This webinar will address the growing awareness of the potential risks to the aviation industry posed by aviation workers and the call to action for security experts to be more actively involved in addressing insider threats. Andy brings more than 20 years of experience in business development, enterprise technology, and management consulting to his role at Quantum Secure.
The largest military expo in the Middle East a€” the International Defense Exhibition and Conference widely known as IDEX a€” opened in Abu Dhabi on Feb.
IDEX officials announced in November that all 12 halls of the 130,000-square meter exhibition space had sold out. Unlike many other parts of the world where the need for naval and air power is driving sales, the Middle East still has a robust market for land forces equipment such as rotorcraft and ground and tactical vehicles, Jovovic said. The Islamic State is proving to be more competent and resilient than anyone imagined, Patrick N.
ReutersSheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (C), prime minister and vice president of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai, visits the International Defense Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi on February 22, 2015.
Egypta€™s decision this month to buy 24 Rafale fighter jets manufactured by Francea€™s Dassault was a big surprise and will likely echo throughout the conference, Jovovic said. Unmanned aerial systems are highly in demand, but the level of participation US defense contractors can have in the region is still up in the air. The United States wants the countries it sells UAS to behave legally, responsibly and in the U.S. Most Middle Eastern military spending will be focused on large platforms such as aircraft, ships and vehicles as well as weapon systems, Jovovic said.
Extended oil price decline could put pressure on defense budgets, but will not likely have a huge effect, he said. ReutersRussian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov aims a weapon during the International Defence Exhibition (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi on February 22, 2015King Abdullaha€™s death may also have an effect on how business is conducted in Saudi Arabia, Theros said. The UAE will likely need ground equipment to help support the fight against ISIL, Jovovic said. I don't see how anyone wouldn't be at least a little curious to see things like a Rotorcycle, a Coleopter, and an Aerocycloid in person.
Unlike the PCAM Web site, which tells you not to show up on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays, the website for the museum at Travis Air Force Base seems to suggest that, if you're not a government employee, you might not want to show up at all. The first thing you notice when you pull in and park at this museum is the NASA AV-8C Harrier parked out front. My thanks to Jeff at Hiller for his hospitality, to the docents at PCAM and OAM for theirs, and especially to the staff at the Travis Air Museum for leaving the door open for me.
This seminar is a customized training program for commercial and private aviation pilots and crew members.
It focuses on security measures aircrews should take to protect themselves, their crew and their aircraft while traveling. Chameleon offers the only curricula on the market today that provides a systematic security approach for the Detection of Suspicion, Determination of Threat and Deployment of subsequent procedures. The Nature of The Threat – The instructor will detail the way adversaries seek to target and exploit pilots and crew members all over the world.
Adversary’s Workshop -Through this workshop trainees will develop adversarial methods of operations against (or utilizing) crew members to reach criminal and terrorist objectives. Risk Assessment and Planning – Trainer will discuss key issues to consider when assessing hotels, transportation and support services in high, and medium and low risk destinations. Unscheduled Stops – When an aircraft needs to make an unscheduled stop in a high or medium risk country, aviation crew must think on their feet and respond quickly to foreseeable threats on the ground.
Chameleon trainers have a rich background in the application and design of security protocols and technology for threat mitigation. The Terrorist Threat Mitigation Guide CD – The Guide is a reference book designed to help security professionals to better map their protected environments and security threats. Chameleon seminars have been delivered to hundreds of law enforcement, security, military, corporate and non-profit organizations worldwide.
There are three biometric methods of identification that are standardized by the International Civil Aviation organization: fingerprints, face recognition and iris mapping.
The iris of our eye is a particularly stable structure, unchanged apart from variations in pigmentation that may occur in our first year of life. Retina scanning, a kind of precursor to iris scanning, involves shooting an infrared light into the eye to see unique patterns formed by blood vessels. Technology will never supplant the ability of HUMINT activity to determine intent and frame of mind, and make human, analytical judgments which are critical factors in an effective security system. The session will discuss the modern solutions and approaches airports are applying to this area and how they complement traditional security technologies to create a proactive and reactive approach to risk for airports. Prior to the session participants will be provided 1) a copy of the presentations and 2) a sign-in sheet to verify attendance. In 2013, the last year the conference was held, it attracted more than 80,000 visitors and 1,112 exhibiting companies, and organizers expect similar numbers this year.

