You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness and hunting industry. Smart packaging provides for a long shelf life and easy storage of all Wise Company products. Wise products have the highest customer ratings for quality and convenience in the industry. Establishing your long term food storage is incredibly rewarding, but can be a little overwhelming sometimes too. Obviously, youa€™ll have to take into consideration that you wona€™t likely have the same produce and perishables that you do now.
Another major part of planning out your storage is to figure out where you can realistically store your food. The final piece of the a€?planninga€? puzzle is to incorporate your emergency food into your budget. This is exactly why many preppers try to incorporate some version of couponing into their shopping trips. When you return from the store after your food storage shopping trips, ita€™s a good idea to take a few minutes and date your food with a black permanent marker before putting it way. As weird as it may seem, USING your food storage may actually be the most neglected and forgotten piece of the equation. If you have followed our advice, and purchased foods that would be on your normal shopping list, you shouldna€™t have any trouble knowing how to cook with them.

When cooking up your food storage, always use the oldest food you have first, so that the remaining food always has as much shelf life as possible. 100 servings of delicious meals packed with carbs for energy, packaged for long term food storage and delivered in a convenient plastic bucket for easy storage. You get a total of 100 servings packaged in an easy to access plastic tub that is easy to store in small areas.
It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations. With every aspect of food storage, there are a million different opinions, and different ways of doing things.
The simplest way to do it is to make a giant shopping list, and then do a little multiplication.
Planning your food storage in this way, ensures that you wona€™t be tossing the dice on purchasing food that you might not like or know how to cook with. There are several ways to do this, but most preppers agree that setting aside some kind of regularly-occurring budget for food storage makes if feel less like that money is being taken from somewhere else, every time they go to purchase long term food. As you begin to acquire the items on your list, you may notice that stores are offering discounts or bulk deals on selected brands and quantities. It makes sense that if your ultimate plan is to have 10 cases of beans, you might as well get them while theya€™re on sale. Ita€™s important to remember however, that once you have several months of food storage built up, you have made a significant financial investment that youa€™ll want to protect. But to simulate an emergency, ita€™s a good idea to learn how to prepare foods without traditional power, or in some cases, even raw.

If you go overboard or try to initiate a bunch of drastic and uncomfortable changes all at once, the odds are you wona€™t stick with it. This food storage variety provides you with over 21,000 calories and over 4000 carbohydrates. Essentially however, there are 3 major components to your emergency food supply: Planning, Building and Using. If the food from a typical shopping trip typically lasts you 2 weeks, than doubling it should put you at roughly a month, quadrupling at 2 months, etc. The good news is, that if youa€™re willing to be a little creative, there are a lot of ways that you can increase the space you have available to you. A quick Google search will reveal that there are some great tools and helps available for those wanting to dip a toe into the world of couponing. It's the perfect mix of food storage that will give you and your family the energy they need to keep going in stressful times. Each meal is packaged in special poly-metalized pouches and vacuum sealed with an oxygen absorber enclosed. All these questions and more are answered here in The Daily Prep's Long Term Food Storage Guide!

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