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Our newest small-group trips, provided in partnership with G Adventures, blend fun, hands-on exploration with meaningful cultural encounters, as well as more free time and choices. Geographer, conservationist, and explorer David Scott Silverberg has been working on Japan's Islands and Seas since 1983, and has explored the country's mountains, forests, coasts, gardens, and temples.
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This cover of National Geographic magazine is entitled Conversations with a Gorilla, with Koko the gorilla snapping a photograph of her reflection in the mirror.

Participate in a traditional tea ceremony, then take advantage of free time to go on a hike, visit temples, and stroll through the picturesque town. He researches and lectures on Japan's fascinating geography, gardens, cuisine, art, music, Shinto, and Buddhism. In January 1899 a passage from "Lloyd's Journey Across the Great Pygmy Forest" presaged this picture.
The photo was of such high quality and significance that it was chosen to be the cover photo for the October 1978 National Geographic article featuring Koko. Explore the castle’s Ninomaru Palace, known for its beautiful wall paintings and its “nightingale” floors, designed to squeak when stepped upon to warn of intruders.

Developmental psychologist Francine Patterson spent six years with Koko teaching her sign language and this led Patterson and other researchers to believe Koko displayed evidence of linguistic capabilities. Now more than a century of adventures and photographic memories from the magazine's archive are just a click away. In many places it was impossible to read even at noon." This photograph was never before published in the magazine.

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