The Slatt style belts are implementations of the Slatt's Rescue Belt, but with some differences. I wasn't following any tutorial, so this was a good bit of trial and error on how much paracord I actually needed, and especially finishing up the bottom side. Using alternating square knots, like I'd done with paracord belts and a guitar strap several years ago, I worked my way horizontally around the canteen. My hands sometimes bother me and cramp up, so I took frequent breaks with this project, also being careful to avoid blisters that you can sometimes get with tightening a lot of paracord square knots. I added an inch to my wrist size when I set up before I started tying, but in the end that made for a loose fit, so I would just tie it the same as my wrist size in the future. I started with about 10 feet of shock cord, looping the center of that length onto one flat gate clip, measuring about a foot down with both cord ends to tie a cross knot, splitting up the two cords and measuring about three feet down each, tying a scaffold knot to each of two more flat gate clips. Since these are not adjustable, I made a guesstimate with the single section from the back and the two shoulder straps down the front, with all the flat gate clips attaching to the belt loops of the pants I wear, and where the pants fit around me as I wear them. Suspender clip attachments come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, but generally have wide attachments for use with elastic webbing. Some folks wear either a belt or suspenders, but when I wear suspenders, I use them along with a belt, worn over a tucked in t-shirt and underneath a button down shirt with straight hem that's meant to be worn untucked. There's a thread on the DIY Tactical forums with some neat ideas of using side release buckles and webbing loops instead of the metal grip clips with low-profile suspenders. The differences in this watchband version and the previous one, are a four strand core that's paired off and knotted around, and it's made in two sections, so no strands run across the underside of the watch. I started with a six foot length of paracord for each side of the band, and ended up using between 10 and 11 of those 12 feet of paracord in the end. I tucked the end strands into the knot work on the underside of the band to finish, and they can be further secured with sewing needle and thread, melting, or a drop of super glue. I used my copy of Bruce Grant's 'Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding' as a reference for the Gaucho and Spanish ring knots.
Once you make peanut butter at home, it will be very difficult to get excited about storebought peanut butter ever again.Not that eating peanut butter of any kind would ever be a chore because I love it so, but homemade peanut butter is a delicacy.
Once you have something amazing, it?s hard to get excited about any less than.That?s this peanut butter. Sure, all peanut butter is good, and some is better than others, but this is in its own league.It?s similar in taste to store-bought varieties of ?natural? peanut butter.
At room temperature, it?s similar in consistency to a stir-free natural peanut butter, thicker than almond butter, but thinner than conventional Jif or Skippy.I store my homemade peanut butter in an airtight container in the refrigerator and although I could keep it at room temperature, I?m sure it will keep longer being refrigerated and I prefer my peanut butter on the thicker side. The peanuts will go through stages of: crushed, crushed into a fine powder, a paste, a thicker paste, a big ?dough ball?, and then the ball will break down into runnier peanut butter.
Recipe links welcome and I would love to hear your method and results.I know I?m not the first, and in recent memory Amanda and Sally have made their own peanut butter. This is not rocket science but if you?re never seen it before or tried making your own, I hope you do now. I?ll stick with the conventional.For bars or other desserts that call for peanut butter with a recipe, sure, homemade would be lovely but honestly, the taste is going to be masked from a combination of butter, sugar, flour, eggs, and then it?s baked, which is the main reason I bake with whatever peanut butter is on sale.
I don?t tend to buy natural peanut butter because of the separating and stirring issues.There?s a reason I made this peanut butter. Amnesty for 11 million will increase debt by $6.3 trillion And that doesn't count costs of 22 million additional legal immigrants in just 10 years!
Historically Licorice has been associated with many claims - some have been researched and considered plausible but others mere fiction.For over 3000 years it has been considered a demulcent ( soothing to irritated membranes), an expectorant ( loosening and expelling mucus secretions), an anti-inflammatory agent and as a liver protectant. Older children who have a sore throat can chew a piece of licorice root or drink licorice tea. Don't use these doses of licorice for longer than a week without talking to your doctor due to the risk of potentially dangerous side effects. The use of herbs is a time honored approach to strengthening the body and treating disease. Although the most dangerous effects mostly happen with high doses of licorice or glycyrrhizin,A smallerA amounts of licorice may cause side effects.
During an emergency, it's especially important to keep your cooking area clean and food sanitary. With a little knowledge and preparation, you can stay clean and healthy, even during an emergency situation. In todays epsiode we learn how Jason got his start in leather-working and how he has grown the hobby into a business.
Today is the first in a miniseries on saving money and 100% of the tips, suggestions and resources come from you, the audience. Pocket Survival Kits are kits that are designed to increase your chances of survival during a crisis or survival situation. The Pro Survival Kit Company makes a number of high quality Survival Kits and Survival Tools. Gerber has also started to produce Survival Kits together with the survival expert Bear Grylls. A good Folding Knife, Swiss Army Knife or Multi Tool makes an excellent complement to a Pocket Survival Kit. Carrying a kit at all times gives you some options if you would encounter a survival or crisis situation but can also serve as tool kit to help you deal with everyday problems. Get Home Bags – Examples of Setups This article contains three examples of what equipment you can get for a Get Home Bag (GHB). Exactly what you should pack in your Get Home Bag (GHB) depends on your own particular situation, terrain, setting, skills, health, physical fitness and many other factors. This is a classical example of a Get Home Bag, the setup is built around a shoulder bag with an additional pocket so that you can easily store some basic items like a Cell Phone, Wallet or Compass easily accessible. The Rescue Tool from Victorinox is especially built for first responders and has some special features like florescent handles, seatbelt cuter, saw for shatterproof glass, screwdriver and bottle opener in addition to a knife blade with a locking mechanism. The Fenix TK-15 is relatively compact flashlight using either two CR-123 Batteries or a rechargeable 18650 battery. The entire setup with Backpack, Knife, Bivi-Poncho, Pocket Survival Kit, Equipment to Start a Fire, Headlamp, Flashlight and the Compass has a weight of only 2,715kg. The cooking system enables a person to use small pieces of wood or debris to cook water on the titanium mug and the long spoon is perfect to eat from the bags for the freeze dried rations. The Headlamp from Petzl uses 3 AAA batteries and comes with a number of lenses so that you can get red, blue or green light if you would like so.
