Topic: I’m getting a box turtle in a couple of days and need to know what size aquarium should I get for a box turtle. If you get an aquarium for your box turtle you should have a filter for the water portion because they usually lay their feces in the water and your going to need to clean that water as much as possible.
If you research the ideal housing for a box turtle people say that large totes are the best thing to use. That’s a super cool idea Danny you should give us some details on how that goes for the widow tint in the outside of you glass aquarium. The ideal place for any pet turtle is a pen where he or she can go outside and get real sunlight versus a stupid aquarium light. You say that but you don’t know how much some of us let out turtles go outside or if some of us have garden ponds for our turtles to plan in and more!
I'm trying to make a basking dock for my turtle and was just wondering what you used for the ramp in the first picture.
Here we have some aquatic turtles set up in some really basic, but suitable, housing based on storage boxes.
Getting slightly more sophisticated, and at the same time greatly reducing the job of water changing, you can now add in some filtration. In shallow water, when used on their sides (in fish tanks they are used vertically) you may find they do not stay submerged and try to float.
The powerhead is far more efficient and drawing water through the filter media (the gravel) than the standard air pump method.
Instead of water changes every few days, with a setup like this, you may only need a partial water change every few weeks.
You can also often buy, beg or borrow unwated aquarium tanks for nothing or next to nothing.
Basking facilities (haul-out spots) are essential for turtles as they need not only to get their body temperatures up by means of basking, but they also rely on drying out the shell regularly in order to shed their scutes properly.
This is a couple pictures and a video of the 55-gallon aquarium Redditor jennyleighb's roommate decorated with a custom LEGO Super Mario Bros. I was wondering if you knew what the pipes were made out of as well as how the bricks are staying up like that?

I hope he used some sort of sealant so that the leaching plastics don't poison his fish, not to mention the paint, or markers he used to create the brick patterns.
Dude did the cliche thing and made 1-1 instead of using one of the actual underwater levels?
Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome. These turtles love larger environments like a 60 gallon tank or larger… Or maybe even a pen that you can setup outside for it.
When you do some research on box turtles you will find out that they hate aquariums because the movement outside of the tank can be seen by them through the glass and it makes them very anxious and have a lot of stress.
I had a hard time putting my pet turtle into a tote though… especially when you think of it living in there. It makes sense because my turtle always gets really scarred when all of a sudden the room lights are turned on and I feel bad for frightening him. These are real animals and some travel hundreds of miles in the wilderness to mate every year. The conclusion reached after researching and reviewing all those products is that the best pet turtle basking platform is a turtle basking area that is custom: one that you make yourself (DIY). It also injects air (oxygen) into the water which accellerates the process of biodegrading waste and establishing a true biological filter system. With some of these Asian turtles, you need to make sure the air temperature above the water is both warm and humid too, so a top helps.
Attach small pieces of tile to the front of a plastic splash block in layers to make stairs and attach two large squares of tile to the top for the platform. I personally have a 60 gallon tank for my box turtle but I make a religious effort to bring him out in the yard and let him run around to get a larger area to play in.
What I did on my large box turtle tank is painted the back of the tank and the sides so he can feel more safe and not have to watch through the glass.
I use large aquariums and I’m messing around with the idea if tinting the glass a tiny bit so that the turtle can’t see out of the aquarium but people can see through the aquarium sort of say. I’m also looking to some sort of a cover so that it doesn’t happen with the lights scaring him.

A regular spot lamp will be fine provided you use a calcium supplement containing vitamin D3 when feeding.
With temperate habitat, North American, turtles for example, just keeping air temperatures at normal room levels is fine provided you have adequate basking facilities. Assemble pieces of PVC pipe with PVC connectors to make a ledge for the platform in the tank, drill a hole in each corner of the splash block and tie the splash block onto the PVC ledges with zip ties. For longer term maintenance, you can certainly use UV-B lighting, but I have kept turtles for 30 years without it, so it is far from essential. Any 100-150w aquarium heater will do, but I always prefer unbreakable models, especially for larger turtles. For turtles you will probably not want that full depth, so simply cut them down to the required length with a fine hacksaw.
Hang a warming light over the platform area and ensure the water level of the tank is just below the platform. With babies, standard toughened glass heaters are fine, but I do recommend fitting a protective 'cage' around them (these can be obtained from aquatics supplies). For a quick and easy solution, take a self-contained internal Canister Filter like a Fluval 3 or 4. This not only provides extra security, it also eliminates any possibility of the turtles burning themselves. You can find many more by looking at pet turtle tank setup pictures?, browsing through the various pet turtle forums and also by doing a web image searches through a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo.Do you have a custom made pet turtle basking platform? Most of the store platforms and such she simply can not fit on and just falls off the side of. I have two rocks stacked on top of each other and it will do for now, but I'm looking for something higher up because she likes a lot of water in her tank. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, it would be greatly appreciates.October 8, 2012Replyforlogosa custom dock would be the way to go for you.

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