Mobs only spawn in a certain radius around you, so you'll have to be at the right place for it to work. If you are 24 meters away from the spawning floors (or at least a good portion of them), and standing on the surface of a normal world, your problem is most likely the world itself. You see, the spawning algorithm just tries to shove mobs all over the place, shooting at absolutely random points in a great territory around you. So when you add a single dark room within that, but stand atop of sixty meters of cave-filled landmass, a chance for a mob to hit your room is proportional to your room compared to mass of caves, plus all surface at night.
The spawning floor to be between 24 and 32 blocks from you, so that mobs do spawn, but keep moving (and falling into the water). The advice to seal all caverns within 128 radius is technically correct but practically not very viable. Sorry for the lack of a picture, I would show you one of my designs but I'm not currently at my own CPU. The benefit of this design is that the mobs would have a higher chance of falling into the water current unlike your current one which has an incredibly low chance. Mobs don't spawn in if your mob farm is too high because then it's not connected to the surface. If u are go to options and turn the difficulty from peace full to normal or easy or hard anything besides peace full and then see if the spawners spawns.

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Its 24x24 but no mobs spawn inside :( No one falls down and I've opened it up several times to check, nothing inside either. Well, most of this territory can be ignored, as any hostile mob farther that 128 meters from you immediately despawns, but a 128 meter sphere (minus inner 24-meter cutoff) is still large. Lighting all the caves is doable, but a huge work, so the easiest way is to take to the skies. The best method to have no mob-spawnable ground removed anywhere but at the spawner is to build stairs 128 blocks above sea surface (sea, so that you don't die when you fall. It's a hemisphere about 25 blocks radius with center above the "house", covered with a roof and with water channels funelling mobs to a drop trap from 8 gaps around the chamber.
Well, an endermen makes a hole, a creeper spots me and makes it much bigger, and the I seal the hole with whatever I have. I botched the spawning platforms layout, and not nearly as much surface is located 24-32 blocks away from the player, which makes it perform worse than Circus spawn-wise. Witch gets killed if dropped down 35 blocks and ender man gets killed if dropped down 44 blocks but if you built it higher than 32 blocks it would not spawn any mobs anymore.
I suggest filling in nearby caves, and destroying any dungeons below you if you were unfortunate enough to get one there.

Build an orbital lift or something, and place your spawner somewhere at y=192, to be 128 meters from sea level. But still, there are entrances that allow for monitoring the inside, a cut-off piston that stops monsters from going to the dead-drop (which makes expanding the design easy), a spider-harvesting attachment - spiders tend to clog the walkways if left unchecked, a music disk farm, and of course the XP farm. I prefer to build over an ocean, which allows me to build twenty-something meters lower and still not hit undersea caves. Create a 2 or 3 blocks high, safe fall into running water, funnel the monsters to 1-wide corridor (all with water), and only then end it with a deadly drop.
That way it requires constant maintenance as endermen make holes in the walls and the roof, letting light in and ruining the efficiency. They don't foresee they won't be able to return and as they crowd in the 1-wide corridor, they will push each other to fall eventually.

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