This page offers guidance on how to gather information, plan and take action, and recover.  Included are links to help with your specific risks, if you are away from home, caring for animals, or if you live in a marine area. This list of general resources covers everything from knowing your rights, emergency kits, what you need to know about safe drinking water, and lots more. This helpful one page checklist  by the American Red Cross provides a handy reference to be sure you are ready with supplies and expectations for recovery.
Find information on the Before, During and After a hurricane.  You will also find information on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.
Find links to real-time hurricane monitoring and 2012 predictions. The outlook is produced in collaboration with hurricane experts from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and the Hurricane Research Division (HRD). Watch tips and information about how to prepare your home to be without power during a hurricane or tropical storm. Information about individual and organized preparations.  This page includes information on home retrofitting in advance of a hurricane. The WP-3 Orion Hurricane Hunter rocketed through the late-season cyclone dubbed Patricia, buffeted by turbulence unusual even for a mission into the gullet of a monster. MIAMI — Forecasters say an out-of-season subtropical storm has formed far out in the Atlantic Ocean and could threaten the Azores in the coming days.

PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico — Hurricane Patricia roared ashore in southwestern Mexico as a Category 5 storm Friday evening, bringing lashing rains, surging seas and cyclonic winds hours after it peaked as one of the strongest storms ever recorded. Hurricane Patricia zoomed from tropical storm to record-beater in 30 hours flat like a jet-fueled sports car. With $175 billion in potential losses, Tampa Bay is the most vulnerable metro area in the nation to storm surge floods caused by a once-in-a-century hurricane.
NASSAU, Bahamas — An intensive, dawn-to-dark search Saturday turned up a life ring but no other sign of a cargo ship from Jacksonville with 33 people on board that lost power and communications off the southeastern Bahamas during Hurricane Joaquin. For days, the models that guide the National Hurricane Center's forecasts had been split over the future of Hurricane Joaquin. ELEUTHERA, Bahamas — Hurricane Joaquin hammered islands in the central Bahamas with torrential rains that flooded homes and forecasters warned that the "extremely dangerous" Category 4 storm could grow even stronger.
The Tampa Bay Times presents a one stop news and information resource space to get Tampa Bay prepared for the 2015 Florida hurricane season.
Within this hurricane guide, you will find tips for ways to get organized before a storm hits, covering everything from hurricane insurance to exit strategies and ways to hurricane proof your home. If a large tropical storm or hurricane lands in Tampa Bay, our hurricane preparedness resource has answers to questions about everything from what to include in a disaster kit to what documents to take with you and what is needed for emergency shelter registration.

In the case of a storm, we also have advice for staying connected with what is going on related to a natural disaster via Twitter and other social media resources that quickly become necessary for communication when disaster strikes. Lastly, you will also find tips for disaster cleanup after a major hurricane or storm has passed, such as dealing with flood damage and food safety. We hope you find this resource helpful as you prepare for the 2015 Florida hurricane season.
The Atlantic hurricane region includes the North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico. Coast Guard will suspend its search for survivors of the cargo ship El Faro at sunset Wednesday, officials told the crew's family members.

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