United States officials expressed concerns about the "insider threat" to American airplanes on Tuesday after a consensus of international aviation security experts said a bomb caused a Russian airliner to break in half mid-air over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula over a week ago. In April, after undercover federal agents said TSA screeners failed to detect mock explosives and weapons ninety-five percent of the time during routine screening tests, U.S.
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Security must therefore have a threat mitigation objective that is proactive where the objective is to prevent crime or terrorism from ever happening. A reactive system that focuses on law enforcement is a huge vulnerability for the security system, as it aims to potentially prevent the attack at the execution stage: at the point where means and intentions intersect.
By focusing on the means of attack, a vulnerability is created because these means are harder to find than a person’s harmful intent.
In most cases where terrorists have been detected in action, at the target, it was with the use of human based threat assessment when human operators detected suspicion indicators relating to the adversary’s hostile intent. The obsession of looking for means as the most needed justification for taking threat mitigation steps is not limited to the security world. A threatening individual is usually defined by law enforcement, military and security organizations as someone who has the intent, means and capability to harm. Relying on technology reduces the security system to conduct detection in a very limited capacity. How to train the low level security pay rate that is often used as public businesses as the security protection is the biggest challenge. Threat mitigation should start at the local level, state agencies and local law enforcement. I feel there is a hidden threat to the safety of aviation; it appears to me that some FBOs and fuel suppliers like to live in the past when it comes to risk management. General manager Terry Wilcoxson has been in the business for decades, so I asked him about the old days and the practice of “free access” to the fuel farm.
It is a recipe for disaster when you combine this practice with fuel suppliers who do not confirm that individual fuel delivery drivers are trained and certified in aviation fuel handling and do not require and confirm that only grade dedicated equipment is used to haul the fuel.
Educating FBOs on the importance of meeting or exceeding industry standards is incorporated into our annual onsite inspections of every branded location, our regional QC seminars and on our training Web site. As a fuel supplier it is incumbent to invest in risk management practices and trained personnel. Business 101 teaches us that responsible business conduct includes product quality, workplace health and safety, protection of the environment, protection of workers and compliance with laws and industry standards. The QC training team was onsite at a dealer’s location when a transport truck arrived to deliver a load of jet fuel.
Then they asked about the previous load to that and the driver admitted hauling biodiesel which contains FAME (fatty acid methyl esters). Wilcoxson related another incident when a driver attempted to make a delivery, and he noticed that the driver was having a very difficult time wrestling with the delivery hose he was going to use. Wilcoxson knows that even the best of aviation fuel filters on tanks farms, refuelers and aircraft will not stop chemical contaminants. We wonder if several different cases we have seen might somehow be related to “casual” contamination of fuel from the residue of previous loads when suppliers do not use grade dedicated delivery equipment. I also wonder about aircraft operators who may have had to complete an engine hot section overhaul hundreds of hours before it was due caused by deposits in the engine. Training drivers of the important differences in handling aviation fuel takes time and resources, as does confirming that the individual driver is actually trained and that the trucks are grade dedicated before the load is dispatched.It’s always easier and cheaper to run your business by ignoring industry standards.
Meeting all applicable industry standards and therefore operating within the law is the only way those entrusted with the safety of aircraft and passengers should operate. Michael Mooney began his aviation business career in 1978 and since that time has served a management role in aviation-related operations including, FBOs, airline ground support, into-plane fueling and a corporate flight department that operated a large fleet of aircraft.
We will send your comments, along with a link to this page, to the appropriate project members. Facility owners, particularly owners of public facilities, should develop and implement a security risk management methodology which adheres to the Interagency Security Committee (ISC) standard while also supporting the security needs of the organization. For terrorist threats, the attractiveness of the facility as a target is a primary consideration.
Noticeable: The facility is temporarily closed or unable to operate, but can continue without an interruption of more than one day. Minor: The facility experiences no significant impact on operations (downtime is less than four hours) and there is no loss of major assets.
The vulnerability assessment may also include detailed analysis of the potential impact of loss from an explosive, chemical or biological attack.
A combination of the impact of loss rating and the vulnerability rating can be used to evaluate the potential risk to the facility from a given threat. Based on the findings from the risk analysis, the next step in the process is to identify countermeasure upgrades that will lower the various levels of risk.