This is another example of a Get Home Bag that can be a good alternative for people how live in a setting where it is easy to find fire wood to use as an alternative to a normal stove that use gas, kerosene or fuel tablets.
In this article I have presented three suggestions for Get Home Bags and some items that you can use when building your own setup. At some point in your preparedness journey you’ll begin to research ways to purify water. At Wise Foods we provide a wide variety of great- tasting GOURMET OUTDOOR MEALS that you will love to eat! Many people dismiss fire building as a no-brainer—just get some wood and light it with a match. Nothing could be farther from the truth and real backwoods experts know that fire building is an art and a craft. All fires depend on fuel in the form of combustible material and, in the woods, this usually means dry leaves, twigs, branches and other chunks of wood. A sharp cutting tool will give you the ability to split large pieces of wet wood to get at the dry interior, or even to cut down small standing dead trees that can then be split into useable fuel. Even better than wood that is merely dry on the inside is the wood you can sometimes find in old stumps that are full of concentrated pine resin. Once you find a source of ignitable fuel, try to locate your fire so that it is at least partially sheltered from more falling rain. Very plentiful down here, never have to work to find them, but of course Mississippi is full of Pine!
If you live around or travel through some pine woods, take a walk one day and get some fat lighter wood. Many times after you have pulled it out, there will be food laying on the ground beside it.
If there is nothing sticking out of the ground, there is a good chance that the only thing you'll get out of that hole is 'food' or mulch for your survival garden.
In this stage of decomposition, the water has flowed back into the wood fibers and the grubs and termites have eaten it down to mulch. Now we return to the house with our fat lighter and set it on fire with our tinder, lighter, matches, or whatever. Imagine a cold weather wilderness survival situation where your clothing is inadequate and you have limited sleeping gear or none at all. Furthermore, they found that the sweet condiment contains phenolics that are beneficial in the management of type 2 diabetes, a discovery that the authors noted came as a stroke of irony. Foods with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties have been shown to reduce the risk of several illnesses, including cancer, cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders. The researchers said the discovery should not prompt anyone to consume mass quantities of the product, but rather it is meant to inform them that the sweetener is a healthier alternative to high fructose corn syrup-based products. Tess demonstrates some best practices and a multi-barrier process for packaging food for short and long term storage in mylar bags (or large food grade buckets) with oxygen absorbers, a vacuum seal, and a heat seal. While some modern weight loss experts recommend eating small, more frequent meals as a strategy to drop pounds, a recent study has shown that reducing body mass may be as simple as following your mother's advice.
Purdue University scientists found that eating three well-balanced, high-protein meals per day helped a group of overweight or obese males feel satiated while losing weight. Moreover, the researchers found that the three-meal plan was easier to follow than a diet consisting of six daily meals due to busy work schedules. Some of the squash I added water to and some I didn’t because of the consistency of it when it thawed from the freezer. Homemade marshmallows are so super easy and taste so much better than store marshmallows, you’ll want to be making them all the time. Because we packed these at an emergency prep fair, they were adding the mini can openers to the bottom of the can. In reality, the passage of time is all that will shed light on whether someone is being paranoid. Many thought that idea was the creation of a fiction writer with an overactive imagination. Practice calming down while driving, while talking with customer support that doesn’t speak English, and while spending time with friends and relatives. You will continually be modifying your plan based on opportunities and your unique situation, so don’t feel like the plan you make today will be set in stone. As a result, helicopter pilots are very aware of all of the threats they face and everything that could go wrong at any given moment and cause a series of cascading disasters. That’s a big reason why I am so focused on not only writing about vulnerabilities that we face and big-picture preparedness, but also simple, fundamental things that people can do on a daily basis to get themselves prepared. If you have to sprint, then look at your preparedness as interval training and plan for time to catch your breath and regroup.
Do you have any stories about how you went from being paralyzed or panicked by what is going on in the world to feeling more at peace? Wansink said those with the bottomless bowls ate 73 percent more than those with normal bowls, yet when asked, they didn’t realize they had eaten more. People across the country are stunned and enraged, but most are not aware of the one small thing which has allowed this to occur. Monsanto has always played dangerously fast and loose with science, but with food safety, it has moved to eliminate it entirely. It is a raw milk farce since raw milk is allegedly responsible for one death in 62 years (and none in the past twelve).
It is both a little thing Monsanto removed, lost among the paper work, and a huge agency apparatus. FDA raids on natural food producers and distributors expose the iron fist in the gloved hand.
What the FDA did twice at Rawesome makes it clear that what is at stake goes far beyond defense of raw milk, to everyone’s basic rights around choosing food, around basic rights to contracting, around basic rights to health. African Americans should recognize the clear parallel to the civil rights movement and see the severe threat now. The country is looking at a civil rights battle of a dimension and seriousness never seen before in history.
The government lies and cover-ups are coming to a head, and residents of Japan are now scrambling to acquire non-radiated rice and other foods.
Fears of food riots strike Japan after rice trading is halted due to a 40% price spike triggered by massive hoarding of the remaining radiation free rice supply. It is time to start paying very close attention the events unfolding in Japan as the nation teeters on the verge of food riots which may serve as an example of what other nations in a similar situation would face.
As we approach the 5 month marker since the onset of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan has repeatedly assured the public that the nation’s food supply was safe from radiation.
The Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry is working to establish a system for ensuring the safety of rice ahead of the harvest season in autumn, with plans to inspect the crop in two stages. The buying spree, however, indicates deep public distrust of the government’s handling of food safety issues in the wake of the nuclear crisis following a scare over contaminated beef. A rice seller in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward said regular customers began asking it to keep rice on stock just around the time the ministry disclosed its rice inspection plans on Wednesday. A supermarket in Koto Ward, also Tokyo, said rice is selling at twice the normal pace at the outlet, while various rice brands were mostly sold out at a nearby shopping center. Source: Kyodo NewsWhen a government is forced to choose between the possibility of panic or lying to the public they will choose the latter every time, arguably to the detriment of their people. The people of Japan are learning first hand that they are collateral damage in a never ending public relations propaganda war. The American Preppers Network is a group of people storing supplies, equipment and ammunition in case an end of the world disaster strikes the U.S. Commercial beehives pollinate over a third of [North}America’s crops and that web of nourishment encompasses everything from fruits like peaches, apples, cherries, strawberries and more, to nuts like California almonds, 90 percent of which are helped along by the honeybees. This essay will discuss the arguments and seriousness pertaining to the massive deaths and the decline of Bee colonies in North America. The genetic modification of the plant leads to the concurrent genetic modification of the flower pollen.
