Cold weather camping is a very popular kind of camping and is done by people all over the world. The views of snow capped mountain peaks and snow tipped leaves of trees can totally make it worth it.
A lot of people do not feel thirsty during cold weather conditions but staying hydrated is just as important in winters as it is in summers. Setting up a tent can be difficult in snow and hence it is very important to choose the camping point carefully. You may like to strip down to minimal clothing when you go to bed but avoid doing so when camping in cold weather conditions.
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If you do, did you know that as soon as your body hits the freezing water it takes your breath away and will lower your body temperture 30 x times faster than if you were standing naked in the wind? The only thing you can do to save youself is to try to keep on resisting and take violent actions to get yourself out of water as quickly as possible.
I bought this plastic snow shovel for less than $5.00 and modified it myself by cutting out the two handholds, weighs very little and it works great too.
Personally, I own two different sets of snow shoes, a set of expensive heavy duty snow shoes and these orange Whamo Snow Shoes. With all these high-speed commercial products on the market today, especially the easy to pack & carry in your pocket stuff.
When it comes to cold weather survival, though there are many things you need to know, learn and practice. The thrill of camping in the snow or cold weather conditions is unbeatable and is an example of surviving in extreme weather conditions. If you are someone who is planning to experience cold weather camping, then there are some tips which can help you go through the outing without any difficulties. This fire is even more important during cold weather camping trips.  Start the fire before doing any other set up as this can considerably reduce the cold and will make it easier for you to do other activities like setting up the tent etc. Whether you drink water or hot drinks like hot tea or coffee, remember to keep the liquids levels in the body up. Choose a place where the tent can remain stable and where the direction of snow is not directed towards you. Consider wearing clothes to bed and do not take off the gloves or socks even while sleeping.

James Kim” who died of exposure and hypothermia while trying to go for help for his family after becoming stranded in their vehicle in the Oregons wilderness back in December 2006. It’s usually best to stay with your vehicle and wait for help to come to you than to wander off looking for HELP.
But should your car tire burn out before night fall, don’t burn another tire wait until the next day. But don’t keep blasting the car horn until your battery goes weak, just every so often. Either in the direction where you see civilization or where you think civilization is located. As most people who live in remote areas, including hunters, campers and hikers usually hit the sack and go to bed around 10 pm or so. Though this could backfire and become more hazarous and dangerous, not only to yourself but to others if you’re not careful. James Kim did everything possible to try to help keep his family warm and alive, but after waiting several days and no help came, he had no choice but to go for help.
Well here’s an easy way to be prepared and you only need a few nails and two pieces of wood.
And once you’re out of the freezing water you immediately have to (a) roll in the snow so it will blot & absorb the water and maintain whatever body heat you have remaining or (b) you need to get out of your clothes immediately and start doing some vigorous exercises to generate loss body heat and or (c)run immedately to the nearest house or vehicle for warmth or (d) immediately get a fire going ASAP! But depending on what kind of a snow shovel you buy, they can be quite expensive and a bit of hassel to pack & carry. You can use it with or without a wooden handle which can be cut from any old tree branch provided it fits inside the shovel’s handle hole. Though the really good ones are pretty expensive, but if you don’t spend a lot of time in the outdoors you can get away with buying and using a set of these snowshoes.
And whenever I take off and go skiing up into the Italian Alps, I always keep these orange pair of snowshoes in my camper just in case I need’em. And the recommended items that I suggest you purchase and carry in a small pouch attached to your belt are not only essential, but very lightweight too. Or if they did survive their ordeal, they either had to have their fingers, hands, feet or toes amputated due to severe frostbite.
No food, no fire, then you’ll have to keep on moving or you could succumb to hypothermia and die. Think of your body like it’s a bottle of water, if there’s no cap on top to keep the water inside of it when you walk and move what will happen to the water? Yea, I’m sure you have as almost all survival books and websites teach you how to make them.
All I’m saying is if you want to pack and carry something else a bit more useful so you can make a decent pair of improvised snowshoes, you might want to think about making a set of these snowshoes instead.

And if any of you ever want to invite me to come over and visit ya, just drop me an invitation and I just might show up at your door step. But after waiting 24 hours or so and no one has yet come to your rescue, then here’s what you can do to help increase your chances of being rescued. And in the mean time build three separate wood fires about 100 feet apart from each other either in a straight line or a triangle as this means HELP IS NEEDED and will increase your chances of being spotted from the air. And if your car engine still works, start it every so often to recharge the battery so it won’t go completely dead and kaput.
And then carry these items to the highest and nearest mountain or hill, build yourself a nice warm fire and then hook up the car headlight to the battery with the set of wires. Though he made the right decision to leave his family behind with the vehicle, the only bad decision he made was to venture off the snow covered road which would have eventually lead him back to civilization. When you’re ready to cross over some ice, what you should do to be better prepared is tie some parachute cord from one ice pick to the other by running the paracord through your jacket sleeves, like so.
It’s better to be a bit cold on the outside than to lose the inner core body heat or it will cause the entire body to freeze up and shut down entirely. But what they don’t tell you about these paracord snowshoes is that you have to repeatedly stop to tighten, retighten, adjust, readjust and sometimes re-string them over and over again. Or I can make ya a deal, I’ll swap you 2-4 weeks in Alaska for 2-4 weeks here in Italy, anybody interested? Then start blinking the headlight in the direction of wherever you see lights and civilization, three blinks and a then pause, three blinks and then a pause over and over again which means HELP IS NEEDED. Plus you don’t want to kill the battery as you will need to use it to restart your vehicle so you can recharge it and use it for another night(s).
Yes, a sad and tragic story that could have ended differently if he had maybe used some of these car survival tips and or stayed on the snow covered road to civilization.
Followed by unconsciousness and a slow freezing death within the next 15 – 20 minutes?
And if nothing else, at least some matches a candle and a compact pocket size emergency space blanket. Well that’s what will happen to your body heat when you walk and move without a hat on too.
If you don’t see any lights or civilization anywhere, then blink the light in all the directions. That is…if you still have some fuel remaining in your vehicle and the engine is still operational.

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