Input a description of the facility, including number of people occupying the facility, the tenants represented, the contacts made during the assessment, any information gathered from the contacts, the construction details, etc. Determine the risk level from each threat and classify the risk level as high, medium, or low. Check the existing countermeasures against a list of ISC recommended countermeasures for the given facility security level and specific threats. Re-evaluate the vulnerability and associated risk level for each threat based on countermeasure upgrade recommendations.
BIPS 05 Preventing Structures from Collapsing by Department of Homeland Security (DHS), 2011. Multi-hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (MHIRA) by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Mount Redoubt, also in Alaska’s Aleutian island chain, was placed on watch for aviation purposes as recently as 2010. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson stressed there is no "specific, credible intelligence" pointing to a similar plot in America, but he said the Transportation Security Administration would deploy additional security at major airports and rail stations in different cities.
The attacks in the Belgian capital underscored the growing threat posed by the Islamic State group on both sides of the Atlantic.
Several Americans were injured, including an Air Force officer and his wife and four children who were at the airport. Mormon church officials, meanwhile, said three of its missionaries from Utah were seriously injured in the blasts and were hospitalized.
In the United States, the Homeland Security Department said it could further enhance security measures "as appropriate, to protect the American people." It urged Americans to report any suspicious activity to law enforcement authorities.
Johnson said last week that officials were monitoring world events while evaluating whether to raise the nation's security posture or issue another bulletin via the government's National Terror Advisory System.
The administration has described the couple as radicalized Muslims inspired by the Islamic State and other extremist groups, but hasn't linked them to any terrorist cell or network. Schiff said it was unclear how closely the Islamic State's leadership in Raqqa, Syria, would have been involved in planning for such an operation. The early indications, he said, suggest the perpetrators were of North African background and may have been Belgian or French citizens. Intelligence agencies have been bracing for months for possible attacks in Belgium, especially since last week's arrest of accused Paris attack conspirator Salah Abdeslam, a Belgian-born Frenchman of Moroccan descent. WASHINGTON (AP) a€” The Obama administration stepped up security at major transit hubs across the country after Tuesday's airport and subway bombings in Brussels, as top U.S. Elsayed, who is being held in a jail in Orange is devastated at seeing his dreams of becoming a pilot dashed over what Bushra acknowledged was a foolish social media post. Trump is leading the Republican presidential contenders and has used especially tough talk on immigration. Elsayed said he wrote the message because he was angered by Trump's comments about Muslims. Elsayed said the agent who interviewed him mentioned last year's shooting rampage by a Muslim husband-and-wife couple in San Bernardino and the Sept. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement that Elsayed was arrested because he violated "the terms of his admission to the United States." The agency did not provide further details.
Bushra said immigration officials alleged in court filings that the flight school had tipped off federal officials to the Facebook post. Alex Khatib, owner of Universal Air Academy, said he knew nothing of the case until federal agents showed up to interview and later detain Elsayed.
Elsayed is from Cairo, but he said he spent much of his life in Saudi Arabia, where his father worked as a civil engineer.
He said he'd like to continue his studies in the United States if the government lets him stay.
Khatib said federal officials asked him to terminate paperwork he had issued so Elsayed could study for his pilot's license. Police said the gunman's bullets narrowly missed an officer but that no injuries were reported. The suspect, armed with a high-powered rifle, shot numerous rounds from his ex-girlfriend's apartment complex near San Diego International Airport, prompting the Federal Aviation Administration to halt incoming flights for several hours as a precaution.
Titus Colbert, 33, walked out of the complex after tossing "multiple weapons" out an apartment window, San Diego Police Lt.
The apartment building is under the airport's approach path, and planes swoop low near the neighborhood before landing.
Planes were allowed to depart from the airport, but many departures were affected because of the lack of incoming flights. Authorities asked people in the area to stay inside and keep away from windows as they surrounded the building. Tom Neu, who lives next door to the rooftop apartment, said he was working at home on his computer when he heard a bang.

For about 40 minutes, he cowered in his bathtub, talking to friends and co-workers on his cellphone. Erik Carstensen was on a Southwest flight from Chicago that was diverted to an airport outside Los Angeles. SAN DIEGO (AP) a€” A gunman in a rooftop apartment surrendered to police Wednesday after a more than five-hour standoff that interrupted air traffic at the San Diego airport.
