I have a need to set up network so I can use two ethernet cards inside one Windows (Windows XP SP2) based PC, one for internet connection, second, for internal LAN. How should I configure each NIC, with what IP's, subnet masks and gateways, so I can use inernet on my PC and get in touch with devices on my LAN? I have found that there are some sort of re routing nessesary inside my PC, but how does it work?
I have already set up some configuration already, but I can't use it together with PC #1 NIC #1 connected. My question is - what exact configuration should I do for every NIC in this LAN, so it would work?

Why not just replace the PC with a router, and connect the PC to the router's LAN side along with the switch and other devices? Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-xp lan nas gigabit-ethernet or ask your own question. When requesting a donation, is it better to have a prefilled button or enter their own value? Is it possible to achieve internet access for Laptop, that is inside that NIC #2 LAN (should I just set up basic ICS)? However, as the PC#1 will be the router, it has to be turned on to have internet on the LAN.

I know limits, the situation is like this, and I need solution for this, without adding more hardware at this moment. Even if setting up ICS (to which I'm already familiar with) will solve, I want to know more about ROUTE stuff and how to use it.

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