I will argue that the media reports tend to distract public opinion from the true cause which underlies the destruction of bee colonies.
There is certain implications to this theory, and it has been proven that electromagnetic radio wave lengths to affect the navigation of the bees. As seen above, it is certain that the digestive shutdown is due to hard material in the digestive tract that compromises the immune system. The rectal contents of Georgia bees (A) were distinctly different then the contents of Pasadena bees (B). The proof is obvious that one of the major reasons of the bees’ decline is by the ingestion of GMO proteins. The Ecological Impact of horizontal gene transfer and increase of rampant disease is not fully examined and if so, is kept silent by these Conglomerates.
The Environmental Impact of scarcity and increased demand for resources, will beyond doubt have severe repercussions for our long-term food security.The bio-diversity of the bees causes positive economic and ecological externalities. A fatal shooting of a young man led to rioting in London as citizens reacted to the death of Mark Duggan with violence and mass protest, according to the BBC. While the death of Duggan was the main cause of the rioting, there were several other factors as well. The state of the English economy and general unrest present in that society have shed light on possible reactionary movements that could spread to the U.S.
Advice for how to stay safe during rioting was released by London police following the first incidents. Citizens should stay in contact with family and friends, and should carry items like cell phones and identification with them at all times, noted London police. Sleeping on the diagonal of a properly pitched hammock makes you lay almost flat, so it's possible to sleep on your stomach. One great thing about hammocks is the many positions you can sleep in that you don't get on the ground. Here's a picture of Youngblood at the Southeast Hammock Hangers Association in Hot Springs, NC, sleeping on his stomach. Camping bug-free in a hammock is just as easy (or hard) as camping with bugs in any other shelter (except maybe an air-conditioned house). The internet is full of ideas for making your own hammock, but I wanted to consolidate a simple set of instructions for a newbie to begin hammocking.
If you compare hammock and ground setups with comparable features (bug protection, tarp size, comfort, etc), the weights are pretty close. Organizing your stuff and keeping it out of the rain is a little different than a big tent with a large vestibule, but it's not too difficult. Seven Ways To Light a Fire Without a MatchPhoto Gallery by Field & Stream Online Editors. Rubbing two sticks together is likely the oldest of all -fire-starting techniques, and also the most difficult.
Using a hand drill is one of the simplest friction methods, but high speed can be difficult to maintain because only the hands are used to rotate the spindle. Step One Cut a V-shaped notch in the fireboard, then start a small depression adjacent to it with a rock or knife tip. Step Two Place the spindle, which should be 2 feet long, in the depression and, maintaining pressure, roll it between the palms of your hands, running them quickly down the spindle in a burst of speed. Step Three Tap the fireboard to deposit the ember onto the bark, then transfer it to a tinder bundle (see "Tinder Bundle-A? on page 56) and blow it to flame. Two people can do a better job of maintaining the speed and pressure needed to create an ember using this string variation of a friction drill.
The Iroquois invented this ingenious pump drill, which uses a flywheel to generate friction.
Step Two Attach the crossbar to the top of the spindle with a leather thong or sturdy shoelace.
Step Three Wind up the flywheel so that the thong twists around the spindle, then press down. Of all the friction -fire-starting methods, the bow drill is the most efficient at maintaining the speed and pressure needed to produce a coal, and the easiest to master. Step Two Place the end of a wood drill the diameter of your thumb into the round impression, bear down on it with a socket (a wood block or stone with a hollow ground into it), catch the drill in a loop of the bowstring, then vigorously saw back and forth until the friction of the spinning drill produces a coal. Step Three Drop the glowing coal into a bird's nest of fine tinder, lift the nest in your cupped hands, and lightly blow until it catches fire.
Human beings have been starting fires from sparks since the days of the cave dwellers of the Paleo-lithic era. The only naturally -occurring material that readily glows from a spark is tinder -fungus, a corky brown deposit found under scars on birch trees.
Fire making does not end with the birth of a red-hot coal, nor does a glowing char cloth ensure that you're going to get a flame. Step Two Tightly clamp a piece of your homemade char cloth or a lump of birch tinder fungus under the thumb holding the piece of flint. Step Three Carefully fold the cloth into a tinder nest and gently blow on it until it catches flame. Another option is to use a magnesium-and-steel tool, which is an updated version of an ancient method that creates a strong shower of sparks. Step One Using a knife blade or striker, shave a pile of magnesium flecks into a nest of tinder. Step Two Strike the steel edge of the tool with the back of a knife blade or the scraper provided to direct sparks onto the tinder. Step Three When the tinder starts to smolder, gently blow on it until it bursts into flames.
An ideal tool for starting a spark-based fire, the striker should be made of flint for best results. Step Two Choose a quartzite boulder that is flat or discus-shaped and drop it against a larger rock to chip off an edge. Step Three A flake broken from the quartzite boulder is usually sharp enough to use as a striker or knife.
In a survival situation, simple snares can be used to catch everything from mice to rabbits to deer for food.
A snare is simply a noose that tightens over an animal's body as it tries to go through it. The strategy is to suspend the noose so the animal's head, but not its shoulders, will pass through the loop as the animal moves along. Snares can be very elaborate, but simplicity is best, because success may require numerous sets. Rabbits often travel distinct, well-worn runways in dense cover, and trail sets placed in such locations are very effective for catching them. Deer also follow trails, so if you have a strong piece of material from which to make a snare -- some nylon rope or wire cable, for instance -- you may want to try for a large supply of meat. If you are in an area inhabited by coyotes, bears or other opportunistic feeders, a snare that lifts your game out of reach above the ground is advisable. It's a good idea to include several yards of wire or fishing line in your survival kit for use in improvising snares. Finally, it is important to remember the snaring techniques discussed here are illegal in most areas, although all law enforcement agencies recognize the right to harvest food in a survival situation.