I don't see how anyone wouldn't be at least a little curious to see things like a Rotorcycle, a Coleopter, and an Aerocycloid in person. Unlike the PCAM Web site, which tells you not to show up on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays, the website for the museum at Travis Air Force Base seems to suggest that, if you're not a government employee, you might not want to show up at all.
The first thing you notice when you pull in and park at this museum is the NASA AV-8C Harrier parked out front.
My thanks to Jeff at Hiller for his hospitality, to the docents at PCAM and OAM for theirs, and especially to the staff at the Travis Air Museum for leaving the door open for me. Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah has expressed concern over the emerging security threats posed by airlines and airports workers to civil aviation.
She raised the concern while declaring opened a two day, ‘Insider Threat' Conference on Civil Aviation Security in Abuja.
Despite this threat, the Minister assured that Nigeria would continue to work with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the International Community in addressing the challenges to aviation security. Princess Stella Oduah who posited that most criminal activities committed at airports have direct or indirect involvement of insider (airports staff) such as terrorist acts, pilfering, surveillance and disclosure of confidential information of sensitive areas, adding that the conference was timely. The Minister noted that it was in the light of this, she said that Nigeria in collaboration with the Transportation Security Administration of United States of America (TSA) and European Civil Aviation Commission (ECAC) brought the African Regional Aviation Stakeholders together in order to address the emerging threats and discuss areas of common interest. The conference, he said would also evaluate a measure commonly referred to as hundred percent (100%) employee screening so that the aviation security experts can proffer solutions and recommendations to the current methods to reduce the vulnerability and the threat from the aviation insiders.
Meanwhile, the Aviation Minister, Princess Stella Oduah played host to her counterparts from West African Region, Members States of Banjul Accord Group also meet in Abuja from December 7 – 9, 2011 to review policy issues affecting the Region. An ISIS affiliated terrorist group in Sinai is suspected of planting a time controlled bomb aboard the airplane. Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson announced increased security measures at airports on Friday that will provide an additional layer of security for the traveling public. House Committee on Homeland Security’s Subcommittee on Transportation Security in February, lawmakers questioned several alarming security incidents at U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson announced changes to TSA security that would greatly reduce "the potential insider threat" posed by aviation employees.
For example, the secret service agents tasked with protecting heads of state are not driven by incrimination but rather by threat mitigation.
For the terrorists, Plan A must work because moving to a Plan B or C or D during the execution phase of an attack is a contingency that may result in failure of their mission. Before diving in to the problem of the dependency on technology one should ask how many terrorists have been found or detected using security technology alone? To underscore this point, history has proven that terrorism prevention is more effective when you first look for the “bomber” and then look for the bomb, and not the other way around.
Everyone remembers the debate surrounding the weapons of mass destruction following the beginning of the second Iraq war. Even a group of 19 essentially unarmed terrorists can cause the death of thousands and the damage and destruction of property in the billions of dollars.
The problem is that most authorities fail to recognize much beyond a gun, knife or bomb as the “means” when in fact one’s bare hands could be a lethal means of attack.
Local police are concerned with local crime and stae agencies are concerned wirth writing speeding tickets and drug interdiction on major highways.
I just hope they realize that in doing so it brings a tremendous amount of risk upon their customers, the aircraft they operate, the passengers and crews and ultimately upon their own organizations. I have been in the aviation industry for 34 years, and I have witnessed some superb examples of FBOs and fuel suppliers that have exceptional safety standards.
Some seem to be content to follow the practices of others in an effort to limit overhead costs. The first order of business for a smart opposing attorney in a lawsuit against a fuel supplier or FBO in the wake of a loss would be to educate the jury of the existence of some very detailed industry standards that apply to aviation fuel manufacture, transfer, storage and delivery into aircraft.Noncompliance with our industry’s standards brings tremendous risk. Further investigation revealed that the truck had hauled biodiesel, and then two separate loads of jet fuel from the suppler that does not require grade dedicated equipment to one of their branded FBOs that did not inspect the fuel before it was delivered.
