The Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system that is commonly called GPS. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The rock-shaped remote isn’t loaded with much more than a lighting system that flashes green, yellow, or red concentric circles to convey security status to users. Dojo communicates updates and alerts in conversational English, as if you’re talking to your house sitter on WhatsApp.
Yossi Atias is sitting in a conference room in One World Trade Center in New York City, but he’s staring directly into a room in his company’s headquarters, in Israel.
We had a few family members over for the holidays, which meant it was time to be a tech support guy for a few days.
There is a lot of bad stuff on the Internet and even the tech savvy can get caught by it from time to time.
Most of us have been conditioned to think of installing anti-virus software as a first step to protecting a device.
Bitdefender BOX protects any device that connects to the internet and works across platforms (so you don’t have to worry about different software for a Mac vs. The Bitdefender BOX (the thing you plug into your router) sells for $199, but they currently are offering it for free when you sign up for a year subscription. The nice people at Bitdefender BOX provided me with a more fancy Bitdefender BOX to give away to lucky readers. These threats are real, and run the gamut from the most sophisticated hacking groups in the world with seemingly unlimited resources and access to zero-day exploits—perhaps coming from the governments funding these activities—to hacktivists looking to make political statements, to often the most dangerous threat: the disgruntled employee.
Although these control networks are kept separated from the typical corporate network and are generally not directly connected to the Internet, there are many possibilities that can allow someone with malicious intent to “jump” across those barriers or find a hole in the barriers that allow them access to these devices.  Once attackers have gained access they can do things like adjust the speed that centrifuges spin in order to damage a nuclear program, or increase the pressure in a system to extreme levels while disabling the monitors that would alert an operator to that dangerous condition. One of ALTEK's most valuable and highly-requested secondary services is our EMI Shielding. ALTEK offers our customers in the Aerospace, Medical, and Industrial markets a full range of both EMI and RFI Shielding services (RFI Shielding is often done in parallel with EMI Shielding and helps protect your products from Radio Frequency Interference. Aerospace manufacturers use EMI and RFI Shielding to help safeguard electronic equipment often housed in aerospace enclosures. Over the past two years, time spent with digital devices has increased 49 percent, according to data from online measurement firm comScore. However, some studies suggest all that time squinting at the phone may cause users to squint at everything else.
While not seeing distances clearly can be frustrating, even dangerous when driving, it can be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses and refractive surgery.

Regardless of your age or how many digital devices you have, taking care of your eyes helps prevent vision problems and protects your overall eye health.
There has been a lot of buzz lately around the vulnerabilities that expose wireless medical devices to cybercriminals, but researchers from Princeton and Purdue universities may have found a solution to these issues.
The firewall, dubbed MedMon, is only a prototype, but initial tests have demonstrated that it’s highly effective when it comes to protecting insulin pumps, pacemakers and even the brain implants on which so many people currently rely. The research team is composed of Anand Raghunathan, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Perdue, Niraj K. One of the advantages of the new security system is that it can function with existing devices.
The experts have developed MedMon because, even though the risks of a breach are low, when it comes to medical devices, every small incident could have a fatal outcome. On a shelf in the room, visible to Atias on his laptop’s screen, is a buffet of connected gadgets. The hack is staged so he can show me how the company’s first product, a connected device meant to watch over the security of other connected devices, will work. Most people do their best by avoiding suspicious sites and deleting emails with questionable links and promises of large cash transfers. The challenge is that this software is usually designed for PCs and overlooks the need to protect our cell phones, tablets, and other internet connected devices. Instead of installing software on each individual device, you can use something like the Bitdefender BOX which screens all of the traffic going through your router.
Like most other anti-virus companies, Bitdefender BOX works on a subscription model which gives you a constant stream of updates as new threats are identified.
This shift has serious implications.  When malicious hackers cross into controlling physical systems, the danger goes beyond physical damage to machines, and the potential loss of human life starts to become a reality. EMI Shielding helps protect sensitive electronic equipment and devices from interference from other electronic products operating in the same vicinity. EMI Shielding uses a variety of materials to help protect from outside electromagnetic interference, and ALTEK staff can help walk you through your options to determine which material will be best suited to your application. Smartphones and tablets are pocket-sized personal assistants with appointment reminders, news and a means of keeping in touch with family and friends.
Handheld devices are leading the way: time using smartphones jumped 90 percent and tablets surged 64 percent. Research housed through the Vision Impact Institute has shown that myopia (nearsightedness) is rapidly rising in East Asia, Europe and the United States, especially among younger people.
However, high myopia has been associated with a greater risk for ocular disorders, including retinal detachment, glaucoma and cataracts.

Jha, a Princeton professor of electrical engineering, and two graduate students in electrical engineering from the same university, Chunxiao Li and Meng Zhang. What motivated us to work on this problem was the ease with which we were able to break into wireless medical systems,” Raghunathan said.
Someone could still learn that you have a medical device, but hopefully they are not going to be able to do anything bad to you.
Moments after Atias uses hacking software on his laptop to remotely kill the alarm system at his company’s offices, he gets a notification on his phone. At some point, they are asked to “fix” broken computers, which usually are running slow because of malware or viruses.
But it never hurts to have an added layer of protection considering how sophisticated phishing attacks have become. This simplifies the security of your home network because you just need to plug one device into your router instead of installing (and constantly updating) software on every device used in your household. It is nice to have a little peace of mind knowing that your security software is always being updated. Interference from other equipment can cause malfunctioning of your devices, leading to incorrect results for diagnostic equipment and test equipment, and to outright part failure for some life-critical medical devices. Research is pointing to factors other than genetics, such as behavior and environment, as the cause of this epidemic of shortsightedness. While the sun’s role isn’t completely understood, an Australian study showed that children who spent more time outside playing in natural light had a lower rate of myopia.
It is extremely difficult to make a system completely impregnable,” Raghunathan added. From halfway around the world, Atias is about to hack into these devices, and shut them down. Our router is constantly flashing from all of the data going between the TV, Xbox, thermostat, laptops, tablets, phones, and our stereo system.
The common denominator among these populations seems to be time spent using digital devices.
In China, schools are experimenting with classrooms made of transparent materials to help stem the nation’s epidemic of shortsightedness in young people.

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