For an unarmed survivor or evader, or when the sound of a rifle shot could be a problem, trapping or snaring wild game is a good alternative.
If you set and bait a trap for one species but another species takes the bait without being caught, try to determine what the animal was. Simple Snare A simple snare (Figure 8-5) consists of a noose placed over a trail or den hole and attached to a firmly planted stake.
Twitch-Up A twitch-up is a supple sapling, which, when bent over and secured with a triggering device, will provide power to a variety of snares. Twitch-Up Snare A simple twitch-up snare uses two forked sticks, each with a long and short leg (Figure 8-7).
Squirrel Pole A squirrel pole is a long pole placed against a tree in an area showing a lot of squirrel activity (Figure 8-8).
Ojibwa Bird Pole An Ojibwa bird pole is a snare used by native Americans for centuries (Figure 8-9). I wish it had been the open hunting season, but just think of the opportunities during SHTF events or a night time Bug Out. It also works great for spying fields, food plots, and open trails for active observational spotting. FLIR PS Scout SpecsThe Scout PS is a lightweight, handheld device similar to a monocular optical scope. The unit itself is ruggedly designed covered in a soft cushion-like material that will take field bumps, but more importantly is really easy to grasp even when wet. The FLIR PS in UseFLIT Scout units are in such high demand for product testing by writers that I only had a short time to use the unit in the field.
Alas I did not spot any deer with the unit, but if they had been out, I am quite sure their heat visibility would have been spectacular. At a retail price of $1999 (Amazon $1,899), the FLIR PS would be a welcomed piece of gear for a prepper or settled survivalists.
Eventually everything you own that was conceived by a mode of industrial assembly or manufacture will fail. Keep in constant perspective though that learning to fix everything from gas engines, to water pumps, to electrical, electronics, drive systems, and hydraulics, etc. Even if you are not particularly mechanically inclined, learning to use a few basic tools is pretty easy. Survival Eating: Part 3 This started as an article on foraging wild edible and medicinal plants. I went back through my notes and books to find plants that are not only commonly found by me but are common in most of the United States (sorry to our Outside the United States Survivalists and Preppers) or have shown they will thrive in most soils and climates. These plants have shown a hardiness to survive without man’s cultivation and the need for constant attention.
I will try and give a brief overview of the plant and it’s many uses, whether for food, medicine or both. Also, field guides with pictures (color if possible) are extremely important to ensure you harvest the correct plant; you do not want Cicuta, known as Water Hemlock (extremely deadly) when trying to harvest water lily. Dandelions (Taraxacum) are also highly beneficial and they will grow anywhere (ask the homeowner who spends lots of money trying to eradicate them from their lawns). Clover has the added benefit of being a highly sought after food of animals such as deer, moose, elk, larks, nuthatches, and many more.
Shepherd’s Purse leaves can be used in salads and the seeds ground into a healthy meal.
Shepherd’s Purse is a natural blood coagulant used to help stop bleeding (something to think about if you run out of Quik Clot or Celox) and control blood pressure. Common Plantain or Soldier’s Herb, is another one of those plants that people spend time and money trying to keep from their yards (commonly found growing in the cracks of sidewalks and driveways).

MushroomsThen we get to mushrooms but please be EXTREMELY careful when picking and using these fungi for food or medical treatments. I gave only a very small listing of the plants, trees, and fruits that can be grown in the wild with little to no care from us.
I promote planting trees and other plants to keep a healthy balance in nature and gain back some of our lost forests.
Remember when harvesting wild plants, if there is no use in the root, leave this to grow again.
With so many people harvesting plants whole and NOT reseeding or taking care to maintain balance, we have decimated our natural resources for food, shelter and medicine, not only for ourselves but animals we rely on for food as well.
I am including a list of books I have, or are on my shopping list (which I have browsed in bookstores but had to budget my purchases), for use as references. These are but a few of the resources available to begin your own journey in this wonderful and fulfilling skill and past time. I enjoy watching the different location venues, and the behaviors of the big game being pursued including everything from wild hogs to elephants, but I am especially into whitetails. Prepping Gear BagsOne of the curious things I take note of when watching these hunting and game pursuit television shows is the gear the participants use, but more specifically all the stuff they tote afield.
My individual preference is to use the base camp, staging area, or a vehicle as the center point of my outreach operations.
All this still begs the question of what should go in a field gear box, backpack or carried on the individual. The utility of each item is relatively simple and doesn?t really require a lengthy individual field test report, so I felt the best approach was to include them all in one report. Otis Zombie Gun Cleaning SystemWhether hunting for food, zombies, wild hogs, sighting in at the range or conducting perimeter security, it never hurts to have a lightweight, complete gun cleaning kit along. Included in the Otis system are 8 and 30-inch flex cables for breech-to-muzzle cleaning, five bronze bore brushes, a rubberized patch saver, specialized cleaning tools, and a tube of cleaning solvent all in a soft pack with a convenient belt loop. S4 Gear ? Lockdown Optics Deployment SystemI broke my best Pentax binoculars on an elk hunt in Colorado when they slipped off my shoulder on a steep climb and smashed into a boulder. The S4 Gear?s Lockdown optics system holds your optics securely and completely protected in a secure pouch with cover. S4 Evo Sidewinder (Next Generation ? Dummy Chord)This is one of the next generations of tether technologies designed to attach a single piece of critical gear to an extension cord retractor device capable of clipping on a person or a backpack, etc.
The base is equipped with a secured, lockable claw clip that can be rotated to one of four 90-degree positions depending on the placement requirements on a person, pack, harness, or other attachment point. I have the Explorer Field Repair Kit in hand and the stuff in it is amazing to include four categories of repair items such as gear repair supplies, buckle kit, adhesive and fabric patches, and a sewing kit.
