An HEMP (High-altitude Electro Magnetic Pulse) attack is usually a nuclear attack detonated above 25 miles.
Normal information channels such as news updates and emergency broadcast warnings, will be affected when the HEMP attack is triggered. Firearms and ammunition should be stored under lock and key, with everyone in the family trained on their safe use. Other items that could protect your equipment in the same way as a Faraday cage are old microwaves and metal garbage cans.
Emergencies and other unexpected situations may arise causing a need for a supply of something you don’t have.
Knowing how to keep a low profile is the safest behavior all around, and will be even more critical in the cities. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
The federal lawsuit said landowners should be compensated for the extensive damage they experienced a€” particularly during the extended 2011 flooding that devastated hundreds of thousands of acres of mostly farmland in South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. The lawsuit filed by more than 200 landowners said the Corps has deemphasized flood control while deciding how to manage Missouri River reservoirs as part of an effort to restore habitat for endangered species, and it claimed that has contributed to more flooding.
The 2011 flooding lasted more than three months after the Corps began releasing massive amounts of water from reservoirs upstream that were filled by melted snow and heavy rains.
Army Corps of Engineers on Wednesday, saying the agency’s decisions since 2006 have contributed to major flooding in five states. The world can be a dangerous place, and an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) attack seems to be increasingly possible.
At the hearing, Judge Louis Bidois ordered Rudd to have no further contact with the man he allegedly attempted to hire to do the hits.

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It will disable all unprotected electronic equipment over a wide area depending on the size of the pulse. The supplies that you purchase for long-term survival (see below) should be stored at this rural site unless you are uncertain that you will be able to reach that site in time. Create strong but portable shields for your windows and doors as protection against possible violence outside. Ensure you have a sufficient amount of plywood sheets or other boards to cover all glass openings around your home to deter and prevent looters or other nefarious characters from entering your house. Paper money will have become almost worthless within weeks of the pulse so barter will likely be the method of exchange. Survival will depend on staying clear of crowds and not revealing information about your family’s level of preparedness. When the Corps decides how to manage the Missouri River’s reservoirs, officials balance flood control and the other potential uses of the river, including barge traffic, hydropower, recreation and providing habitat for fish and wildlife. Farmer Bill Sheldon said he still deals with some damage from the 2011 flood on his farm near Percival, Iowa, nearly every day. The floodwaters overwhelmed levees, carved gouges up to 50 feet deep, created sand dunes 15-feet-deep and deposited strange debris on farmers’ fields.
Peter Pry warns that the consequences – of not being prepared for this event – are much more severe than one may think: “within a year of an EMP event at least 2 thirds or the us population will perish from starvation, disease and social collapse” Former CIA double agent (Reza Kahlili) who spent time in the Iranian Army confirmed that the Iranian have conducted missile tests of ships in the Caspian See that are consistent with an EMP attack: “They are going to get to the Gulf of Mexico with ballistic missiles and they can launch one at a moment’s notice and they wouldn’t care about the repercussions” Mostly because they can sink the vessel leaving no trace or because the US won’t be able to retaliate!
Authorities have not released the identity of the alleged hitman or of the intended victims. A nuclear weapon detonated at an altitude of 200 miles could affect all unprotected electrical equipment within the continental United States.

Your family’s chances of survival will increase if your survival plan includes sheltering away from populated areas. A single Scud missile, carrying a single nuclear head,detonated at the right altitude and location could knock out the entire power grid across the United States for months or even years. Other supplies to purchase include: food and water, water purification tablets, medicines, garden seeds and supplies, and first aid equipment.
This increased level of security will keep you from becoming an easy target if looting becomes prevalent.
Cities will have more violence due to people living closely together with limited resources.
Outside experts who reviewed the 2011 flooding said the Corps did the best it could in dealing with record amounts of water that flowed into the 2,341-mile-long river after unusually heavy spring rains in Montana and North Dakota. We have been pushed towards electronic dependence and would very much struggle to cope without our phones, cars, lights and so on. Keep a well-stocked supply of batteries for flashlights as well as some easily accessible backup generators. You need to make sure certain redundancies are in place and that you always have a backup plan. If you live in a city, begin to make evacuation plans now to take your family to a safer area.

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