The International Association of Emergency Management Conference is coming up in Las Vegas, Nevada. This committee will be dedicated to emerging technologies and how new systems can complement existing ones, saving the emergency management community precious time and resources. WelcomeThis site is intended to centralize the various initiatives, opportunities and collaborative activities underway in the worlds of social media & emergency services. JSU-IAEM chapter members Kate Blackmon and Clary Mole put together a calendar of upcoming FEMA and other EM training opportunities. Mission: The mission of IAEM is to serve its members by providing information, networking and professional opportunities, and to advance the emergency management profession. Members of UA's Chapter of IAEM receiving the 2012 Chapter of the Year Award in Orlando. Greetings from beautiful Las Vegas, where I am attending the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) annual conference. Conferences get a bad rap for being little more than a chance to get away from the office, but that perspective entirely misses the point. At the opening reception meet-and-greet, I met representatives from another university that offers degree programs in emergency management much like American Public University.
I jokingly queried them about how much of my material they’d hijacked to build their own program, but I really didn’t care what the answer was. 28th of April – Scott Graham, Emily Fortma, and Joe Prewitt from the Mid Atlantic American Red Cross will speak, speaking about the role of the ARC in disaster assistance. In keeping with the principles of a profession, emergency management blends theory and practice for addressing urgent social problems related to risk, hazard, and disaster.
Membership is not limited to emergency managers or disaster researchers- anyone with an interest in disasters, emergency management, or related issues is welcome to join. In the course of teaching courses in the emergency and disaster management (EDM) graduate program here at APU, I frequently receive questions from students looking for advice on entering into the emergency management field.  One of the most common questions I get is what are the skills that emergency management organizations are looking for in a prospective hire?
Emergency management is a profession that requires entrants to have a solid foundation of training, education, and experience. Theory and foundational principles can be obtained through education and training, but these concepts are just starting points in an emergency or disaster.
The future emergency manager and current EDM student must have strong communications skills. Finally, whether you are a student or an emergency manager always remember that you cannot do everything on your own and you need to ask for help when needed before it is too late.
Lola Johnston will give a presentation about the JSU Career Services on December 15, 2015 at 12:00 PM Central via Blackboard Collaborate. Membership of JSU-IAEM is free as long as you are a member of IAEM in good standing (student or individual). The admitted weakness of online learning is the lack of ability to network in person with fellow students, faculty, and industry professionals, so attendance at conferences such as this one is highly recommended as part of your education.
In sum, this is the greatest collection of experts and high-ranking officials that occurs in our career field. With a little imagination and some perseverance, a conference can become a career enabler that’s not available from any other venue.

I was startled that they all seemed to know me; upon closer examination of their nametags, I realized that they were all former students of mine.
In the end, what we all want is an educated populace that’s dedicated to the good that the career field can accomplish.
Historically, emergency manager positions were filled by from the ranks of retired fire and police chiefs or military officers.  Today, professional designations such as the Certified Emergency Manager from the International Association of Emergency Managers and formal education at both the graduate and undergraduate levels are raising the bar for entry into the field.
In a disaster, the situation changes rapidly and requires strong, decisive actions; the emergency manager must be able to make solid decisions in a time-compressed environment without all of the required information. Whether it is communicating with agency representatives in an EOC or requesting extra time from a professor on an assignment, the ability to clearly and concisely make your point is paramount to ensuring that your message is understood. Learning how to organize your work, manage your time, and look for efficiencies will make you more effective in both a professional and academic setting. Miller, EM Adjunct Faculty will give a presentation about professional development and CEM certification on February 16, 2016 at 12:00 PM Central via Blackboard Collaborate. They all gather for three days once a year, to answer questions, provide networking opportunities beyond compare, and enable attendees to understand in great detail the latest products and services available in the field. Through conference attendance, you can add to your education in ways that benefit you, your career, and the good that your career field does for our society. All speakers will present in the Disaster Research Center Conference room unless otherwise indicated. It's not so unusual to see snow in Illinois on December first, but it is unusual to see November end with weather almost as warm as summer. So I am going to use the weather as my excuse for a short introduction to this week's news. I have finally completed my move to Springfield, Illinois—so I expect to be able to devote more time to the newsletter in the coming weeks. Next on my ajdenda is working with the good folks at Daviscomms USA on their new advertisement for next year.
Daviscomms has been a regular supporter of the newsletter for quite a while and I really appreciate it. You are receiving this because you have either communicated with me in the past about a wireless topic, or your address was included in another e-mail that I received on the same subject.
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Readers are a very select group of wireless industry professionals, and include the senior managers of many of the world's major Paging and Wireless Data companies. There is an even mix of operations managers, marketing people, and engineers—so I try to include items of interest to all three groups. I regularly get reader's comments, so this newsletter has become a community forum for the Paging, and Wireless Data communities.
Unless otherwise requested, all correspondence addressed to me is subject to publication in the newsletter and on my web site. This site is compliant with XHTML 1.0 transitional coding for easy access from wireless devices.
We are currently looking for session ideas and or speakers for the upcoming Wireless Forum.

Paul Lauttamus (left) and Company President Alvar Lauttamus stand with West Virginia First Lady Gayle Manchin. Lauttamus Communications was recently given the Governor's Service Award for its work with West Virginia 211. Lauttamus Communications has provided its call center at NO COST to allow this valuable service for the citizens of West Virginia. West Virginia 211 is a social service which puts citizens in contact with the correct agency for any social need they may require. This includes assistance paying utility bills, poison intervention, domestic abuse, and alcoholism to name a few. Since its inception in November of 2004, Lauttamus Communications has fielded over 180,000 calls.
Together, we can help your customers improve their productivity while maximizing oversight and control. Let me explain the features and benefits of your products to the listeners, or do it yourself via a recorded telephone interview. The grant of these licenses will promote the further deployment of broadband services across the United States, as they can be used to provide a wide array of innovative wireless services and technologies, including voice, data, video, and other wireless broadband services. This revenue will also fully fund the estimated cost of relocating the federal government operations currently occupying the lower half of the AWS band (1710-1755 MHz), as required by the Commercial Spectrum Enhancement Act (CSEA). The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau continues to review the remaining AWS license applications. Action by the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau on November 29, 2006, by Public Notice (DA 06-2408). For more information on InfoRad Wireless Messaging software, and a free demo, please click on the logo. With over 200 years of combined experience in Glenayre hardware and software support, GTES offers the industry the most professional support and engineering development staff available. A new survey shows that Canadians find that text messaging is a more convenient and polite way to communicate. More than a third of those surveyed said it was more discreet to send a text message than to call. The report showed that 68 per cent of survey respondents said it was acceptable to send or receive text messages in restaurants, compared to 45 per cent who said talking on the phone was appropriate while dining out.
Respondents indicated that it was more acceptable to use text messaging than to make and receive phone calls while waiting in line, with 83 per cent saying it was fine to communicate via text message while 75 per cent said it was appropriate to talk on the phone.
While the majority of wireless customers use mobile messaging technologies to send text messages, as many as 13 per cent of respondents are beginning to use them to send e-mails or pictures, and 10 per cent of users chat over their mobile phone systems. The report also showed that the majority of text messaging users are English speakers, students, and between the ages of 18 and 24. Finally the Industry has a true replacement for the Motorola T900 but with more features and improved RF performance.

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