This is the first article of two where we plan to list you the best post-apocalyptic culture out there, that takes place during or after an apocalyptic, or at least world-altering, event. The story of the series takes place in Silos, over 100 storied buildings that reach far down into earth. Margret Atwood (with books such as The Year of the Flood) which probably should have pushed Dog Stars down. What we doOur mission is to find you the best spots, events, culture in and around Melbourne. All images and texts on this blog are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License, which means you may copy, distribute and transmit our work only for non-commercial purposes. It is not allowed to alter, transform or build upon our images and texts without our permission. A little while ago we reviewed the top 5 post-apocalyptic culture books and today it’s time to move on to moving images. So, yeah, this series might be a bit dated, the computer animations not particularly good (it’s old, okay!) and the acting not very convincing at times.
For you reality show lovers out there, did you know there is a post-apocalyptic reality show? This series actually started out as a short story that Hughes released himself on Amazon’s Kindle. We follow different characters, such as Holston, sheriff in Silo 18, and Jahns, Mayor of Silo 18 as well as several others.

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A flu virus wipes out most of the world’s population and the few immune survivors gather together to survive. In Colony, 10 volunteers spend 10 weeks in a cordoned off area of Los Angeles, trying to survive on what they find. Just here on Klaus & Fritz we have already posted articles about Post-apocalyptic tourism in Gunkanjima and about the Spreepark in Berlin that has a definite after the catastrophe feel to it. Hig, together with his dog, his Cessna called The Beast, and a shoot-first-ask-questions-later sociopath called Bangley, is living a fairly good life at an airfield. Through their personal stories they unravel bit by bit the truth about the silos, how they came about and the secrets that they hold. I appreciate the pretty things in life, whether it be an amazing looking cafe around the corner, a beautiful picnic spot in the Botanic Garden or simply shadows playing around an alleyway. In addition, we will be testing recommendations we hear about and tell you if it’s really as amazing as it sounds.
And yes, it’s set in the UK and not in the states and that kind of struck a chord with me.

As expected, the aliens are evil, killing all the grown-ups but taking control of the kids by putting alien worms on their backs.
He takes occasional flights in his plane and is looking for something else, something more. The vampires in the passage are the outcome of an experiment and are more ghastly than any other vampire novel I’ve ever read. You’ll find me wandering arts and craft markets, taking in the scene in Fitzroy or trying to locate that new theme bar down an alleyway in CBD. And when human created robots fight back and essentially eliminate their makers, well that makes for a pretty good post-apocalyptic roller coaster. The main character is an old history professor gone militia guy, who’s trying both to fight against the aliens as well as protect his kids. The exquisite people portraits are a treat and the book leaves you touched, disturbed and deeply moved. When he finds a handful of other survivors, tensions mount as they try to figure out what made everyone disappear.
Fiction serial, Pilgrimage of the Damned, available to read free online at Jukepop Serials.

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