The rise of the Islamic State terrorist group, also known as ISIS and ISIL, is heightening that demand. Theros, president of US-Qatar Business Council and former ambassador to Qatar, said during the briefing. The State Department this month announced that it would be easing up restrictions on armed drone exports, but that is unlikely to be a panacea, Jovovic said. This year, the conference launched an unmanned systems exhibition, or UDEX, to showcase drones, robots and driverless vehicles. However, after those major buys are complete, countries may look to upgrade them with new sensors, communications, and intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance systems.
The museum emphasizes the rich aviation history of northern California and was founded in 1998 by Stanley Hiller, Jr.
The Hiller Museum is definitely a must-see for anyone with at least a passing interest in aviation history. Not noticing this information isn't a problem, unless you're really *really* like me, and decide to drive from San Francisco to Santa Rosa on a Wednesday. It is an active duty air force base, so there are security concerns and ease of access varies with the current terrorism threat level.
You might think that the first thing you'd notice is the gigantic flying boat, a Short Solent  Mk.
Each of these organizations is doing their part to save history, preserving tangible reminders of other times that might otherwise be lost to vagaries of memories like mine. Crew members have often been the target of terrorists and criminals – whether as “vehicles” to gain access to the airport or the aircraft, or as targets for robbery, theft and kidnapping. Predictive Profiling is a different method that starts from the point of view of the aggressor and is based on actual aggressors methods of operation. Using case studies and examples, trainees will learn about the methods of operation of different types of adversaries (criminals and terrorist) and about countermeasures used around the world..
Brandes is a veteran of an Israeli Defense Forces Special Reconnaissance and Intelligence Unit.
The guide describes key terminologies and definitions of threat and provides successful formulas for threat mitigation ($40 Value).
Over the years, our trainers have received high praise from thousands of students, with average post-course survey scores never below 95%. The Cylab Biometrics Center lab at Carnegie Mellon is working on iris scanning technology that can read a person’s iris from forty feet away.
As an advocate of the company's vision to provide modern and practical solutions to solve long standing physical security challenges Andy represents the new generation of security professionals. Senate Aviation Subcommittee, a consultancy, an airport trade association, and a security technology company.
Late registrations may be accepted if space is available and will be assessed a $20.00 late fee. The expo could result in big sales as regional tensions, terrorist and leadership transitions propel increased demands for military equipment, experts said. Regional officials are concerned by ISILa€™s use of cyber attacks and social media, and do not yet have the technical ability to cope with those threats. International participants include Abu Dhabi Autonomous Systems Investments Company, South Africaa€™s Denel, Chinaa€™s Shenzen AEE Technology, the Polish Air Force. Hiller was a pioneer in the world of helicopters, having started his own company at age 19. And I'm not just saying that because they use our software, or even because the manager of their gift shop now has a lien on my house.
I snapped a few pictures through the fence and was thinking of giving up, but I was too hot and tired to muster the energy, when the museum office door opened and an older gentleman walked out. The day of my visit, it was something like "Cautiously Optimistic"?, so it didn't take long at all to get a visitor's pass from base security.  Once I made it to the museum  and wandered in, and I was the only one there. 3, parked behind it, but it's so big that you've already noticed it several times since long before you got there.  This particular Solent  stood-in quite credibly for a Pan Am Boeing 314 in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark (unlike the woefully inaccurate Pan Am An-2 --- composited backwards, no less --- in the most recent Indiana Jones outing), and it really does command your attention.
This course teaches pilots and crew members about the nature of the threats they face and will provide them with tools to assess and mitigate such threats, proactively.
We believe that profiling behaviors and situations should be the foundation for every security procedure.
The only consistent complaint we hear is that our students wished the training were longer because they want more. Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Services, ALPA -Airline Pilot Association, Department of Justice, Law Enforcement agency from around the world, Defense Personnel Security Research Center (PERSEREC), U.S.
I use a key and keypad to enter the doors in my life unlike those who peer into a retina reading device to unlock the top secret laboratory. Charles has served as the ACC Board Chair, and on the Department of Homeland Security Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC).

