Enjoy happy, healthy, popcorning guinea pigs in a durable, easy-to-clean, easy-to-modify C&C Cage made by the Guinea Pig Cages team -- the original and the best!
Guinea Pig Cages 101thalestral wrote in guinea_pigsSeptember 14th, 2009Before we bring our new piggies home, or in some cases after we've brought them home and realise the cage looks very small, we set about getting them the perfect piggie palace.While some recent developments seem to suggest that the pet care industry is catching up, the vast majority of guinea pig cages for sale are just far too small.
Over all this is a great family friendly breed that is curious about their people and will come right up to you to get pet. Craigslist is the way to go, we got a big outdoor cage on legs (sorry, too snowy to get a photo right now), but it is at least five feet long, by 30 inches deep I would guess, with a covered sleeping area, and wire run. 1 tolerant husband, two gorgeous kids, 3 cats, 1 dog, 3 rabbits,  1 NJ Giant, 2 silkies, 2 Ameraucanas, 1 maybe delaware, one New Hampshire red hen, one NH rooster, and about ten fish. Also, even if they are small buns I would get them the biggest cages you can, you'll be glad of it later. Besides Craigslist, the best thing to do is to make them yourself, much cheaper than buying them. Yes, I was thinking of stopping by on my way home from work tomorrow and seeing if they had them in.
View from above - we folded his mat in two and he sleeps on it - later, we'll put his mat below in his sleeping area, so he'll have twice as much space as he does now. The cage only measures 24" x 29", but is very roomy for small bunnies because of the different levels.  I think this cage is perfect for a small bunny, but I think it would be to small for a large rabbit - not enough room to move around.
For a Jumbo Deluxe (2x6 with a 1x2 Loft) Our Flip-Fold Covers™ are designed with you and your guinea pig's safety in mind.
For a Jumbo Deluxe (2x6 with a 2x2 Loft) Our Flip-Fold Covers™ are designed with you and your guinea pig's safety in mind.
For a XL Deluxe (2x5 with a 1x2 Loft) Our Flip-Fold Covers™ are designed with you and your guinea pig's safety in mind.
For a XL Deluxe (2x5 with a 2x2 Loft) Our Flip-Fold Covers™ are designed with you and your guinea pig's safety in mind. For a Large Deluxe (2x4 with a 1x2 Loft) Our Flip-Fold Covers™ are designed with you and your guinea pig's safety in mind. For a Large Deluxe (2x4 with a 2x2 Loft) Our Flip-Fold Covers™ are designed with you and your guinea pig's safety in mind. For a Medium Deluxe (2x3.5 with a 1x2 Loft) Our Flip-Fold Covers™ are designed with you and your guinea pig's safety in mind.
For a Small Deluxe (2x3 with a 1x2 Loft) Our Flip-Fold Covers™ are designed with you and your guinea pig's safety in mind. I was thinking of getting the cages alone and place them on bricks to be above a large bottom poo catching area. The bunny was a Christmas present for our daughter, so we ended up opting out of the free cage and splurging on a new one as part of her Christmas gift.  I paid $96 with free shipping right before Christmas. The site came about because of the findings of the owner of the Cavy Spirit guinea pig rescue, that the larger the cage, the happier and therefore healthier the pigs were. I'm sure I see a pet human in the last pigture!(Reply) (Thread) robogoddess 2009-09-14 10:54 pm (UTC) I was thinking the same thing!

