If you want to get chameleon who are easier to take care of, then you can get Jackson’s, Panther or Veiled chameleons. Remember that chameleons which are juvenile can still grow quite a bit so make sure to buy a cage which is twice the size of your chameleon.  When you bring chameleon in your home, put him into a cage of tall glass with mesh ventilation.
Interacting with your chameleon is not that needed but can be a real fun.  As I said above that each of the chameleons have different personalities and some likes to be handled by others while some not. Remove all the dead things from the bottom of the cage, otherwise bacterias and parasites will come. You should remember that chameleons are solitary and they do not like other chameleons, so if you think that keeping two chameleons will be a good idea as they will keep each other company then you are absolutely wrong. Think about who can take care of your chameleon during vacations or a period of time when you are unable to take care of it. 3Put in the cage things to make your new pet comfortable, perhaps some real plants and fake plants, climbing limbs, and proper lighting and moisture.
Chameleon also enjoy types of insects like wax worms, meal worms, super worms, flies, moths, and grasshoppers. In addition to store bought bugs, you can give the chameleon bugs, spiders, moths from your house or garden. Chameleons like it colder at night, but in any normal house that is not going to be a problem.
Change the material on the floor frequently to remove dead bugs, shed skin, fecal matter, mold or fungus, etc. They can start getting eggs around 4-6 months, and can lay up to 3 clutches of eggs a year.
Can I let my chameleon bask in the sun outside instead of buying a light bulb for vitamin D? You can bring him outside to warm up, but don't ever leave him inside a glass container in full sun. This will depend on where you purchase if from and can range anywhere from USD$40 to $100+.
Chameleons, like most reptiles, are coldblooded and need an exterior heat source to keep warm and to stimulate their metabolism.
Yes, a mature female chameleon can get pregnant without ever being with a male but the resulting eggs she lays will be unfertilized, thus non-productive. An aquarium is acceptable for a young chameleon, but you may want to buy a reptarium for better air circulation. Feed your insects well with potatoes, cabbage, carrots, fish flake, low fat kitten chow, bee pollen, and potato flakes. This version of How to Take Care of a Chameleon was reviewed by Katherine North on February 25, 2016.

Meet Adelaide, a wikiHowian who has been a community member for over three years and has started 186 articles. Well, they make great pets but if you want them to stay healthy and happy then you’ll need to set some things up. Most of the chameleons which are on the sale are usually three to eight weeks old.  Different chameleons have different personalities, some like to interact with people while some not.
You can also put some things in the cage in order to make your chameleon comfortable such as fake plants, real plants, proper lightning and moisture, climbing limbs etc. If you see him licking any shiny objects, then he is doing is because he feels thirsty and looking for dew for licking.   You can spray on the side of the tank or on leaves by a spray bottle so that your chameleon can lick. The best way to interact with your chameleon is feeding him by your hands as he will not be aggressive towards you. Before doing so, remove your chameleon to some other safe place so that he will not get disturbed. Chameleons make excellent pets, but you will need to set things up for them to be happy and healthy. Juvenile chameleons can grow quite a bit, so make sure you have enough space for a cool creature perhaps twice the size of the one you bought!
That simply means the crickets have been fed a nutritious diet, which helps get lizards the nutrients they need. Buy a low cost humidity meter (hygrometer.) If the humidity is below 50%, adjust the misting or water system to keep the chameleon comfortable. You'll know if your chameleon is pregnant primarily if she displays dark colors and bright yellow and blue patterns.
Since juvenile chameleons can grow, a lot, make sure you have one big enough for your species.
She enjoys being a Welcomer, New Article Booster, and Admin, and she helps a lot of people through the Help Team. Read on to find out what kind of chameleon you should get and the requirements of caring for them. So, if you want to know whether your chameleon likes people, watch him closely while he is being fed in the pet store. You should avoid feeding them wasps and bees.  If you have a baby chameleon then you will need need to feed a smaller breed of crickets, they can also survive off of fruit flies. You can also buy a waterfall for your chameleon from any pet store which might be a little expensive but is nice. Also, chameleons are reptiles that do not really like to be held so if you like a pet you can hold this might not be the right pet.
If your chameleon eats the bugs from your neighbor's garden, the neighbor may be impressed.

If you see your chameleon licking shiny objects, that is because he is thirsty and looking for dew to lick. Humidity can be too high as well; over 80% on a constant basis can lead to mold and fungus growth. One good way to save money and keep a warm basking area is to heat up a bag of dried rice or beans covered by a cloth and place it in the tank. However, some cases have been recorded of a male chameleon without spurs, so it's not always certain. But that's not always the case, for if she doesn't feel safe laying, she can hide the symptoms. You have probably see the term gut – loaded crickets which actually mean that the crickets have been fed a very nutritious diet which will help the lizards to get all the required nutrients. Some people have even teach their chameleons to drink water from a bottle but this will take a lot of time. Then spray it on the floors, walls and the things under it like fake plants but do not spray it on real plants, you can use a paper towel in order to clean and dry them off.
That way, the chameleon can come up and bask in the heat if he or she wants, but come down if it is too hot. Feeding your chameleon by hand is a good way to interact so it won't be as aggressive toward you.
Male chameleons make better starter pets than females, as they do not require laying bins or egg care and are not at risk of becoming egg-bound.
If that doesn't work and you have followed all the steps in this article to make sure his food, water, and environment are right, consider seeing a veterinarian.
Feeding methods and the temperature have a bearing on any form of "spontaneous" pregnancy resulting in non-fertilized egg laying. You might have also see the term calcium – busted crickets which will help your chameleon to get the required calcium.
A basking spot created by a simple 60 watt household bulb works well, too (but you will still need a full spectrum light, because a household bulb does not provide UV). When it comes to the wikiHow community, Adelaide loves the collaborative spirit and says it’s nice to see so many like-minded editors sharing advice and helping the content grow. Chameleons also enjoy insects like meal worms, wax worms, flies,  super worms, grasshoppers and moths. You should also change the material on the floor regularly in order to remove shed skin, dead bugs, fecal matter, fungus or mold etc.

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