In a study released in September by the Battelle Memorial Institute sponsored by the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI), carry-over contamination of ethanol from transport trucks was sighted as a possible link in the severe and rapid corrosion caused by microbial growth that has been observed in systems storing and dispensing ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) since 2007. These include corrosion in aircraft wing tanks, gross amounts of microscopic particles in aircraft fuel filters and clear evidence of the effects of microbial growth.
I know from experience that chemical contamination of aviation fuel can cause deposits in the hot section leading to cracking of components. If you are in the aviation fuel business, you can’t just talk about safety; talk the walk, and walk the talk. Your information will not be kept in our records or used for any other purpose than to send the message. These threats may be the result of natural events, accidents, or intentional acts to cause harm. BOMA's Guide to Security and Emergency Planning (PDF 684 KB) by Building Owners and Managers Association. It last erupted in 2009, shutting down the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage for 20 hours.
The airport attack in Brussels highlights one of the most vulnerable stages of aviation security: the time travelers spend between the curb and the checkpoint. Officials also reviewed additional security measures for travelers from Belgium, among more than three dozen countries whose citizens generally don't need a visa to enter the U.S.
The bombs in Brussels' airport and subway locked down the European Union's capital just a few months after attacks shocked Paris and San Bernardino, California. The attack immediately overshadowed events on the island, with Obama addressing the tragedy at the top of a keynote speech to the Cuban people and again at an exhibition baseball game. The service member is stationed at Joint Force Command Brunssum, in the Netherlands, but the military wouldn't identify him by name. European Command announced new prohibitions on unofficial military and Defense Department employee travel to Brussels "until further notice." Official travel to the NATO hub in the city now requires approval. A bulletin was issued in December after American-born Syed Rizwan Farook and his Pakistani wife, Tashfeen Malik, killed 14 people in San Bernardino. Angus King, I-Maine, a member of the Senate Intelligence panel who was traveling in Europe with other lawmakers focused on combatting terrorism, told the AP there was avid discussion about greater cooperation in sharing information on extremists. Prosecutors are trying to get him deported over Facebook comments threatening Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and his lawyers are fighting it. He has vowed to build a wall along the entire Mexican border and has called for temporarily banning Muslims from entering the country.
Secret Service agents interviewed Elsayed in early February after he posted a photo of Trump on Facebook and wrote he was willing to serve a life sentence for killing the billionaire and the world would thank him, Bushra said.
11, 2001, terror attacks, which were carried out by Muslims who had sought flight training in the United States.
He came to the United States for the first time last September to attend flight school with the hope of returning to Egypt and getting a job at an airline, he said. If not, he will seek a refund of some of the $65,000 he has spent on his education and use it to study elsewhere. As they checked inside, someone fired several shots at them through a partially closed door. But as they evacuated neighboring homes and established a perimeter in the trendy Bankers Hill neighborhood near downtown, Colbert fired additional shots from a balcony. In the end, about 30 arriving and departing flights were cancelled and another 30 or so were diverted to other airports, said FAA spokesman Ian Gregor. He went to his balcony, saw a hole in the stucco wall that separates the two apartments, and called 911. Police gave him instructions over the phone on where to walk inside the apartment, and rescuers led him downstairs. Passengers were told there was a security problem at the airport, but people on the Internet soon spread the news of the gunman. The museum emphasizes the rich aviation history of northern California and was founded in 1998 by Stanley Hiller, Jr. The Hiller Museum is definitely a must-see for anyone with at least a passing interest in aviation history. Not noticing this information isn't a problem, unless you're really *really* like me, and decide to drive from San Francisco to Santa Rosa on a Wednesday.
It is an active duty air force base, so there are security concerns and ease of access varies with the current terrorism threat level.
You might think that the first thing you'd notice is the gigantic flying boat, a Short Solent  Mk.
Each of these organizations is doing their part to save history, preserving tangible reminders of other times that might otherwise be lost to vagaries of memories like mine. Harold Demuren explained that the conference would evaluate the threat and the measures put in place to prevent attack from aviation 'insiders'.
The new security measures include expanded screening for items on airplanes, Secretary Johnson said, as well as “airport assessments” conducted with the aid of other countries.
