Considering a Lone Star State residency but don’t want to live in over-populated cities like Dallas, Houston or San Antonio? Lubbock is located in West Texas, home to the largest contiguous cotton-growing region in the world.
Tex-Mex—the delicious and undeniably addicting blend of Mexican-American cuisine—reigns supreme in Texas, with Rosas Cafe the undeniable leader in Lubbock.
Who needs a fuel-efficient car when you can have a mountain-climbing, off-roading, toy-touting beast of a truck?
The Stars & Stripes Drive-In Theatre offers old-fashioned fun year round, complete with a 1950s style cafe. In 2005 the Bay Area Center for Voting Research ranked Lubbock the 2nd most conservative city in the United States. Until May 9, 2009, the only place one could get their drink on was a fine restaurant or bar establishment, as liquor stores were forbidden to sell packaged alcohol to the general public. Estately is a national online real estate search site whose articles have been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, NBC News, Philadelphia Magazine, GeekWire, The Denver Post, and more.
Geezs someone needs to go back to bed…I am happy to say I Love Lubbock and it is a great place .
What else would you call not being able to sell liquor inside the city limits besides it being illegal to sell liquor in the city limits? Unless your an alcoholic, like watching movies a lot, or standing in line to eat than this place Is for you. This article showing Rosa’s for a great place to eat should prove how bad it sucks here.
The football team always sucks, everyone is stuck in the moment when tech beat texas that one time. Go to the Blue Light and watch live music around obnoxiously loud drunk kids spitting on the carpet and throwing trash everywhere. I am sure some will bash me, and claim Lubbock is so cool and then claim how poor my grammar and punctuation is. I once lived here when I was a spoiled 18 year old and moved away as fast as I could when I was 21. As you get older you begin to see that while the world is not such a pretty place, you make the most with what you have. People who are used to this place have become blinded to the true reality of what this place is really about!
And did I mention people CAN NOT drive, so often I feel like carrying beer bottles so I can throw it at some bastard who is driving diagonally across the road through oncoming traffic. I lived in Lubbock most of my life and I have to say moving……was the best thing that I could have ever done!!!
Lubbucked is grand central station of in-bred, red-headed, freckle-faced, buck-toothed, bad-breath, cast iron frying pan toting, tin roof shot-gun shack reared step children.

We’ve also got some of the greatest Rock DJs and radio personalities around in Wes Nessman and Mike Driver, as well as THE Best Rock station ever. Yes the women are beautiful, and that’s a picture of Odessa Permian football players, but Lubbock is flat out boring. When we think of surviving without power we normally think about floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Blizzards and ice storms are major winter storms that produce intense snowfall, ice, below-freezing temperatures, gale force winds, and power outages. Welcome to Lubbock, the Texan city with the 11th highest population, housing approximately 236,065 of the state’s finest. Between their mouth-watering queso and freshly-made tortillas, you’ll be a recognized customer in no time. Ice storms are a regular occurrence during the winter in North Texas, sometimes shutting down travel and causing power outages. However, students must be doing something right because Texas Tech ranked as the 2nd lowest STD-having University in the Big 12. More so in Lubbock, as Playboy has ranked Texas Tech female students the 2nd hottest in the country.
Everyone still waves to everyone, everyone still looks out for everyone, and everyone seems to smile for no apparent reason at all.
Don’t get me wrong, Lubbock gets better every year and has a place to eat on every block and is actually a pretty lively city.
Looking back and having visited a few times since then, I realized that I don’t hate Lubbock.
You can bellyache and complain about where you live and do nothing about it, feeling almost entitled to change. I don’t know, if you want to be a cashier at United, or a yellow bus driver than you have a shot, but professional jobs are mostly taken by elderly white folks, or young white folks. Young Univ, students driving around in their daddy’s truck with their cell phones in the other hand. When a blizzard is forecasted for your area, or if you and your family are caught outdoors during one, the following tips could help you survive.
Responsible for unending cotton, one of rock and roll’s greatest and rowdy Red Raiders, this West Texas gem might be what your new-dwelling doctor ordered. For three consecutive years Newsweek has ranked Lubbock High School one of the top High Schools in the United States. Inside ANY building you will be forced to endure sub-zero temperatures continuously circulating by way of air conditioning. However, on May 9, 2009 Proposition 1 let the fire water flow, legalizing the sale of packaged alcohol in Lubbock County. How about something to do besides freaking eat, or drink, or watch movies while eating and drinking, or shopping.

It is supposed to be the heart of the city and while the potential is there to make it something special, nothing has happened. It is burning hot during the summertime and okay during the winter, there is nothing to do here, and pickup trucks are ugly cars which everyone drives. Don’t worry, no one will look at you oddly if you pair your daisy-dukes with a winter down coat. If Lubbock is so great how come everywhere I go people ask me why the hell I would come here from Florida.
The work in these homes is total garbage, these people have no business touching a hammer or any tool for that matter. Next we will get a place where you can shop while you eat, drink, and watch a movie at the same time. Oh you want to go to Library for some drinks, a lame boring name for a lame boring place, suits it well! And when you have Mexicans in managerial positions they abuse their power, by being annoying and rude. Now Texas Tech students are great because they come from different cities, but the locals are trash. The only problem I have with this blog is that it only scratches the surface on all the wonderful things Lubbock has to offer.
Only a few good concerts come here, and those are littered with snot nosed, spoiled, disrespectful moron kids. It has it’s negatives just like any other city, town or populated area on this planet. I’m sorry, but I am a kid that had to adjust or conform to being negative all the time just like everyone else. The weather is unpredictable, and doesn’t have the scale and aesthetics of north, east, central, and south Texas. There are a few ok, and I mean just OK, bars in town that aren’t shot bars filled with 21 year olds. Lubbock doesn’t have the same businesses and restaurants that other cities have and it is a shame. Haha, watch out during summer time when all the girls bust out wearing some type of hideous sporty looking short shorts (colored shorts with the white lines on the side!) Along with that a large t-shirt, yea so sexyy Ow! I live and work in downtown Dallas and every time I look at it, I ask “Why can’t Lubbock have this?

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