Enjoy these great kids arts and crafts projects thatll help you craft green and save green. Duct tape was created as a make-shift adhesive, and now unbelievable kids' crafts ideas are being imagined. If left to my own devices, I could spend hours walking through the stationary section in a store. Use your craft knife and cut out a square and two rectangular pieces from your piece of yellow duct tape. Cut out a piece of green duct tape (using the same method in step 1) that’s about 4 inches long. Flip your piece of duct tape over (sticky side up) and place your pen on the bottom of the duct tape.
To make petals that are about 1 ? inches long, cut out a 3 ? inch piece of white duct tape (using the method from step 1). Then, use a scissor to cut out the petal shapes and use the craft knife to trim the sticky end. I attribute it to the awesome patterns and colors that are being produced, but also to the unpredictability of the material. Buy a fun-patterned roll and make earrings, a shark, and a laptop before needing to return to the store. Find affordable ideas for all ages by downloading your copy of our FREE eBook: Cheap and Easy Crafts for Kids: 9 Recycled Crafts!

I scoured the Internet to find the coolest of the cool duct tape craft ideas, and I did not come up short. Our winner is shelleycollison 58 62955 who said "I would like to see something new, completely different from anything posted before.
Cut out a piece of green duct tape (using the same method as in step 1) and wrap it around the base of your petals. Not that you can't predict how it will act, but that you can't predict how many amazing kids' crafts can be created from the fancy stuff. Whether you're an advanced crafter or a beginner, you can use duct tape to make never-before-seen duct tape crafts for kids. You and your kids will never again wonder what to make with duct tape when you have this handy guide by your side.
Who knew that you could make shoes, computers, animal crafts, flowers, and coasters all with the same central material? Jewelry duct tape projects are an inexpensive way to ensure that each outfit is complete down to the adorable ring and the must-have bracelet. These easy duct tape crafts for kids not only help store your moolah, but they also save you cash.
And if you want to make other flowers, you can just follow the same tutorial and change the colors of the petals and center.
You might assume duct tape can't be used to make a dress, and then some crafty genius releases pictures of a frock made entirely from duct tape.

Once you start crafting with duct tape, you will find that you have had two lives: a life pre-duct tape and a life after you discovered duct tape's wonders.
Make something fresh or upgrade something old; no matter what you and your little ones choose to do, you'll be amazed to discover that easy duct tape crafts can be made into a brag-worthy accessory.
The list of previously thought impossible duct tape crafts that have been accomplished goes on for pages.
The best thing about these eye-popping duct tape projects is that they're easy to make; who would've guessed?
Making duct tape wallets is practically a right of passage for teen and tween crafters, so don't skip these awesome duct tape ideas!
These flower pens are so easy to make, you’ll soon find yourself with a whole bouquet to keep for yourself or give away! Weave a bracelet, arrange a bouquet, support your watch face, or construct a drum all using the same magic material. Accessorize with the help of everyone's favorite crafting material, and you'll soon be known as a fashion guru.
Sport Duct Tape Feather Earrings and you might just end up on the cover of your favorite magazine.

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