When severe weather knocks out power to tens of thousands of homes and businesses, utility crews work around the clock to restore service.
Extended Events we--have all heard about it, but did you ever troubleshoot SQL Server 2008 performance, locking and connectivity issues using this source of data? Using Extended Events in SQL Server 2008 meant having to write complex T-SQL statements to gather the data needed, which was then returned as XML. SQL Server 2012 has given DBAs the solution for capturing Extended Event data in an easy to use GUI component, built into SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Extended Event sessions are the new DBA Power Tool for gathering data in an intuitive and simple way. Open SSMS and drill down to the Management folder, Extended Events and Sessions in Object Explorer. For the purpose of this demonstration I will be creating a new session and stepping through the new session wizard. There are a number of Templates to help us get started with using Extended Events to sample or track data. When selecting Events to Capture, things are made easy with good sorting capabilities by Category, Channel or searching for events in Event Library. To add an event to the session, select the event in the Event library grid, click on the right arrow to add it to the Selected events grid on the right. And yes you could do this but as an organisation you may need to monitor deadlocks specifically and have a more focused session capture of data. You can remove the xml_deadlock_report from the system_health session as this is customizable.
When adding events to any session you need to keep in mind that the process of tracking events comes at a cost, those events that are particularly costly to capture come with a warning within their description so be sure to watch out for these. Each event that you select has its own collection of fields that can be enhanced by adding Global Fields, which are actions captured for all events in the session.
The next step is to consider limiting the amount of data that is retuned by adding Session Event Filters. I have only added one filter for sqlserver.database_id Field for the Value that is equal-to (=) 6, which is the Internet Sales Database. The final step in configuring your Extended Event Session is to configure Session Data Storage. For large data sets and historical records set Save data to file for later analysis, enabling a maximum file size and file rollover.
To work with the most recent data and for small data sets use the second option, saving data to a ring_buffer target, enabling Number of events to keep and Maximum buffer memory size.

To complete the New Session Wizard we can opt to Start the event session immediately after session creation and watch live data; click Close.
As you can see from the options available we can Start and Stop Session, Watch Live Data and Start Powershell. On the General page again we can schedule startup options and also configure Causality tracking. Causality tracking, when enabled will track how events are related to one another; this is when one task causes work to be done by another task.
On the Events page we can add in new events and click on Configure to manage settings relating to fields and filters. Event configuration enables reconfiguration, enhancement of the Global Fields, Filter and Event Fields options.
What we have to keep in mind is that should we add in additional fields, more than is maybe necessary, this will contribute to an overhead in processing.
Now let us take a look at the other events in the Deadlock_Monitor session that can help us drill down further into the deadlock issues. Using Extended Events in SQL Server 2012 to monitor such issues as deadlocks provides a DBA with a simple and straightforward process for gathering data to aid in the troubleshooting and fact finding process. We no longer have to work out how to extract Extended Event information using complex T-SQL statements and instead can use a tool built into SSMS, which should eliminate the reasons why many DBAs in the past have not used Extended Events. Angela Cataldo works for Firebrand Training as a subject matter expert and instructor for SQL Server and System Centre.
This is an Extended Capacity 1100 mAh, Lithium-Ion Battery that offers even more up time than your original.
This is an Extended Capacity 1200 mAh, Lithium-Ion Battery that offers up even more up time than your original. As such, this method was not always the first choice of the Database Administrator (DBA) when looking for a quick way to access data. They require a smaller footprint to trace SQL Server Instance information and with the introduction of a GUI for configuration, should be the first choice for a DBA.
For the purpose of this demonstration I have named the session Deadlock_Monitor and opted not to schedule the session to start at server startup. These templates can be modified adding additional events to capture and global fields to report data. Right click the session and select Watch Live Data; an extra Tab will appear connected to the session and instance of SQL Server. This event is raised whenever the request to acquire a lock is cancelled and this has been chosen as the deadlock victim.

For over 10 years Angela specialized in SQL Server, delivering training and consultancy services to a number of companies throughout the UK and Europe guiding and mentoring customers to follow Microsoft Best Practice and assist in their understanding and adoption of SQL innovative features.
If you’re already waiting around for the power to come back on, it’s too late to do prep like charging batteries or buying a generator. But there are some things you can do right now to protect your home and family…and maybe even reclaim some creature comforts. Has the internal temperature gone from “chilly” to “dangerously cold”?  If not, then you’re likely going to be okay for a couple of days.
Dress warmly – Dress in layers as you would if you were going outside, and feel free to put on hats, gloves, and scarves. If you don’t have thermal underwear, put a pair of pajamas on underneath your clothes. Use caution with heating devices – If you have a fireplace or a woodstove, you can curl up in front of them - at a safe distance. DON’T use barbeques, gas grills, kerosene heaters, or any other outdoor heater inside your home.
It may be too late for your fridge, but your freezer's probably fine – If your power’s been out for longer than four hours, you’ll want to avoid certain perishables, like milk or deli meats, which should be discarded if they’ve been in temperatures higher than 40 degrees for more than two hours..
If there are items you can salvage – like juice or cheese – you can keep them covered in a dry, cool spot - maybe your garage or porch. Don't open your freezer, because it will maintain its temperature for 24-48 hours if unopened. It’s good for staying in touch with people and checking the news.  Do what you can to save your battery, including closing apps like games and photo filters, and shutting off settings for wifi and Bluetooth.
Get a little bit of power –Find an office or public building and borrow an electrical outlet for a while to charge your phone or laptop.  If you have an adapter you can use your car (safely - not in your closed garage) to recharge your battery.
Pro-tip: Charge your phone in “airplane” mode…that trick will get most devices a full recharge in half the time.
If things have gotten too cold or too hazardous to stay in your home and you don’t have a friend or relative with power – call 2-1-1 or visit this website.
Be Zen – Patience is a virtue, even when you feel like you’re on the bottom of your utility's repair list. There are hundreds of people working to restore power – many of them with homes just as dark and cold as yours.
If you’ve reported your neighborhood outage, you don’t need to keep calling back or sending angry tweets.

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