Congress passed the Airport Access Control Security Improvement Act on October 7, 2015, after several hearings on Capital Hill addressing serious gaps in America's air transportation system. Johnson said the new rules would require real-time, recurring criminal background checks for aviation workers, including airline employees. Over the last year, the United States Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have repeatedly warned that ISIS is plotting attacks on American targets including airplanes.

Their concern is protection and their success and failure is measured by their capacity to prevent the threat from manifesting itself. It involves marking or selection of the targets, intelligence and information gathering, surveillance operations, training, tooling up, planning, rehearsing, executing and escape. In the history of aviation security, and security in general, we seldom encounter an event where a terrorist operation in action was exposed using only an x-ray machine or metal detector or other security technology.
The media the public and the Bush administration were all debating the issue of whether or not there were WMD in Saddam’s possession.
The Bush Administration failed to shift the discussion of the intent of Saddam to harm the U.S.
Any security expert would tell you that the biggest vulnerability of a security system is its routine.
As always funding is what’s needed to put specialized units in these areas to mitigate the threat. This matched my own memory of my first day on the job as line manager and seeing these mailboxes at the large airport fuel farm used by the three different branded FBOs on the field.
We don’t even like trucks that have been steamed and dried preferring full-time grade dedicated equipment. In fact carriers have recently expressed concern that many suppliers do not require grade dedicated equipment. Multiple samples were drawn after wiping the bucket clean but the scum returned every time. One of our helicopter customers experienced this and determined the root cause was that his suppler had used delivery trucks that had previously hauled lube oils. For example, at a time of limited carrier resources caused by natural disasters, refinery shutdowns, and market price spikes, just finding a truck and driver is tough enough, but doubly tough when you require they are aviation trained and the equipment grade dedicated. Regardless of the nature of the threat, facility owners have a responsibility to limit or manage risks from these threats to the extent possible.
Provides a template and instructions for completing a Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment on commercial and institutional properties. They had been serving in Paris and were at the airport with a fourth missionary who was on her way to an assignment in Ohio. President Barack Obama vowed to help Belgium track down those responsible for the deadly explosions. The agents returned eight days later and told him federal prosecutors had declined to charge him but said his visa to attend flight school had been revoked. Flights to the San Diego International Airport resumed after police took the gunman, who fired shots at a nearby apartment complex, posing a threat to air traffic, into custody.
Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman said authorities recovered an "AK-47-type" assault weapon and a handgun. About a dozen officers were seen running down the street, several with rifles drawn and stopping to aim. Hiller was a pioneer in the world of helicopters, having started his own company at age 19.
And I'm not just saying that because they use our software, or even because the manager of their gift shop now has a lien on my house. I snapped a few pictures through the fence and was thinking of giving up, but I was too hot and tired to muster the energy, when the museum office door opened and an older gentleman walked out. The day of my visit, it was something like "Cautiously Optimistic"?, so it didn't take long at all to get a visitor's pass from base security.  Once I made it to the museum  and wandered in, and I was the only one there.
3, parked behind it, but it's so big that you've already noticed it several times since long before you got there.  This particular Solent  stood-in quite credibly for a Pan Am Boeing 314 in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark (unlike the woefully inaccurate Pan Am An-2 --- composited backwards, no less --- in the most recent Indiana Jones outing), and it really does command your attention.
In June, 2015, a report by the United States Department of Homeland Security's inspector general revealed the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners missed seventy three airport workers with links to terrorist organizations. Fingerprint-based background checks under the new law will be conducted every two years for airport employees who hold Secure Identification Display Area badges. This coincides with a law enforcement mentality that seeks to find the evidence that will prove guilt and will ultimately aid in the incrimination.
While Secret Service agents have the power to arrest, their use of that power is not at the core of their method of operation.
The means of attack are revealed at the intended target only during the execution phase, if we are lucky.
A threat assessment process involves detection of suspicion indicators, determining the methods of operation that apply to these indicators, attempting to refute the indicators and deploying accordingly. This is a practice we adopted 10 years ago and believe it is vital to proper quality control practices.
The protected window on the right retains glass fragments and poses a significantly lower hazard to occupants. While I was in the area,  I made some quick side trips to three other aviation museums (not to mention a Denny's in Vacaville, but that's another story): the Pacific Coast Air Museum in Santa Rosa, the Travis Air Museum, and the Oakland Aviation Museum.