Example of repairs that can be done with this kit include gluing boot soles, fixing a broken zipper, seal a leak in an sleeping air pad, replacing a bad buckle, or fixing a busted tent pole. Carson Lens Cleaning ToolsThe point of quality optics of course is being able to see clearly through them. These Carson lens cleaning tools are small and compact, but essential for keeping optical glass clean on the bench or in the field. The tube filter takes out 99 percent of Giardia and Cryptosporidium commonly found in water sources even in mountainous areas where streams seem to be running crystal clear and clean. ConclusionAs mentioned from the get-go, any Bug Out gear kit or bag can contain a myriad of equipment and gear items.
I can highly recommend these products outlined here for use in your Survival Cache gear box or backpack.
The idea is for an accessory that one can wear which can quickly unravel to provide the useful cordage in cases of emergency. Also, 20 feet or cord is nice, but seems like if you were in a survival situation, you would want much more cord. I've added a steel buckle, a quick release system which I installed on all the belts, and a paracord belt keeper which falls off cleanly as the belt is disassembled. I found that when using 1 inch plastic hardware, the Slatts type of belt only allowed me to weave less than 40 ft before I reached the length I needed. All belts are handmade by me and custom orders are encouraged (makes sure the belt is correct length). I tried using hitching and weaving, but just couldn't get anything to work to my satisfaction, so settled on sewing the bottom side ends together. I wanted the 8 inch height of the canteen covered, but you could make it shorter, or possibly longer to close the top, maybe using velcro, fashioning a flap, or sewing in a zipper. I have no idea how much time I actually spent on this project, but there's definitely a lot of hours in this one. One working end was considerably shorter than the other at the finish, one 8 inch length and one 3 ft 10 inch length, so one working strand was used more than the other. Just a simple three point attachment version of suspenders, non-adjustable and made to fit me.
The shock cord allows the suspenders to stretch(old example video link I made with Solomon bar over shock cord) when sitting, standing, bending, and moving about. I have other suspenders that I occasionally wear to help keep my britches up, with a three point belt attachment Perry type suspenders, and a two point side clip type from Duluth Trading Company.
Another possibility is to make loops on the ends of the shock cord, to fit over your belt, instead of using attachments. Started with a 2" loop and cross knot, down a foot then another cross knot, and finishing with a pair of broach knots for the shoulder straps. Here I've posted photos of my hobby and share some ideas on things I've learned to make using decorative and useful knots.
A couple of the end strands go around the clip and are tied in a double wall knot around all four strands, then trim and tuck the ends to finish. When I get around to it, I'll add some glow-in-the-dark powder and epoxy to the eye sockets. Just for decorative use though, as I think if it was used to clobber someone, it might end up getting launched instead.
So sizing is in three measurements, of each of the two paracord sections and the space between the watch pins across the back side of the watch.
The unseen center paracord section has round crowns tied, that the Gaucho knot was tied over. Storing it in the fridge helps it to stay thicker and less runny, especially since my house is warmer now during the summer. I save the fancy peanut butters for when I can really focus on every pure, unadulterated, peanut butter bite and not ?waste? a high end peanut butter inside a recipe. Herbs, however, contain components that can trigger side effects and that can interact with other herbs, supplements, or medications.
Too much glycyrrhizin causes a condition called pseudoaldosteronism, which can cause a person to become overly sensitive to a hormone in the adrenal cortex.
If you aren't careful, harmful germs can spread to food and make you sick or animals can destroy or eat your food.
My hope is that with this series the average listener can reclaim 100-300 dollars a month of their hard earned money and then use it to further their individual independence.
The Pocket Survival Kit is the smallest variants of survival kits and the most important aspect of the kit is that it could be light and small enough to be carried at all times. The cheap models often work rather well, if you’re looking for a high quality model I suggest that you check out the models from Fenix and 4Sevens that uses AAA batteries.
They can be a good addition but remember that even the high quality models are not that strong and can easily be broken.
A simple small pen like the ones you can get for free at IKEA will be enough for most situations, if you’re looking for a more high quality model you can check out the pens from Fischer Space Pen like the compact model Bullet and the Stowaway Space Pen. There are many model, the low cost models that comes with most preassembled kit are quite good. There are many models that can be bought, The Starflash from Ultimate Survival Technologies, the Mayday Signal Mirror from BCB and the Emergency Signal Mirror from ESEE are some examples.
Bring some sewing needles, make sure to bring one or more or the larger variant with sharp edges that used to sew in heavy duty material such as leather. I suggest that you either take some salt and put it in a small zip lock bag or take one the small salt bags that you can find at takeout restaurants. The only downside is that most small compasses have a tendency to brake after a while, even the high quality models. I suggest that that you buy high quality monofilament fishing line and strap it around a small piece of plastic. In an emergency it’s good if you can make a take a bit of paracord, attach the most important items and carry them east accessible around the neck. The wallet contains a number of items like sharpener, P-38 can opener, screwdriver, whistle, signal mirror and razor blade. The major problem with their equipment is that it’s expensive and often rather heavy.
For more advice on what factors that you might have take into consideration check out the articles Get Home Bag and Building The Right Bug Out Bag For You.
This can be an interesting type of setup for people how work very close to their home and primary want their GHB to work as recourse for their everyday life and during disasters or medical emergencies. The setup contains some additional clothing, an emergency poncho, a water bottle, some powerbars, a BIC lighter to start a fire, a notebook, pen, city map, compass and a cell phone charger. These types of flashlights has a very high maximum light output with the possibility of regulating the output to a lower level in order to extend the runtime.
This setup provides two Fixed Blade Knives, Multiple resources to start a fire, Two sources of light using AAA batteries, A Multifunction shelter that can be used as a Poncho and a Light Weight Cooking System. The 24 hour rations from DryTech contain 5000kcal, more than enough for demanding activities.
The compact flashlight from 4Sevens is light weight and an excellent backup light for any setup or for Every Day Carry. The setups represent an ultra light approach, a medium approach and a more comprehensive approach to the subject built around three different types of platforms. What makes these meals so great is that they come sealed in mylar pouches that are in turn packed into square buckets to maximize room and provide a great way to protect the meals.
