Dry Pack Canning is the process used to  store foods that have less than 10% moisture and are low in oil content.
The thing I especially like about doing my own dry pack canning is the freedom to choose what I want to store. Food grade buckets are fantastic for storing large amounts of food at once and provide a barrier of protection against rodents. Bottles made of PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic can be used with oxygen absorbers to store products such as wheat, corn, and dry beans. Other types of plastic bottles typically do not provide an adequate moisture or oxygen barrier for use with oxygen absorbers.
PETE bottles can also be used for shorter-term storage (up to 5 years) of other shelf-stable dry foods such as white rice. Remember – we work as a team, so plan on being there until all the product is completely finished. I would like to know if dry canning food with an oils content such as brown rice, nuts etc can you use an oxygen absorber as I heard that you should not and should only dry can using a food saver vac with the attachment of a suction cap to get the air out.
Hi Tanya, I believe that you can either use oxygen absorbers or a FoodSaver, but you should consider these items as short term storage – no longer than 6 months. Learn To Prepare website shares an extensive information packed article about the myths and facts about long term food storage.
If you have not started storing long term food storage for your family yet, start tomorrow. June 27, 2014 by JeremyM Leave a Comment As we always say here at Crisis Survivor Tips, prepping doesn’t have to break the bank. Storing food for emergencies is one of the aspects of prepping that require you to shell out money.
You can reuse plastic soda bottles to store your dry foods in, instead of buckets and #10 cans.

So a good hack to save on money is to buy dry foods in bulk and repack them into soda bottles. Soda bottles come cheap and you can find them in trash bins or ask your neighbors for their discarded soda bottles.
Let the bottles dry – this can take anywhere from 1 day to almost a week, depending on the heat and humidity where you live. Once the bottles have dried, you can now get your rice or beans ready as well as bay leaves.
After filling the bottles with dry food, add a couple of bay leaves again before sealing the bottles tightly. When properly done, these items will last a long time – maybe even 30 years under certain conditions. Put your product in a jar, place 1 or 2 – 300cc oxygen absorbers in with the food and put on a new lid and screw the band tightly. I use mine almost every day for keeping the extras I haven’t used or for breaking down a bucket into smaller portions. PETE bottles are identified on the container with the letters PETE or PET under the recycle symbol. You can verify that the lid seal will not leak by placing a sealed empty bottle under water and pressing on it. Drain out the water, and allow the bottles to dry completely before you use them for packaging food products. I have my doubts about whether these PETE bottles will really store food for over 10 years.
It is one our the most important thing you can do for the tough times that are soon to come.
Using 5 gallon buckets for beans and rice can be expensive, especially if you are going to store a 3 month to 1 year supply of food.

There used to be 3-liter plastic soda bottles, it was first seen in shelves in 1985 but soda giants Coca Cola and Pepsi discontinued them in around 2005.
You can save more money by using them instead of buying expensive #10 can or 5 gallon buckets. All you need is your effort and some simple supplies that you can recycle and reuse in storing your food items. I have found that the things that are placed in bags sometimes get air back into them, so I mostly use it to seal canning jars, or for things I want to place in the freezer. That is not fear talking but being current on world events and watching food prices raise steadily. But if you’re lucky to get 3L size bottles in different soda brands, they will be handy for storing bulkier dry foods. You don’t have to worry about mold or rot because the bottles can keep moisture out, and as long as you put them in a cool and dry place, you need not worry.
In the mean time, I still use this method when I purchase things in bulk that I know I will use within one year. Once I open these buckets and know I won’t be using all the food within the next month or so, I transfer the food to smaller containers using the above methods.
These are all good and can do the job of ensuring your stored foods last as long as possible.
But if you can use a cheaper alternative that can do the job just as well, why not give it a try.

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