Did you know that a single nuclear bomb detonated in space can destroy most electronics in the continental United States? Responding to fears about an EMP event, 4Patriots LLC introduces the EMP Bag, designed to protect people's crucial electronic devices in the event of an EMP caused by a terrorist attack or massive solar flare. In fact, former CIA Director James Woolsey says that an EMP attack could end up killing 90 percent of Americans. People are looking for ways to protect their electronics including laptops, tablets, digital cameras and portable generators, from an EMP. This lightweight, easy-to-carry, military-grade bag is crafted from a double shielding, hand-woven, copper mesh inner core and an outer layer of high density, waterproof, ballistic nylon. The bag comes with a rigid, hard-shell case that protects one’s most important items from getting damaged.
Pepper’s and scientists worry quite a bit about how to protect  electronics from EMP. Did you know that you can build a simple box called a Faraday Cage to protect you electronics?

Its discreet appearance makes it look like a bag one would carry to the gym or a work site.
This simple, step-by-step system of videos and illustrated instruction manuals provides a blueprint for building one’s own off-grid power system, including electricity, heat and hot water.
We build faraday cages, convert old microwaves and buy faraday bags in hopes of saving our gear and being able to use it again either when or if the grid is restored or by our own alternative methods of making our own power including solar panels and batteries. However, we will never link you to a site that requires you to make any purchase or join anything to view the article. Join us as we explain an Electromagnetic Pulse, how it affects your electronics, and what you can do to protect them. All electronic devices could be rendered useless by such an attack for an extended period of time, throwing America back by 100 years or more. Will we be able to use those electronics so carefully preserved in our faraday contraption of choice with our expensive DIY or professionally built and installed solar panels? I thought I was ahead of the game by putting both my solar battery charger and solar gizmo charger in a faraday bag inside a lined surplus tightly sealed ammo can.

I was apparently wrong, not in protecting my solar items from EMP but by putting that faraday bag in the ammo can thinking if it was lined and sealed it would give me an extra layer of protection. It is up to you to use common sense and your best judgment when using any information contained within the articles.
However I haven’t even addressed the big panels we are counting on in a long term grid down situation!
The articles featured below (I have linked both parts one and two for you) do address both the issues with the smaller faraday solutions like my own and those of the bigger power sources like solar panels. If you have electronics like two way radios and chargers you want to protect to use during a SHTF scenario and or you have solar energy as your back up plan, you also should read both articles.

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