What could be more fun than a series that contains magical girls, zombies, vampires, ninjas, necromancers, and evil whales in school uniforms? Characters look good, backgrounds look good, but it can sometimes look a little on the sloppy side, especially during fight scenes. But one of the things that makes Kore wa Zombie so great is that it has a variety of good characters to enjoy the company of. She’s got a lot of nude and scantily clad scenes throughout, but she is also not a particularly bad character. She was one of my favorite characters for whatever reason (maybe it was the fact I didn’t get to see her enough to learn to hate her). Kore wa Zombie desu ka starts off promising and funny, but starts to take itself too seriously toward the end and focus on the rather unexciting and uninspired plot than what really made it good. The opening is pretty good, not exactly amazing but better than the generic pop that permeates the openings of a majority of anime. She was damn cute, and on top of that her relationship with Ayumu is my favorite of the series.
It starts to lack that comedy as it progresses, but the story isn’t all that bad, just nothing worth remembering. When you watch the first episode, you know you are stepping into strange territory that only gets stranger as the series progresses, but it maintains a certain sense of seriousness that seems unneeded in an anime that’s main character is a zombie who can transform into a magical girl boy.

He steals her powers accidentally and gains the ability to transform into a magical girl boy complete with pink striped panties. Why he wants to destroy the world in the process is lost on me and how he has magical powers is never actually explained. One particular fight halfway through the series was so amazingly captivating in its use of hypnotic giant boobies bouncing around a graveyard like two happy, skipping children. She’s not the kind of character you will fall in love with, but she does have a certain appeal that can mostly be found in the mystery surrounding her, as well as her feelings later in the series.
This ridiculousness would have been funny if it hadn’t turned into some sort of political intrigue about conservative vampire ninjaism vs. There are some idiotic moments (the last episode), some cool moments (the whale), but overall it’s a lot of meh. With every movement the breasts flung themselves in the direction the girl is going, threatening to tip her over because boobs that big have to weigh a lot.
Music during the show ranges from six notes on a piano (which I’ve complained about before) to what could be village music in a Final Fantasy game.
Episode twelve is what should have been an OVA as it is the obligatory pool episode with enough fan service to make Rosario Vampire blush.
With a second season on the way though, we can hope that it will provide better bad guys and figure out whether it wants to be a funny plot-based story or a serious plot-based story.

It gets somewhat complicated from there with a magical girl school and rival vampire ninja clans and another zombie like Ayumu. I know you can trade her for a magical girl version of many anime characters, but I like the females with an attitude who don’t take crap from anyone. She was helpful as a fighter, but as a person she was just an ass, plain and simple, and totally unlikeable. This is all well and good, but the problem with the plot is not in the fact that it is trying too hard to be complicated and adult, but more so, as I stated, in the fact it takes itself so seriously most of the time. With a second season on the way, there had to be more story that could have been thrown in, or at least something stupid, but progresses the plot or character interactions (like something between Ayumu and Tomonori?). Which is fine, but when you start a series with lots of comedy and very little story, don’t try and throw something at me that is attempting to be complicated.
She doesn’t act like it when just screwing around with her friends, but she truly cares for them and would do anything to protect them.

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