The lovable time-travelling cat known to Hongkongers as Ding Dong remains as this city’s best cartoon pal. Local artist Furze Chan has created a series of whimsical, movable Popsicle puppets that would make for fun party favours at your kid’s next birthday party. Like the hand of fate, the fickle claw determined whether today was your day, or if you would go home toy-less. Designed in Hong Kong, Hot Toys has a collection of figurines that range from the popular Marvel heroes, such as Ironman and Thor, and Star Wars characters Darth Vadar and R2D2, to the mysterious Dark Knight and Hong Kong singing legend Leslie Cheung.
These fun, geometrically shaped animal toys are locally designed by architect and mother, Akin Jabar.
Every family has a budding engineer and to any creative child, humble building blocks are equivalent to precious bars of gold. Designs from Chocolate Rain have been put on everything you can imagine, from tableware to greeting cards.

These uniquely designed animals are creative and dramatic and will surely intrigue the young tykes. Many dollars’ worth of coins have been spent on what appears to be just a cute game for kids.
The attention to detail in the proportions and facial features have resulted in amazing lifelike collectibles that would be thoughtful gifts for comic book hero enthusiasts. Jabar was inspired by her own children to develop creative and sustainable objects that maximise play potential.
Building blocks such as Unit Bricks have a proven track record of developing cognitive skills and creativity in kids, but truthfully they’re just plain fun. However, their trademark items are the gorgeous handmade dolls of their mascot, Fatina, who may just be Hong Kong’s answer to the Hello Kitty craze.
There is a strategy to the grabbing madness and for many youngsters, it consumed their lives for a period of time, as they attempted to triumph over the game.

The cute multi-functional toys can act as a night light, table lamp or mask for kids to role play with. With this mini version, you can relive your childhood or challenge your young to see which of you has the skills. Melewati perbatasan waktu subuh atau waktu shalat Jumat itu salah satu modus,” tambah Hasan.
Dari seorang bandar sabu di Tawau, Haslan baru menerima upah 500 ringgit dari 2.000 ringgit yang dijanjikan.

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