In freezing cold conditions the ability to build a fire can save you from certain hypothermia if you are caught out in the wilds without adequate clothing or shelter to stay warm. The most accessible dead branches you find lying around on the ground that work well in fair weather will be wet however, so you must look elsewhere. Often you can find dry dead branches still attached to the lower trunks of pine and spruce trees, shielded from falling rain by the dense needles of the living branches. It will smell like pine pitch or tar and is bright yellow or orange inside, often oozing sap. Lighter logs more common down here in wild or heart of yhw woods where they fell naturally. We could just hack what we need off the top, but if transporting a lot of fat lighter or you are in need of a little extra nourishment (even in the winter if you're in the south), it's easier just to take out the whole stump. A good pointer for finding fat lighter is that there will always be something sticking up out of the ground. Exhausted and nearing hypothermia, you need sleep but know that if you lose consciousness you will never wake up. It has some of the beneficial compounds that are found in berries, some that are found in tea and some that are found in flaxseed," said lead researcher Navindra Seeram. Authors noted that the compound is a byproduct of the sap-boiling process required to make maple syrup. With proper storage techniques the shelf life of your food preps can exceed 20 years for most dry goods like rice, wheat, sugar, beans, oats, wheat and pasta.
For both plans, the participants consumed about 2,400 calories per day, a 750-calorie decrease on average.
We want to emphasize, though, that these three larger meals were restricted in calories and reflected appropriate portion sizes to be effective in weight loss," said lead author Heather J. I used the same general method as when I did the carrots–cook the food, puree it, spread it on the dehydrator like fruit leather and dry until crispy, then put the crispy stuff in the blender until it was powdered.
I’ll be wanting to do some more sweet potatoes in the next few months as I only got a little bit out of our leftovers. This could also be used in baking mixes if you want biscuits or bread or something with some sweet potato in it.
There was a little less than a cup of it to start with, so I pureed it with a bit of water and spread it out on the dehydrator trays.
You can cut them all if you want, just make sure you’ve got a nice airtight container to keep them in. I had to tell everyone I wanted a picture so they’d quit eating them as soon as they were rolled! You sure wouldn’t have to go to that trouble, but do make sure you’ve got a manual can opener on hand so you can get it open! And those who thought it was possible were considered merely paranoid — until it actually happened. Some in New Orleans thought that preparing for a levee break was being paranoid — until it actually happened. People who were myopic and focused on Y2K ended up looking paranoid after the dust settled.
Fortunately, there are some simple things that you can do to look at the threats we’re facing in a way that will allow you to keep balance in your life. There are some situations where escalating conflict helps, but in most cases it doesn’t. If the engine goes out, autorotation will buy some grace, but landing a dead helicopter becomes more like landing a rock than landing an airplane. The ability to accept and deal with all of these potential threats, embrace them and enjoy finding solutions to them is what makes for great helicopter pilots. I want every article I write to have actionable steps you can take immediately so that you become more prepared every day.
First time, they used armed FBI; the second time, having faced such still resistance from non-resisting people, they multiplied their attack using armed LA police, Ventura County Sheriffs, the California Department of Ag and several other agencies.
The paperwork was so onerous for small operators and the system so shot full of traps (despite their producing clean food), that it shut down small slaughter houses across the country, an essential piece of any localized food system. Perhaps the FDA was not pleased with being slowed down in court by some judges looking askance at shutting down people whose goods were not contaminated, letting those people return home and sell those products.
Capone had to pay his men to rough up, terrorize, and shut down neighborhood places that competed with him. First and immediately, demand local and state legislators to insert into all health and food safety laws that nothing can be demanded of anyone, done to anyone, taken from anyone, or charged to anyone, without incontrovertible evidence of contamination. And the FDA (Monsanto) is arguing in court right now that the American people do not have any of those rights. Thus, by the time they do let the public know, the panic they tried to avoid in the first place will be exponentially worse. As well, it will shed light on a worldwide hunger issue that will have an economical and ecological impact in the very near future. The latter manipulate government agricultural policy with a view to supporting their agenda of dominance in the agricultural industry. When the flower pollen becomes genetically modified or sterile, the bees will potentially go malnourished and die of illness due to the lack of nutrients and the interruption of the digestive capacity of what they feed on through the summer and over the winter hibernation process. As such, outlined are four major arguments which the biotech conglomerates (which produce and market GMO seeds) have used to mislead the public regarding the demise of the bees. In fact, “many bee experts assumed Varroa mites were a major cause of the severe die-off in the winter of 2005. These chemicals are the practical extension of an exasperating belief that nature is our enemy. Some have also mentioned other navigational hindrances such as UV radiation, shifting magnetic fields and even quantum physics10 as a reason to the destruction of the bees”11. However the sun emits radiation spurts all the time, yet this has not offered a hindrance to the bees. These seeds are genetically engineered to produce only infertile seeds, which farmers cannot replant, also to mention that the bees that are trying to collect pollen, found to have their digestive tract diseases, such as amoeba and nosema disease”12. When questioned the beekeeper confirmed that the bees were alive at the time of collection.
The rectal walls of GA bees were notably transparent revealing contents that looked like small stone packets (C). Does it not seem obvious that the digestion of genetic material directly affects the digestive process of the bees?
This is problematic, as there is such an increase of indigestible foods in humans and bees. The Economic impact of the bee colony collapse would mean inflation, scarcity of agricultural commodities, and ultimately the collapse of North American agriculture.
Organic farming maintains the diversity of the eco-system and preserves the quality of the foods produced. A general anger and animosity against the government, high unemployment numbers and the growing gap between the rich and poor were among the many reasons that London residents took to the streets, the news outlet reported. It is important that Americans know how to handle themselves in a similar situation, if the authorities are unable to gain control. The organization expressed concern that citizens need to avoid unnecessary travel, give the emergency services room to operate and stay out of public areas where individuals may become vulnerable, according to a police bulletin.
How many times have you woken up after sleeping on rocks and roots and wished for a more comfortable bed?
While others are still clearing their tent site of rocks and roots, or trying to find a level spot, I can just string it up and stake out my tarp. If you've read Ray Jardine's Beyond Backpacking, you know that sleeping under a tarp can actually keep you drier than sleeping in a tent. Some hammocks come with integrated bug nets, and others require users to buy aftermarket nets or make their own.