I mentioned that later to a friend of mine who said, "Oh, they must have been happy to see you, then!"? But my friend didn't get it; there was no "they"? to be happy to see me. The Oakland Aviation Museum has a similar feel to the PCAM; you get the sense that it runs more on dedication and perseverance than on financial contributions. Security should not focused on or have the objective of incrimination at its base but rather threat mitigation. In fact, their primary skill and capability is measure by their ability to detect suspicion, question it, attempt to refute it and make a decision right there and then.
When they are confident that the operational environment and the security system they are opposing require little in the way of contingencies, they are ready to go and execute.
Furthermore, our modern world provides opportunities everywhere to make and use weapons of mass destruction – when things are bigger, faster, more massive and support thousands of people – simple items can be used to create catastrophes. Clean trucks, residual fluids from previous loads and clean hoses are not a concern to them.
I'm a strong and longtime advocate of using Flight Simulator in museums, and I've been lucky enough to work with curators and see it in action all over the world. This is because incrimination means that the act, the crime has already been committed and now the (reactive) task is catching and detaining the criminal. Determining the method of attack, refuting the suspicion indicator and the subsequent deployment is and will remain a human process until such time as futuristic technology provides artificial intelligence. Some drivers believe that all aviation fuel is the same and therefore it is OK to mix avgas and jet fuel.
After admitting who I wasn't, I explained who I was, and, as luck would have it, even though the museum was closed, this particular docent was there for the day and happily opened up the doors. So I wandered through the interior exhibits, taking pictures and muttering to myself (something I'll claim I wouldn't have done had I not been alone) then stepped back out into the heat to look over the airplanes parked outside.The collection of aircraft and artifacts is truly impressive and well worth the truly modest delay imposed by security. In my case, it was $3.00 (all the cash I had) and a big, charming smile that said "I'm not from around here,"? but there's no guarantee that everyone would be so lucky (or so charming). The terrorists knew that even if they were detected as “suspicious” (which 9 of them were) the follow up procedures would have little or no effect on their method of attack – using box cutters to hijack planes in midair and fly them into buildings in New York and Washington, D.C. The Fort Hood incident is a perfect example of how predictive profiling would have mitigated the threat.
No, that signaled the line personnel that they had received a load of fuel and the paperwork could be found inside the mailbox.Free access meant that nobody from the FBO was conducting quality control (QC) checks and supervising the off-loading of the fuel. By setting these stations on tables in an open area, they've made them very visible and inviting and usable by more than just the person doing the flying. Like so many mid-sized airfields scattered across the United States, the airport now known as Charles M. This sounds crazy given the industry standards and fire regulations that this practice violates today. Schulz - Sonoma County was an Army Air Corps training base during World War II.  A number of the artifacts on display reflect that history, history that would otherwise all too easily disappear.
However, I can tell you with certainty that some line personnel still meet the driver, take the paperwork, then walk away without checking the fuel (violation of ATA-103) or monitor the off-loading (violation of NFPA 407). The prime attraction, certainly, is the aircraft collection parked outside—no velvet ropes, no Plexiglas acrylic resinTM, just a field full of airplanes, many of them kept in at least close to flyable condition. The museum was undergoing something of a remodel while I was there, and one of the areas being refurbished had the makings of a nice-looking Flight Sim cockpit, so you can be sure I'll keep in touch. To further reduce risk, structural hardening of the package screening areas could also reduce potential impact of loss. The whole place has a homespun, optimistic feel to it, and a visit is highly recommended.Tell "?em Mort sent you.
One of the more unusual areas of Hiller's research was their development of a series of flying platforms. The flying platform was effectively a ducted fan engine that a pilot didn't so much fly as ride, standing on top of it and steering by leaning— a steampunk Segway from the mid-50s. The museum has the first prototype, Model 1031, on display and, before you can say "I wonder what that's like to fly?!? Visitors by the tens of thousands each year scramble aboard and then lean, twist, and laugh as they (in most cases)hurtle virtually out of control into the San Francisco Bay. My mind soaks up this kind of mental flotsam like, if not a sponge, at least a mid-range paper towel.

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