When preparing a speech, the first step is to find out as much information as you can about the audience so you can tailor your speech to suit them. Think of the structure from your audience’s point of view, rather than what makes sense to you. Cyclones and severe storms can cause massive amounts of destruction,  downing power lines, damaging buildings, flooding and causing road closures. After a cyclone or severe storm has hit, homes and businesses can be without power for days, or even weeks. Small and local businesses are the cornerstone of a community and can provide essential services during and in the aftermath of a cyclone.
During a post-cyclone blackout, when the rebuilding process begins, having power to your business is essential to having the community up and running. As an employer, it is important that the payslips you give your employees reflect and explain their salary and all the necessary or applicable additions and deductions.
There is no standard format for a payslip, and companies can create their own versions, as long as the different elements are clear. Rachel Kelly Davis is a literature-loving foodie who suffers from occasional bouts of wanderlust. December 5, 2013 by Elaine Griffin Leave a Comment Get your business or blog prepared for 2014 with these 5 simple steps! About pages, social media about sections should have similar, interesting, and relevant information to tell your readers exactly who you are.
If you’re giving the same speech several times to different groups, you can make it more lively by using different examples and stories.

Doctors, pharmacists, food services, grocery stores and other services provide a key role in ensuring a community keeps going. You need to power your lights essential fridges, medication fridges, essential communication devices and computers to ensure you can continue to service your community. Take a look at the payslip below and try to use it as a template or guide on creating your own payslips for your employees. If preparing a payslip confuses you, check with a CPA that you have calculated everything correctly. Try to explain the payslip system, deductions, and what your employee can expect in terms of net pay each month before you officially hire them.
When she isn’t reading, writing, eating, cooking, or discovering new locales, she supports local businesses and entrepreneurs through her own business ventures.
She brings her background as a sociologist, advocate, and educator, to her work and her writing, which has been featured on BlogHer and The SITS Girls. Some speakers collect magazine and newspaper clippings or keep a journal of stories or ideas. In the critical moment of a cyclone or severe storm power blackout, its important that your business stay up and running, ensuring that you can continue to do business and service the community.
Most CPAs can also help clarify which bonuses and allowances your company, depending on its nature and status, are required to give.
This assures you that you won’t have to deal with unhappy employees who believe they weren’t well informed.

She was the financial officer of her first venture, Empresario Manila, a marketing and events company tailored to small to medium enterprises.
Start creating a content calendar, and you will be better able to define your goals and how you will get there.
Create a great looking template, either for your newsletter or your RSS to email campaigns. On Elaine Griffin Designs, she writes easy to follow tutorials about WordPress, social media, SEO, and blogging.
In 2008, she co-wrote the book 25 Kitchens, and has been in online publishing for the past six years. On The Laine List she spills her guts about life, motherhood, and balancing work and family. Presently, she is the Culture Curator as well as EIC for her second venture, Homegrown Media Inc.. Working from her home office in Finger Lakes Region of NY, Elaine, a wine lover, also enjoys the beauty of living in wine country!

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