Your Piggy's cage is one of the most important ways of planning for a Piggy or maybe you want to upgrade your Piggy's cage. So when you're shopping for your Piggy, don't forget to cross "pet store cage" off your list! Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available How to Build a Custom Guinea Pig Cage How to Make a Bunk Bed for a Guinea Pig How to keep a guinea pig cage from stinking How to Tell the Sex of Baby Guinea Pigs How to make your own pig feed How to Build a Chipmunk Cage How to Build a Ferret Cage Out of a Bookshelf Instructions to Build Your Parrot a Play Area How to Make Hamster Toys & Treats How to Make a Pig Out of Construction Paper How to feed a miniature poodle How to Make an Outside Dog Cage Teen Outdoor Party Game Ideas How to Make a Play Gym for a Parrot How to Make Your Own Plinko Board How Can I Make a Better Habitat for a Chipmunk? Description: Sarah shares how to make a two storey hamster apartment with panoramic views of your living room. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running.
I think this is a marvellous invention and I am going to use your idea as my son would like a hamster. Hi Sarah – I think that this enclosure is fantastic and as you say much nicer than the store bought ones, both for you and for Hammy. Firstly there is more than enough ventilation for my hammie, there are holes drilled on the lower level for ventilation and there are huge air vents on the top level. No problems with smell, all the open areas and seams were sealed with non-toxic hamster friendly sealant so no urine can seep through.
It looks cool, but how are you meant to clean out the wood shavings from the bit with the sealed acrylic? Most people go by the pet store's way of saying, "Guinea pigs don't need much space." GUINEA PIGS NEED A LOT OF SPACE! To keep your pig happy and healthy, give him a nice, soft corner for sleeping, a space for food, several PVC pipes to crawl through and plenty of toys to play with.

My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".
Instead of the glass hinge door though I will be using a wood frame and putting screen there. Not sure why the anonymous felt the need to post such a pointless comment as it was clear that it was an pet post (She is more than welcome to go to a pet shop, buy all the hamsters and try releasing them into the wild).
The bottom part is easy to clean, just lift the shelf out, empty the bottom with a dustpan or similar and then when it is empty of wood shavings, I clean it with an antibacterial pet cleaning spray. I make all of my cages no smaller than 10 square feet which gives them plenty of room to exercise. The bottom half has an acrylic sheet secured against the front to allow for a thick layer of wood shavings and happy hamster digging time.
Also on the shelf I will put a glass or plexy glass wall about 6″ high so no bedding gets out. One logistical question; when you push the bottom shelf up to remove it for cleaning, how do you prevent shavings from getting everywhere? How do you clean the bottom part, and won’t the urine seep down into the seams and be absorbed by the particle board?
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I installed them because as hamsters are red blind, you can have the red LED on at night and watch them whilst they are completely unaware.
Anyway, my hamster loves this cage and its far nicer than one of the cheap plastic cages you get from the shops.

I was thinking about the possibility of doing two hinged doors instead–how do you think that would work? Pet store cages are extremely small, giving NO room for the piggy to engage in natural behaviors like popcorns and exploring. Your hamsters will live happily in there palace while the other are in small pet store cages. Pet store cages barely give enough room for a hidey house and sometimes guinea pig owners let three or more Piggies in these cages!
Lay the carpet pieces on top of the plastic to prevent messes seeping through onto your table or floor. Be sure that the excess ends of the ties are on the outside of the cage so that your guinea pig doesn't chew on them.
If he has accidents during his training period, simply vacuum the carpets, or remove them to rinse, dry and return to the cage when clean. This cage is designed to be kept on the floor where your guinea pig can't accidentally fall and hurt himself. If you have small children or other pets that may pose the threat of danger to your pig, you can build the cage on top of a table. Just be sure that you leave a lip or ledge all the way around the cage so that accidents are less likely.

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