You can find a plethora of store-bought wooden rabbit cages, hutches and attached rabbit runs. Our international visitors might wonder why breeders in the United States almost always choose all-wire cages over solid floors. You see lovely wood hutches with a ramp down to a little grassy area, and a bunny nibbling away happily, as in this picture.That little scene lasts for about 24 hours.

In blustery climates, it would probably need to be better protected on three sides, not as much from the temperature as from the wind.
If you want to give your bunny more freshly growing grass, you'll need to drag the whole thing to new pastures.Yes, the extra roaming room, for example in the wood hutch pictured above, is desirable. If you're looking for something bigger than a couple hutches, click on the link for more cage and housing options.

Unfortunately, its chance of acquiring parasitic infections will spike.Another housing option might be to use a traditional hutch (or cage hung on a PVC frame), and then provide the rabbit with fresh grass and garden clippings.

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