It means Rick is going back to being a bad a$$ and will straighten out these lying hipsters at Terminus. Not in the Safe Zone, but yes, the Father Gabriel’s church in the middle of nowhere, where they fight against the Hunters. You’re correct Pablo as I forgot the Safe Zone if after they settle things with the hunters and Father Gabriel joins them on their journey.
I was trying to think if any of the windows in Terminus were like this, don’t recall any, so a church is a good bet, Father Gabriels maybe? Going to pick it up this weekend, on jasons recommendation I picked up the first novel, rise of the governor, am about 6 chapters in, an enjoying it. It means that the Termites should have invested in better friskers because Rick has his gun and bad things happen to people who f**k with Rick. It means the photographer thought the lighting effect was cool, and the powers that be at AMC liked the shot.

Everyone dies in season 5 and season 6 is just rick getting into hijinx by himself eating pudding and playing pranks on walkers. Conspiracy theories of Adolf Hitler surviving the war to die an old man in Spain or South America have been around virtually since he was supposed to have committed suicide in a bunker deep below a crumbling Berlin in April 1945. The Latin American country was under military dictatorship after the war and harbored many Nazi henchmen, including Adolf Eichmann, a key organizer of the Holocaust who was captured by Israeli secret service in 1960 and hanged two years later. A film based on the book, Grey Wolf, is currently in production and slated for a January 2012 release. The edited by Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan in hipothesis basic (no relation to the daughters of hitler, a fantasy of the 40’s without foundation) is a very bad copy of Hitler’s escape (see website with copyrigth 1999 !! Excuse me, but I see you stated that evidence in the Russian archives PROVED that Adolf Hitler committed suicide in the Reichskanzellory bunker.
Rick is crouched with his gun as light shines on him from what appears to be a stained-glass window.

Historians have largely dismissed such claims while recent forensic research of Hitler’s remains, long held in Russian archives, proved that the German dictator did indeed perish with his dream of a Thousand Year Reich. In a recent book, British journalist Gerrard Williams and military historian Simon Dunstan suggest that the Fuhrer escaped Berlin by airplane to make an escape for Argentina where he lived to raise two daughters with his wife, Eva Braun, before dying, undramatically, in 1962.
The skull fragments held by the Soviets actually belonged to a young woman, the authors claim.

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