Con: While they may be quiet, iguanas are not exactly pets you can hide from your landlord. Below is the video that I made that shows step by step instruction on how to make an iguana salad for very young juveniles.
Just remember to keep the proportion of the salad well balanced, feed fresh food, feed the variety of foods and your iguana will be a great eater and grow up to be healthy. Salad Proportions: 80% greens, 20-15% vegetables,  NONE-5-10% fruit all year round, plus just a sprinkle of dry alfalfa supplement. Healthy food that our juvenile iguanas love that can be given every day: collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens, dandelions, arugula, watercress, tatsoi, bock-choy green part of the leaf, yellow butternut squash, varieties of other winter squares like kabocha, acorn.
Keep in mind that no list is ever complete and the key is to offer good selection of staple (basic) greens with variety of additional greens, vegetables and fruit whatever is in season.
Our adult male iguana Casanova loves to hang out in the kitchen when I unpack and sort the greens. If you growing or buying greens that are organic, they usually don’t need to be washed thoroughly. The variety of greens can change from day to day or week to week or by season based on what’s available at the time.
So, after you have selected your greens for the salad you need to take the coarse and hard stems off the leaves. And after taking the stems off you want to chop everything in very tiny small pieces so they can be easily swallowed by your iguana. Remember: smaller the pieces better your iguana will absorb nutrition from the food it eats. Sometimes I use carrots and turnips as vegetables in case I don’t have winter squash available. I add dry alfalfa leaf powder (organic human grade) to the salad for extra protein supplement. I like to mix dry alfalfa supplement with Repashy Superveggie powder 50:50 and used that as a protein supplement. If you can grow fresh alfalfa it would be better to feed it fresh, but powder works fine if mixed with moist vegetables or on the fruit. If your iguana appears to be healthy and active but not eating salad, please cut out fruit out of the diet all together till it eats salad again. Mulberry leaves are very fresh and juicy in the spring-summer and iguanas love to eat them.
Description, tags: Iguana -- One of the thousands of Iguana on the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.
Below is a list of a few different types of iguanas and a few green iguana morphs that are available in today’s pet market. Albino iguanas have one of the two genes that are needed to make a snow iguana (blizzard iguana). True Blue Iguanas (Axanthic Iguanas) have the other gene needed to make a snow iguana (blizzard iguana).

Price: $895 (only found one price online) Please comment to let me know anything different. Cuban iguanas (aka: cuban rock iguanas) get bulky and are one of the coolest cyclura species you can get. The Blue Iguana Recovery Programme was started by the National Trust in 1990 when they first began breeding captive blue iguanas. Fred Burton, Director of the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme, envisions a self-sustaining, free roaming population of at least one thousand Grand Cayman blue iguanas, living freely in the wild within protected areas, reproducing naturally and continuing to evolve in step with their ever-changing natural environment. Walkers have long been supporters of the programme and the Blue Iguana’s vital part in Cayman’s heritage. As a Gold Sponsor of the National Trust, in 2006 Walkers pledged CI$ 60,000 over three years to fund the operating costs of the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme. Walkers will also provide the National Trust with unbranded toys to sell in their store with the profits from sales going to support the recovery programme.
Walkers said it is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and its support of the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme is just one way in which the firm looks to make a difference within the community, with active participation from staff at all levels. You may not have to walk him two times a day, but a diet is very important for your iguana.
The key is to mix everything as well as possible and as small as possible so they can not pick things out. Never feed a plant to your iguana that looks unfamiliar to you or if you are not sure what it is. Since we have a lot of iguanas we get out greens from the local organic farm and this is what weekly delivery looks for us. Babies that are couple weeks and month old should have their greens diced and as your iguana grows the pieces can get bigger. Adult iguanas can eat the whole leaf at once but for your juveniles you need to take all the hard stems off the leaves first and then chop them into small pieces. This one is particularly proud of his blue lipstick - and got pretty angry when we got too close - spitting on me!! Iguanas are somewhat high maintenance, so make sure to do some reading on iguana care before getting one.
Throughout the past years, many breeders have come out with some sensational colored iguana morphs ranging from green, yellow, blue, red, and black. Being one of the longest living Iguanas (60 to 80 years), they require a lot of dedication. The conservation programme has helped ensure the survival of the species, by releasing captive blue iguanas into the wild. The firm said the success of the recovery programme is extremely important and it has adopted the Blue Iguana as a promotional icon, producing branded soft toys since to promote the work of the breeding project at international conferences, as well as to educate children in Cayman. If you have a rock or green iguana that is only couple weeks old or as old as 1-2 years old, you should understand how to feed it well so it can grow to be healthy.
But if you are shopping at the supermarket and buy non-organic greens you do need to wash them very good to rinse off all the pesticides that can be toxic for your iguana.

And if swallowed these stems may not be digested properly and can cause intestinal blockage and discomfort for your iguana.
For grating I like to use a ceramic baby food grater and it work great for juvenile food since the consistency of the grated vegetables is fine and will easily get mixed with greens and eaten by your iguanas.
I also have used Repashy Superveggie supplement that has mainly alfalfa powder in it with additional vegetables and vitamins. Below you can see what the alfalfa powder looks like and an example how I use this powder supplement on adult salad. This way your iguana will eat the salad without picking out only task parts and will get best nutrition from the food. Nasturtium flowers always adds nice pop of color to the iguana salad and makes food visually exciting. This lizard is a great add-on to any iguana breeder out there trying to develop some new iguana morphs.
True t- Albino Iguanas remain bright yellow with pink and peach highlights throughout their body. They are known to have a reduced melanin pigment, so it is very important that they are supplemented with vitamin D3 supplements. In my opinion, cuban iguanas are the tamest of the Cyclura Iguanas, so if you are looking for one, this might be a good choice. Grand Cayman iguanas are also known as blue iguanas because of their blue color that they can show. They are not sold as regularly as green iguanas, but there is still a good number of them out there.
You can feed addible flowers like hibiscus, nasturtium, dandelion flowers. There are many plants that you can feed to your iguana, just take time to familiarize with the varieties and their names and nutritional value.
You can also soak some greens in water to refresh them in case they got wilted during the dry hot summer days. But if you are a dedicated pet owner, you wont have anything to worry about, because with the right care, iguanas can make great pets. Normally, they will only show their true blue colors when other animals are present, to show and establishment of territory. As you feed them the variety of foods they will develop preference for specific greens, vegetables and fruit.
I don’t recommend using food processor for very young juveniles unless it can practically liquify hard vegetables.
And since fruit is sweet and high on sugars your iguana will not feel hungry and it will start ignoring salad. Food processors usually leave hard vegetables chopped in too big pieces for young juveniles and these pieces will not be digested properly and your iguana will feel full but not be able to extract vitamins and nutrition out these bigger pieces.

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