn’t the main issue when choosing to enlist, it is definitely one of the key factors.
Money is a motivating factor for everyone in their job, and regardless of anything else, being a soldier is a job. I think few people would join the military (particularly the reserve components) just for the money. I do agree that many people join for the money and the benefits, but many could choose other careers that offer better pay and benefits. Affiliate DisclosureI make money on some products and services that I talk about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question.
If you want to know something about how our ancestors came out of the ocean and onto land, there are just two sorts of fish you should get to know really well.
Which is why I hope you’ll join me Thursday at 11 am ET to participate in a Google Hangout with a panel of scientists to talk about the latest scientific discoveries about this amazing fish. Now, if you read the Loom with any regularity, you know that the mere publication of a genome is not, in my opinion, automatically news. Finally, here’s a nice diagram created by Raul Domingo a couple years ago for National Geographic. Click to embiggen!
Who We ArePhenomena is a gathering of spirited science writers who take delight in the new, the strange, the beautiful and awe-inspiring details of our world. Erika Engelhaupt is the online science editor at National Geographic and manages the Phenomena blog network.
Maryn McKenna is an award-winning journalist and the author of Superbug and Beating Back the Devil. DisclaimerThe views expressed are those of the writer and are not necessarily those of the National Geographic Society. Families across Warwickshire are invited to celebrate National Libraries Day on Saturday 8 February with a host of free events. Nine of Warwickshire County Council’s libraries will be hosting family activities on the day and all branches will offer members the opportunity to enter a free prize draw to win a book token. Children of all ages and their grown-ups are invited to join a morning of story-based performances and activities around the county which start at 10.30am on Saturday February 8. Cllr Colin Hayfield, Portfolio Holder for Customers at Warwickshire County Council, said: “National Libraries Day is a great opportunity to celebrate our libraries and discover the wide range of activities and services that we offer.
In short, the National Guard and Reserves are a reserve component designed to back up the active duty military.
Both the Guard and Reserves are very similar, but members of the National Guard and Air National Guard can be called upon by their state governor for civil relief actions, such as natural disaster relief, to help with terrorism threats, riots, etc. Guard = State Mission that can be called to both state and federal missions, depending on the orders. Most Guard and Reserve units drill the first full weekend of the month, and have a two week Active Training (AT) period each year in which the entire unit drills. Individual Mobilized Augmentees (IMA) in Reserves: The Reserves also have IMA slots in which members are able to backfill active duty slots on an as-needed, volunteer basis. You’ll hear more about this in the podcast, where Rob discusses some of the benefits of having an IMA slot. For each Drill weekend, you actually get paid for 4 drills, or 4 days of work, even though you only work 2 days. You do receive BAH and BAS on the days you serve your annual AT days (your two weeks of annual training). How much will you get paid?  It depends on your rank and time in service, of course, but you should make several thousand dollars per year.
In most cases, retirement benefits start at age 60, including the Pension, and health care benefits. Receive early retirement pay: In some cases you can receive your pension before age 60, provided you were activated for at least 90 days during a fiscal year after January 2008. Members of the Guard and Reserves are eligible for affordable health care through the TRICARE Reserve Select program. TRICARE Retired Reserve: You can also sign up for TRICARE Retired Reserve while you are awaiting full health care coverage when you turn age 60.

