In the daytime, tiny feet scamper through the halls of Montrose Child Care Centre as giggles ripple through hallways of the downtown daycare.
But at night, different tiny feet have scampered through the halls over the past few years, according to city inspection records: rodents. Montrose is among nearly 330 provincially licensed facilities in Toronto that have been cited for health violations in the past three years without the elderly and their families, parents of young children or the sick who eat in those places knowing. Parents and families had no easy access to the records, as the information was excluded from Toronto’s 12-year-old DineSafe website that makes public the results of restaurant inspections. While the information is now moving online gradually, the institutions, which are provincially licensed, will still not be subject to the city bylaw that compels restaurants to post green, yellow or red signs at their entrances indicating their latest inspection results. Mansel Griffiths, director of the Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety and a professor in the Department of Food Science at the University of Guelph, said institutional kitchens that breach food safety standards should have their licences withdrawn. Inspectors have documented 11 food safety violations at Montrose between 2010 and last year, city records show. Inspectors can impose conditional pass ratings if they find crucial safety violations, allowing a kitchen to remain operational pending a follow-up inspection within a few days.
Four months later, in July, inspectors noted more rodents, warranting a visit from another pest control company to outfit the room with tamper-resistant bait stations and glue boards. Montrose declined to respond to repeated interview requests and a detailed written request for comment. Inspection reports for Scarborough long-term care home Bendale Acres reveal a history of pest control problems dating back to at least 2009 when an inspector noted “dead cockroaches .

Margaret Aerola, Bendale’s administrator, said the 102-resident home has changed its pest control program in recent months and installed new equipment, flooring and surfaces. In an April 22, 2012, inspection, Bendale again received a conditional pass for ongoing pest control, cleanliness and food safety issues. At SuOn College, a private educational training college near Rexdale, poor food handling jeopardized diner safety. Food temperature problems are considered critical violations because they can lead to the growth of bacteria. Though the college earned a pass two days later, the food storage and temperature problems were detailed in two more conditional passes in November 2010 and March 2011.
In late March 2010, the home received a conditional pass for violations, including a dishwasher that failed to sanitize dishes at the proper temperature, an out-of-commission hand-washing sink and general uncleanliness. Upon re-inspection, the kitchen received a pass, but in August 2010, another conditional pass was issued. Inspections since have showed the issues have been addressed and the home is now operating without violations.
Craig Milne, Briton House’s food service manager, said the facility has always tried to address concerns quickly and has made food-handling certification mandatory for its food staff. He says he supports the city’s decision to make institutional food inspection reports public.
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Perceptions from the studio, Blogging has certainly taken a back seat to the new projects we’ve been working on at perceptivity studio, but i wanted to take a quick second to point out one of the.
But by then, a parent contacted Toronto Public Health to complain that the daycare had been without hot water for two days. The daycare struggled with pests again in their final 2012 inspection in November, receiving a third conditional pass.
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Early childhood education, All about childhood educations over the past decade many studies have reached the conclusion that investing in high-quality early childhood education is a. But inspectors, beginning in early 2010, reported that the home’s kitchen has had problems with cleanliness, handling hazardous foods, and a lack of food handler training, resulting in more than 20 infractions during a two-year time frame.

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