The old rules for guinea pig cage size were found to be outdated, these old cages just weren't big enough for a piggies needs!Remember that pet care for every animal has moved on hugely since we first welcomed companion animals into our homes, and sadly, the smaller animals were left behind in this drive to give our pets the best care we could.
I read somewhere that if the human gets agitated, its strong back legs can kick the poor piggies and really hurt them! I've winterized it some more, and my chickens love to go under it for bugs and leftover food that drops down.
In the last 5-10 years though, guinea pig care has modernised hugely, and the two most important points of guinea pig care that we have discovered are that having a companion and having a large cage make the difference between a guinea pig surviving, and a guinea pig thriving.
Think about how much space you have to roam inside, or how much space your pet dog or cat has. And don't forget about how they have a habit of strangling the piggies as juveniles and throwing hay at everyone as teenagers! It's only fair that a piggie has just as much space proportional to her body size.Remember that guinea pigs have a dominance hierarchy and this means that territory size is important!
A small cage will lead to squabbles for territory, particularly amongst boars, so the larger the cage, the more peace there will be.A larger cage has more space for houses, toys, bowls, hay racks and water bottles - the more you have of all these things, the happier and more content your piggies will be.If you have your first young pigs at the moment, it can be hard to believe how big your pigs will get! I used to wonder at the size of the pigs I saw on Guinea Lynx, while looking at my little Rosie and Gracie who could each fit in the palm of my hand. Now I look at my five big girls in their 3x5 C&C and wonder if I should make it a bit bigger! It can take a while to win a nervous new piggie around and it might be a couple of weeks or more before you start to see how happy your pigs are.
Sure, it takes awhile to clean and get all the hay out of the vetbed before the wash, but when i put them back in and they popcorn like mad it's such a sight.When i went on vacation for 3 weeks and they stayed on shavings, they lost quite a bit of weight. The number one difference to the happiness of a piggie is having a piggie pal, but a large cage is a close second.When I adopted and brought home Brie and Frisky as little pups they lived in their quarantine cage in the bedroom.
The minute i put them back on vetbed they popcorned so much i thought they were going to explode. Even though this cage fell just short of the minimum for two pigs, it was clear that this would never be enough space for a non-temporary home.
The little pigs just couldn't stretch their legs out properly, their wasn't enough space to run as fast as they wanted to which led to them dealing with their energy in other ways - namely, bickering and getting on each others nerves!After introductions with my older pair of girls, they went to live in the newly expanded 3x4 cage. Brie and Frisky would zoom around and round the perimeter of the cage, seemingly overcome that finally they could run at full pelt. At floor time I would open up the door and they would run round the cage, out the door, around the room, back in the door and round the cage - rinse, lather, repeat until they threw themselves down on the floor of the cage for a quick nap.I knew them just how important a big cage was for happiness and health, not to mention herd harmony. Despite being near blind she is the biggest fan of a large living space as she loves to trundle about at her own speed. She and Gracie are huge fans of checking out every new house or toy that changes position - and of course the bigger the cage, the more houses and toys there are to play with.Bigger cage = happier pigs.
Walmart I think do 9x9s (Whitmore brand), you just buy online and ship to store to pick up there. We now know that their tolerated temperature range is far smaller than we previously thought.

We also know that they adore being part of a human family as well as their own piggie family.
We also know that piggies are capable of falling into a depression from loneliness, and that a stressed or unhappy piggie is far more likely to become ill.Few of us would even think of keeping our pet dog outside at all times, or living outside ourselves in our shed at all times. The guide on Guinea Pig Cages is quite thorough, and even the clumsiest and most error prone (this from the woman who once cut her odd shaped cage coroplast back to front!) can put together a great cage. I find the optional zipties between cubes to be very helpful.If you live in a country where cubes or coroplast are hard to come by, you can use different piggie safe materials.
A linoleum flooring can be used, or in some places people have used the material from paddling pools. If that doesn't apply you can leave the cage open at the top, which allows more interaction with your piggies.
If you have both male and female pigs in your house but in separate cages it is best to put a lid on top of the males cage to prevent them climbing out to get to the females.
Piggies are not known for their climbing skills but a determined boar can and will get to any females nearby in heat if he can.It is also a good idea not to put any houses too near the walls of the cage for this same reason - again, piggies are not known for their jumping skills, but the occasional pig can be very skilled at it!
If a house is near a cage wall it provides the means for escape, and though pigs can be skilled at getting out, few are skilled at getting back in."What? I do this all the time!"Where To Put:The best place for your cage is in a high traffic area of your house so that your guinea pigs get the maximum human socialisation. Most important is to make sure that the cage is not in any draughts as that is the major cause of URI's.
The room needs to maintain a temperature of between 65 to 75 degrees F (18 to 24 degrees C) - higher than this can cause heat stroke which pigs are very susceptible to as they have no means of cooling themselves (they can't sweat!), lower than this and the pigs get as chilly as we would in light clothing - guinea pig hair is no thicker than the hair on our human heads (unlike many other mammals).The cage can either be up high, on a table or built up on cubes with storage underneath, or it can be on the floor. The former is a good idea again if there are larger animals or enquiring toddlers in the house. The latter is fine as long as there are no draughts.My cage is on the floor with a door built in so that I can just open the door for floor time. The benefit of this is that when the piggies need to pee or poo they run back in the cage to do it!
You can have an additional level (often called a hay loft), just make sure that the ramp is safe and not to steep. There is a photo gallery on Guinea Pig Cages where you can get some neat ideas.Remember as well that a cage can always be expanded upon later. My own cage has gone from a 2x4 L-shaped square to a 3x4 L-shaped rectangle to a 3x5 rectangle.

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