I used Quiet rock, installed as directed by company-IT DOES NOT WORK!Hi,I have an issue with wall noise. Adding an additional mass e.g two layers of staggered drywall will make a noticable difference. Principle is fairly similar the only major difference ita€™s in labor, youa€™re installing one single layer in oppose to two. There is literally a ton of products out there but for right now I have to agree with Stukas solid core door is the way to go. I've had some experience with noisy roomates and have had to take some measures to deal with the situation as well. Furniture, How To Make My Room Soundproof Gallery1: Finding Simple Tips and Solutions of How to Soundproof a Room to Reduce SoundThe cool of How To Make My Room Soundproof Gallery1 photo above, is a part of Finding Simple Tips and Solutions of How to Soundproof a Room to Reduce Sound post, which is grouped within Furniture. Noise is forever an appearance of annoyance in favor of the majority of us, if not certainly we are the foundation. His 420-square-foot New York City studio apartment might sound like a tight squeeze — but with its innovative design, Hill has managed to create a transforming space that can actually function similar to a house two to three times its size. This seemingly simple 420-square-foot studio actually has 1,000 square feet of functionality. So in late 2010, Life Edited launched a crowdsourced competition, asking innovators to create a rendering of a highly functional apartment. The winners, Catalin Sandu and Adrian Iancu, designed the apartment you see here, which was finally completed in 2013. Sandu and Iancu designed the space to have various essential items tucked away into the walls.
For additional privacy from the kitchen space, curtains extend from cabinet pockets on the sides.

The extension wall also houses a Da-Lite projection screen, and the projector is neatly hidden above the couch. When you’re ready to eat, the Resource Furniture Goliath table starts as a 17-inch console.
If guests are coming, the table features a high-grade aluminum telescoping frame that can be extended. This apartment was built inside a 100-year-old co-op building in Manhattan, which provided its own set of unique challenges for Hill and the design firm.
The south wall between the couch and the bathroom houses cabinets that fit Hill’s wardrobe, as well as the leafs and chairs for the extendable dining table. The toilet room can also serve a soundproof space to make a private phone call or meditate.
Above the toilet sits the Zehnder ComfoAir 200 heat recovery ventilator, which circulates fresh air and keeps the place warm. In addition to drywall you can also improve soundproofing by using soundproofing sealant around the perimeter of the wall and openings.
Using something like Liquid Nails instead of regular nails will help against sound from travelling through the walls. Separately starting energetic pleased or discussion also noisy song, bothersome sounds are able to as well approach within the shape of your neighbor’s dog growling, a buzzing laundry area, or a bit building close by.
Notice that the table that easily sits 10 is tucked away neatly in the apartment’s breakfast bar. So learning how to upgrade old spaces is vital to thinking about how our homes will look in the years to come,” he said.
Please help.A I am willing to replace the entire door with one that blocks sound more effectively.

Because eliminating sound resources is usually not a choice, your most excellent stake is the noise gripping fluff designed for your area. Even when I’m not feeling so tidy, I can hide things away and create a little sanctuary,” he said.
I've also heard about foam padding I can stick on the door and in the cracks around the door. This did not stop the sound transfer, I have also used sheetrock over soundboardA from HD on another bedroom wall, it seems to work better, but has not stopped sound through the wall.
You would have to weather strip that door as if it were an outside door where you are trying to block air infiltration.
The house was built in 1968, concrete slab tile over, 2x4 wood studs, sheetrock with plaster over.A I have been thinking of installing carpet pad on the wall to stop sound? To be sure, a hollow core door does not help, but unless you block the sound waves sneaking in around the edges, nothing will really help.A Same holds true for common walls. If you have electrical outlets in that shared wall, sound will make its way through those tiny electrical slots.A If this is a rental apartment, I would just grin and bare it!
I have a brother-in-law who runs the room air conditioner not because he is warm, but because the fan masks the noise from his neighbors.

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