Start here to make your first hammock, then check out the Homemade Gear page to make your accessories. It's possible for hammock setups to be lighter, but for the systems that most folks carry I think a hammocker will generally carry a few more ounces than a ground dweller. Step One Have one person apply downward pressure to the drill while the other uses a thong or shoelace to rapidly rotate the spindle. Step One Cut a groove in the softwood fireboard, then plough or rub the tip of a slightly harder shaft up and down the groove. The crossbar and flywheel are made of hardwood; the spindle and fireboard are made from softwoods (as in the hand drill). The combination of the right fireboard and spindle is the key to success, so experiment with different dry softwoods until you find a set that produces.
Tuck the glowing coal or char cloth into the pocket, then loosely fold the edges around it. The coal or char cloth must be transferred to a bundle of fine tinder before being blown into flame. The curved steel striker provided with flint and steel kits is easiest to use, although with some practice you can produce sparks by using the back of a carbon-steel knife blade.
Grasping the back of the striker, knife blade, or file in your other hand, strike a glancing blow against the edge of flint, using a quick wrist motion.
The advantage of this method is that the magnesium shavings flame briefly at an extremely high temperature, eliminating the need for char cloth or tinder fungus. If you can't find flint, look for quartzite, which is much more common and is hard enough to strike sparks from steel.
Unfortunately, this doesn't happen as easily or as often as Hollywood might have us believe, not even under the best circumstances with the most skilled survivalist. Wire snares are best for small animals and can be made from light wire carried in your survival kit or scavenged from your vehicle.
When using wire or other stiff material, bend the tip over and twist it several times to form an eye. Secure the anchor end of the snare to an overhanging branch, and open the loop about 4 inches, keeping the bottom of the loop three or four inches above the ground.
Find a recently used deer trail, then, in a narrowly confined spot (such as between two trees), position a noose three to four feet in diameter at your waist height. Look for burrows of woodchucks and smaller ground squirrels, the stream-bank holes of beavers and muskrats, and holes at the base of hollow trees that might be used by raccoons, squirrels, rabbits or other small animals.
My own kit contains a spool of green, 20-gauge snare wire purchased at an army surplus store for less than $2. These are made of strong, braided steel wire and have a locking mechanism that secures the animal once it is snared.
Special permits may or may not be available from your state wildlife agency for survival training. Several well-placed traps have the potential to catch much more game than a man with a rifle is likely to shoot. It is equally important, however, not to create a disturbance that will alarm the animal and cause it to avoid the trap. Although birds do not have a developed sense of smell, nearly all mammals depend on smell even more than on sight.
To build a channel, construct a funnel-shaped barrier extending from the sides of the trail toward the trap, with the narrowest part nearest the trap. When planning a trap or snare, ask yourself how it should affect the prey, what is the source of power, and what will be the most efficient trigger. If the noose is some type of cordage placed upright on a game trail, use small twigs or blades of grass to hold it up.
Place several wire nooses along the top and sides of the pole so that a squirrel trying to go up or down the pole will have to pass through one or more of them. Even if it doesn’t outright fail, it must be maintained in order to achieve maximum product utility especially for a survival situation. I was raised though by parents that owned an auto parts store and an agricultural flying business.
I would add a good pry bar, duct tape, files, tubes of oil and glue, a can of WD-40 and Liquid Wrench. It is also effective is stopping diarrhea which can lead to dehydration, especially in a survival situation. This plant has high nutrition value and the leaves are eaten in salads when young or cooked and eaten like spinach.
It also makes great food plots for wild grazers like deer, moose, elk, and rabbits to name a few.
I highly recommend books and pocket guides on identifying mushrooms that are carried with you at all times. To solve this problem I worked out an overpleat wrap that allowed me to use all 100 ft to make a usable belt.
If you want a custom color, I need at least two orders in the color before I can justify the cost of buying the paracord. That left me with using around 6 feet of each 10 foot strand for the way I completed the cover.
The knot work is tight, making for a stiff but still flexible form, so the pouch could be used to carry other items besides the canteen. I used another 12 ft length of paracord to tie a Solomon bar from the third flat gate clip up to where I ran out of cord with the other strands, then tucked the excess under the knot work to finish. If you were to just use paracord alone, you'd likely find the suspenders uncomfortable to use without any give in them. If you want to learn, there are informative links throughout the blog for books and online learning resources.
A 3 pass Gaucho knot in the center and a pair of 3 pass Spanish ring knots out to the sides, using black 0.9mm cord. For these reasons, you should take herbs with care, preferably under the supervision of a health care provider in the field of botanical medicine. This condition can lead to headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure, and even heart attacks. The Pocket Survival Kit is also a natural component for large survival kits like the Bug Out Bag (BOB) and Get Home Bag (GHB). Other solutions could be a nylon pocket like the pockets made by Maxpedition or a neck wallet. There are many kind of matches, if you have enough space in your container BCB and Proforce makes special long burning waterproof matches that comes in waterproof containers that’s very good.
A P-38 Can Opener is a compact tool that can also be used for other tasks like a improvised screw driver, cut fishing line, gut fish or as a box cutter.
The small Petzl E+Lite are an excellent headlamp that small enough to fit in most survival kits if you only bring the lamp and not the plastic cover. Rite In The Rain makes some really good Notebooks, the papers from these Notebooks is excellent for a survival kit.
The bags called aLOKSAK is extremely strong zip lock bags that I strongly recommend, especially for a survival kit.
However there is even better whistles that can be bough such as the JetScream from Ultimate Survival Technologies and the Survival Whistle and Mountain Whistle from Lifesystem. There are models that can be attached to your watch band and carried with you at all times like The Suunto Clipper and the Silva Carabiner 40.

