And of course they have lots of food booths as well as booths where you can buy specialty kites and such. Kite Fest is an annual affair and happens at Voice of America Park.  The 2011 Kite Fest was last weekend. About Bridgett RaffenbergCincinnati lover, Mom, wife, travel enthusiast, Wordpress lover (not necessarily in that order). Join our mailing list and you'll get news on Cincinnati happenings, midwest travel, and more! This was a list item last year, but it’s one of those things that deserves to be on here every year.

It’s also time for one of my favorite photo contests of the year — The Zilker Kite Festival Contest! A large cat-shaped kite sways in the breeze at the Zilker Park Kite Festival on Sunday March 4, 2012. Kites fill the sky above Zilker Park at the 84th Zilker Park Kite Festival on Sunday March 4, 2012. The Zilker Park Kite Festival is America's oldest continuous Kite Festival in Downtown Austin, Texas. There are tons of options, but a few highlights are Kebabalicious, fantastic funnel cakes, longhorn fried rice, snow cones, gyros and many, many other delicious things to snack on while you fly your kite.

Held on the first Sunday of March, it is the kick-off to the hundreds of springtime activities in Austin. If you want to bring your own lunch, feel free to pack a picnic, but just remember that glass containers are not allowed!

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