Unlike economic meltdowns, wars, or other man-made disasters which have warning signs and can be anticipated, natural catastrophes like earthquakes, tsunamis, flash floods, and wildfires, among others, can happen at any time.
Follow the tips below so you can properly prepare for whatever Mother Nature can throw your way. Since many types of disasters can cut you and your family off from stores and other food sources, make sure you have enough food stored up. Store only food that you only need to take out of a can and serve cold or, if you have wood to burn, heat up. Check out the Sold Out After Crisis ebook, if you are interested to know more about the important food items you need to stock up. You might not have access to water or the water you can access might be contaminated due to busted pipes or groundwater contamination. Keeping drinking water out in the open and exposed to sunlight might encourage microorganism growth. A radio is crucial because emergency coordination efforts on the local, state, or even federal level are often announced on radio. Keep the basic tips above in mind so you don’t have to take a massive hit when a natural disaster strikes your area. Assign one of your current employees the position of safety controller in your plan for natural disaster preparedness. Establish a backup plan that will allow you to continue business even in the event of a natural disaster at work.
Recognize that all businesses are vulnerable in a natural disaster and that even if there has never been one in your region, you should still be prepared by implementing an emergency strategy at work. Meet Lois, a wikiHowian from California who has been active in the community for over 9 years. More than 500 people learned vital information about what to do in case of an emergency at a city-wide event over the weekend.
The Newport Beach Fire Department hosted the Fifth Annual Disaster Preparedness Expo on Saturday at the Newport Beach Central Library. Attendance was a little lower than usual, said NBFD life safety specialist Matt Brisbois, but he was still pleased with the turnout.
Booths included: City of Newport Beach, SoCal Edison, Orange County RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service), Alert OC, Ready OC, NB Police Department, Lifeguards, and a first aid and hands only CPR booth ran by CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteers. The expo focused on safety and disaster preparedness for Newport Beach residents, Brisbois wrote in an email last week.
Participants learned how to build a disaster supply kit, how to prepare their families and how they can help prepare their neighborhoods in case of a disaster, according to a previous NBFD announcement. Brisbois said city and CERT volunteers discussed the city’s emergency plan and how residents can be prepared at home, in their neighborhood and at work. Cities across the country are celebrating September as National Disaster Preparedness month, Brisbois said.

The city encourages all residents to build a disaster supply kit, make a emergency action plan, and get trained. Fall CERT training classes are starting this week, but residents can plan to sign up for the upcoming spring classes, which will start around the end of February. As a member of the university community you also have a responsibility to familiarize yourself with FIU’s emergency communication plan and be an active participant in your own safety by staying alert to messages from university and local emergency managers.
Although the focus is on hurricanes at this time of year, it is important for you to know that FIU plans for all types of emergencies that may affect the university community. Faculty and staff should also take a moment to become familiar with your department’s Continuity of Operations Plan now.
This year we have created an informational poster you can download, post and reference as you make your preparations for the season. Why God?Solid Proof The Messiah HAD To Come Before 70 ADA Detailed List Of Clean And Unclean FoodsChristian Coloring Book For Adults? So what can you do to prepare for an adequate water supply in the event of a disaster or emergency? Having a water filtering system for your home will give you peace of mind about the water that is coming out of your tap.  In addition, a portable water filter will help you to have clean, drinkable water wherever you find yourself in an emergency.
The reality is that Americans are probably the biggest wasters of water in the world, and if we can reuse a portion of what we are wasting then perhaps we should look into it. But whatever you decide to do, make sure that you have a plan for providing clean, usable water for your family in the event of a disaster or emergency.  Your survival may depend on it. The key to preparing for a disaster is to be prepared for all types of disasters since you don’t know which kind of disaster your area will suffer from.
Make sure you store enough drinking water for all members of your household and a few other people. You need a radio to know how relief efforts are coming along and how you and your family can coordinate with the proper authorities for evacuation, relocation, and other situations.
You can’t afford to fail when it comes to disaster preparedness-the stakes are simply too high. Who knows when a flood, earthquake or tornado will occur and result in your place of business getting damaged in some manner?
Confirm with your agent what is covered under your current policy and make sure you are satisfied with it.
This person will be responsible for all aspects of emergency administration, from posting emergency materials throughout the office, to coordinating fire exercises and evacuation strategies. You could set up their smartphones with an emergency message service that directs your employees regarding work and emergency services. You can set up your own server or pay a back-up service, just as long as the method you choose is secure and reliable. She enjoys reviewing new edits, welcoming new editors, and starting new articles on crafts or activities she’s learned.

It’s a heavily volunteer organized and operated event,  he added, about 40 worked on Saturday’s expo. People have many concerns on their minds, many related to the recent floods in Colorado, he added.
As soon as possible after an emergency, you should establish contact with your colleagues and supervisor. Also, it is a bad idea to store instant ramen or other noodle dishes that require hot water. Only you know what you need, so determine that you are prepared for what could occur, whether it is a flood, hurricane, tornado or whatever natural disaster is applicable regionally.
Responsibilities also include arranging the installation and maintenance of safety, first aid and emergency equipment. Invest in technology that not only allows you and your employees to stay in touch, but that allows everyone to work on the move. With the technology available these days, there is no reason why a business would become incapacitated during a natural disaster because of a failure to back-up files. She is proud of helping lots of people; she has started 223 articles and reached over 24 million readers with her advice. Your drinking water must be in hard to contaminate containers and must be stored in dry, dark, and cool areas of your home.
By packing enough batteries, you get a light source at night as well as a power source for your radio, mobile phones, and other mobile devices.
The implementation of these methods may not come into fruition, but it is smart business sense to be prepared. Expect that first aid and CPR trainings are arranged and that refresher courses are repeated annually. Opt for setting everyone up with a smartphone so that even if the office building is out of commission in a natural disaster, business will still be up and running. She enjoys the fun of editing and how helpful it allows her to be, and she says she is constantly learning new things there. The University has taken steps to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff and I urge you to take this opportunity to do the same. She appreciates how people in the wikiHow community are friendly, offering to help before judging or criticizing you.

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