Companies that can offer cyber security products and social media expertise could see a growing market.
While I was in the area,  I made some quick side trips to three other aviation museums (not to mention a Denny's in Vacaville, but that's another story): the Pacific Coast Air Museum in Santa Rosa, the Travis Air Museum, and the Oakland Aviation Museum. I mentioned that later to a friend of mine who said, "Oh, they must have been happy to see you, then!"? But my friend didn't get it; there was no "they"? to be happy to see me. The Oakland Aviation Museum has a similar feel to the PCAM; you get the sense that it runs more on dedication and perseverance than on financial contributions.
Chameleon’s Predictive Profiling methods are applicable to virtually any environment and set of security requirements. Since joining Chameleon Associates he formed the Consulting Division and developed training programs in “Red Teaming”, “Predictive Profiling” and “Security Engineering”.
And although no scientific data support it, iridology is devoted to diagnosing human disease via patterns seen in the iris. One drawback to retina scanning and the reason it is not so prevalent is that the subject must be close to the camera optics.
I'm a strong and longtime advocate of using Flight Simulator in museums, and I've been lucky enough to work with curators and see it in action all over the world. If you have special needs, the course can be built for your specific environment and resources. Being able to identify a person from that distance, perhaps in combination with other biometric tools, using ever increasing numbers of CCTV cameras populating our world is if not a game changer, then at least a very interesting advance. After admitting who I wasn't, I explained who I was, and, as luck would have it, even though the museum was closed, this particular docent was there for the day and happily opened up the doors. So I wandered through the interior exhibits, taking pictures and muttering to myself (something I'll claim I wouldn't have done had I not been alone) then stepped back out into the heat to look over the airplanes parked outside.The collection of aircraft and artifacts is truly impressive and well worth the truly modest delay imposed by security. In my case, it was $3.00 (all the cash I had) and a big, charming smile that said "I'm not from around here,"? but there's no guarantee that everyone would be so lucky (or so charming).
Brandes has an extensive project management and business development experience from international and federal projects. By setting these stations on tables in an open area, they've made them very visible and inviting and usable by more than just the person doing the flying.
Like so many mid-sized airfields scattered across the United States, the airport now known as Charles M. He was the project manager for many security audits and red teaming exercises around the world at mass transit hubs, government facilities, museums, malls and airports to name a few.
Homeland Security is boosting security measures at certain overseas airportsThe steps are related to new intelligence on terror groups and bomb makingThe U.S.
Schulz - Sonoma County was an Army Air Corps training base during World War II.  A number of the artifacts on display reflect that history, history that would otherwise all too easily disappear. He is the Author of the “Terrorist Threat Mitigation Reference Guide” and a lecturer and presenter in corporate and government settings, worldwide. The prime attraction, certainly, is the aircraft collection parked outside—no velvet ropes, no Plexiglas acrylic resinTM, just a field full of airplanes, many of them kept in at least close to flyable condition. But passengers may see additional inspections of shoes and electronics, additional use of scanners designed to detect trace amounts of explosives, and another stage of screening at boarding gates, in some cases, the official said.The changes came about based on new intelligence on terror groups trying to build new types of improvised explosives that are harder to detect, the official told CNN. The museum was undergoing something of a remodel while I was there, and one of the areas being refurbished had the makings of a nice-looking Flight Sim cockpit, so you can be sure I'll keep in touch. The whole place has a homespun, optimistic feel to it, and a visit is highly recommended.Tell "?em Mort sent you.
He is the Chair of the Homeland Security Committee of the California Israel Chamber of commerce.
One of the more unusual areas of Hiller's research was their development of a series of flying platforms.
The flying platform was effectively a ducted fan engine that a pilot didn't so much fly as ride, standing on top of it and steering by leaning— a steampunk Segway from the mid-50s. The museum has the first prototype, Model 1031, on display and, before you can say "I wonder what that's like to fly?!? Visitors by the tens of thousands each year scramble aboard and then lean, twist, and laugh as they (in most cases)hurtle virtually out of control into the San Francisco Bay. My mind soaks up this kind of mental flotsam like, if not a sponge, at least a mid-range paper towel.

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