The Guard and Reserves offer Education benefits, including the Montgomery GI Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR). Some states have their own benefit for Guard Members: I happen to live in Illinois, which is one of the few states that offer free college tuition at a state college for members of their state Guard units. More often than not, you have more career flexibility in the Guard and Reserves than you do in the active duty military. My recommendation is to contact the recruiter at your local unit(s) to ask which jobs are available, and what kind of promotion opportunity is there. You might be surprised to know that many Guard and Reserve members travel long distances to perform their drill duty. Other benefits include base access, ability to shop on base, use base facilities, military discounts, etc. Coffee was introduced into our lives in the middle of the 15th century by the SUFI monasteries around Mokha in Yemen. Check out the fun video below where Food Network’s Alton Brown shares his recipe for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.
I have seen first hand how hard it can be for members of the military to be away from home for months in an effort to protect their homeland.
People have to make a living and support their families, so money must be part of the equation. One is the lungfish, our closest aquatic relatives, and the other is the coelacanth, our next-closest.
But the scientists who sequenced the coelacanth genome have analyzed it to explore some very interesting questions, and their work has provided some intriguing clues about the evolution of our limbs and many other aspects of our biology–as well as some puzzling features unique to coelacanths themselves.
Phenomena is hosted by National Geographic magazine, which invites you to join the conversation. No Place Like Home is her space to talk about space—from other worlds to the fabric of the universe.
Laelaps is his writing laboratory, dedicated to sifting through natural history for tales of evolution, extinction, and survival. Not Exactly Rocket Science is his hub for talking about the awe-inspiring, beautiful and quirky world of science to as many people as possible. I served for 6.5 years, during which I completed 5 deployments and a year long special duty assignment with no fixed base (I lived out of a suitcase for a full year). Members of the Reserve Corps typically work on a part-time basis in order to maintain proficiency in their career field. Guard and Reserve members can also be called upon by the Federal government to relieve active duty members, fulfill deployment needs, and more. However, you will receive Reserve Component BAH (or Non-Locality BAH), not BAH for your location.
You will earn 1 point for each drill served (remember, you earn 4 drills per drill weekend, so 12 drill weekend per year is 48 points).
You can also earn more points for each day you serve, for performing burial duty and certain Honor Guard functions, and for completing correspondence courses, including Professional Military Education, or even non-military courses. There are a couple of important points to note: you will be a Gray Area retiree until you reach age 60. The details are case specific, so I recommend reading more about early retirement to get all the details. These rates are unsubsidized and run approximately $390 for an individual and $961 for a family. The rates for the MGIB-SR are lower than what you would earn on active duty, so you may want to look into the MGIB if you are prior service. Some units will allow you to serve in a billet either one pay grade above or below your current pay grade. We have some general rules for IDT Travel Reimbursements, but recommend contacting your unit for more specific information regarding unit participation and availability. It is in this area of the world where the first coffee seeds were fire roasted and brewed, prepared much the same way as it is today. Yemeni traders brought coffee back to their homeland and it was there that the first coffee trees were grown. The military has TONS of good people, patriots and people with a strong calling to serve their country.
I have had friends who turned to the service, not only because they could be a part of something bigger than themselves, etc, but because they didn’t have a way to go to college otherwise. I think people’s motivations vary – maybe someone with not many job prospects will sign up mainly for the money, but there are other people who could earn a better salary doing something else, but chose the National Guard because of a sense of duty to their country.
However, Louisiana offers full college tuition exemption (at public colleges in the state, of course) for Guard members in good standing, and plenty of guys with whom I’ve served have acknowledged straight up that they joined mostly for the college.

It just seems like the moral and dedication to join the military to protect our freedom is dissipating. But there are many benefits to joining, including pay, access to affordable health care, education benefits, working toward a retirement pension, and one of the most important for me – being part of the military mission again. Rob is a financial planner in the VA area. His financial planning practice focuses on helping military members and their families.
For example, my unit has two 3 day drill weekends during the year, and we take one month off in the summer. The reason you get paid for two days of work, even though you only work one day is because you don’t receive pay for BAH and BAS when you are on Drill Duty.
And if you served a partial year of active duty, it may give you an additional year of service. You also earn 15 participation points per year, and 1 point for each day of AT time (your annual training, which is usually around 12 or 13 days per year). During this time you will have base access, can use base facilities, and can shop at the BX, PX, NEX, Commissary, etc. It’s also not uncommon for Guard and Reserve members to work in multiple career fields during their career. Those benefits don’t negate the cost of travel, but it certainly helps when you file your taxes. He served over 6 years on active duty in the USAF and is currently serving in the IL Air National Guard. Many M-day soldiers actually get paid less while serving than they make in their civilian jobs, yet they continue to serve. Lungfish and coelacanths, by contrast, have much in common with us, including a few of the bones that would give rise to our legs and arms.
I believe I’ll be able to embed it here on Thursday, and it will (I think) be archived on YouTube.
For example, I extended 6 months on my active duty contract, finishing with 6.5 years on active duty.
This gives you an immediate opportunity for career advancement, provided you meet the time in grade requirements and other qualifications for promotion. The good news is your unit may put you up in a hotel room if you live outside of commuting distance.
He also writes about money management, small business, and career topics at Cash Money Life. We may receive compensation through affiliate or advertising relationships from products mentioned on this site. You don’t have to answer that specifically, but how would you compare it with any other job you could have gotten at the time? As long as they uphold their oath (and all the ones I knew did), why not trade service to the country for bettering themselves? And coelacanths are especially fascinating because until the 1930s, scientists believed that they had gone extinct 65 million years ago.
Our goal is to help you look at the option of joining the Guard or Reserves in a different light. I immediately transferred into the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) to finish my 8-year commitment. You may even be eligible for reimbursements when traveling to Drill Duty, depending on your unit’s policies. However, we do not accept compensation for positive reviews; all reviews on this site represent the opinions of the author. I was someone who dismissed the Guard and Reserves without a second thought – primarily because I was burned out from active duty.
That half a year of active duty, plus the other 6 months in the IRR gave me a good year of service toward retirement. I’ve also seen guys who swore up and down that they were getting out end up reenlisting for the bonus. While money has to be part of the equation, it is not the primary reason, or I would have chosen another profession.

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