You can wrap paracord around your container but this will make it harder to reach items in case of an emergency. The kit contains some items like a small flashlight from Maglite, Sharpener, Compass, Matches, Fishing kit, Pen and paper to name a few. They also make some other interesting items for kits like the Titanium Escape and Evasion Mini Blade, Survival Card and AH-1 Arrowhead. The sell the Deluxe Survival Kit that comes in heavy duty plastic container but it only contains fire steel, whistle, tinder and a saw. There are excellent credit card sized tools that you can carry in your wallet at all times, the tools in these cards are small but the offer the possibility to always have some essential tools with you.
Training, Skills and Experience, Physical Fitness and Health is more important than the gear you carry. The article is not an exact Guide for what you should pack but intended to provide some inspiration and suggestions for what type of items you can get. The main advantage of this type of lights is the relatively compact size, great light output and the possibility to use rechargeable batteries and use normal CR123 batteries making them ideal for a Get Home Bag and Every Day Carry.
The rations contains 3 freeze dried meal per day and additional chocolate bars, crackers, instant coffee, water purification tablets, energy drinks and so on. A Storm Lighter in combination with some cotton balls soaked in Vaseline works well as a Fire Starter in almost any setting and the some extra matches is also included in the Pocket Survival Kit from AMK. Many people use their Berkey every day for better tasting water or perhaps because they don’t want fluoridated water. After shopping around, you may decide a different water system is best for you, but learning about a Berkey is a good place to start your research. The outer layers of these limbs may be wet, however, so you will need a knife, machete or axe to cut it away and reach the dry wood inside. Remember there is always dry wood somewhere in a forest, but it takes a little effort and a sharp blade to get it. Kick the piss out of the stump with your heel and work it back and forth a little, breaking the few remaining large roots that haven't rotted. The less wood you can see protruding above the ground, the less fat lighter there is underground. Because I was only putting one swath of plastic wrap down the middle of the tray, it took almost two trays to spread it all out.
I don’t use a thermometer, I just check the syrup by dropping a little bit into cold water and pulling it out to check if it forms a soft ball.
If not, here’s a youtube video with some groovy music to show you how to separate egg whites.
You can use whatever pan works for you, but if it’s not smooth or greased well, the marshmallows are going to stick. Run the nuts through the food processor for a bit to get smaller pieces–we usually use pecans, but walnuts or almonds or whatever nut you love would probably be fine also. You want something that will take up some time and be a good distraction from the emergency situation. For a while after Hurricane Katrina, there was only one operational hospital in the entire city. But those who kept their supplies and training up to speed look pretty smart right about now.
One of the best ways to prepare for the stress of a survival situation is to learn how to handle stressful situations in everyday life as efficiently as possible. Airplane pilots know that if their engines go out, their plane will naturally glide some distance and they have a good shot at being able to land safely.
They learn that at some point you have to stop overthinking what might happen and just start flying. Do things that will earn you the right to sleep soundly because you’ve made forward progress.
It’s a step-by-step guide to get you and your family ready for breakdowns in civil order after disasters.
Clinton urged implementing HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) ostensibly to deal with increasing contamination by the big meat packers. Michael Taylor, Monsanto VP, was in charge of the entire US food supply, with DHS and DOD available as backup. In any case, the FDA wrote itself a rule (candy store time for corporations when they run agencies!) that allows it to seize food with no evidence of contamination. Sure, Monsanto has excellent reason to believe – their reason being profit, their belief being in their control of everything.
Of course, it is the FDA and CDC which have kept from the public the connection between pasteurized commercial dairy products and Crohn’s disease for more than a decade, while they play out their dramatic, armed, multi-agency raid on decent people. Monsanto has the FBI, the LA police, the California Department of AG and the FDA to do that for them, and the media to promote it all.
All that is needed to stop the FDA and local ag departments is to require just what the corporations removed – proof. Besides which, legislators were likely taken in by the sleight of hand themselves, thinking a giant agency and millions of rules meant more safety, thinking they were helping their children. That would include Monsanto’s use of massive food safety powers Congress just gave the FDA to destroy safe food and terrorize people. Even worse, a just released report revealed that Japan ran simulations back as far as 1984 which showed 18,000 deaths from acute radiation exposure and a 55 mile radius would be rendered permanently uninhabitable. Pouring poison on our food is a very simplistic way of dealing with our problems however it ignores the root causes. While Fyg (1964) describes similar stone like contents in poorly laying queens, the stones observed in the GA bees were not attached to the epithelium layer as Fyg (1964) describes. The economic impact that the scarcity of bees will potentially have on our society as a whole is very worrisome.
Maybe you bring an inflatable mattress that weighs over a pound, and still leaves you with sore shoulders in the morning, an aching lower back, and hip pointers.
It only takes a few moments to find two suitable trees, and no ground clearing is necessary.
Sometimes I pull myself to the top of the hammock and use the edge as a pillow while I lay on my stomach and look out from under my tarp, too. The same principles apply to hammocking, but it's even more comfortable and dry because you're off the ground, above worrying about runoff, drainage, wet duff, etc.
Sets made from dry softwoods, including aspen, willow, cottonwood, and juniper, are preferred, although a spindle made from a slightly harder wood, combined with a softer fireboard, can also work. The friction will push out dusty particles of the fireboard, which will ignite as the temperature increases.
Step One Bore a hole in the center of a rounded piece of hardwood and force the spindle in so that it fits tightly. If conditions are wet or windy and matches are extremely difficult to light, a glowing spark in tinder uses wind to its advantage to burst into flame. Good sources include dried grasses, lichens (including old man's beard), shavings from the inner bark of aspen, poplar, and cottonwood trees (which burn even when wet), and windblown seed or fluff. If you're using an axe, hold the head still and sharply strike the flint near the blade, where the steel is harder. If wire is unavailable, you can improvise with fishing line, twine, shoelaces, strips of leather or cloth, or even rope or heavy cable if deer or other large animals inhabit the area.
As the animal's head passes through the snare, its shoulders push against the line, drawing the loop tighter as it moves forward. The open noose is placed in a trail or run used by animals, and the anchor end is secured to a tree, bush, log or stake. Snares placed at each end of the log to catch animals as they start across often prove effective. To take advantage of this behavior, a long pole is leaned against a tree used by squirrels. Using the same noose, twitch-ups add a device that triggers a bent sapling or a rock weighting the snare line.
The spool, about the size of two ordinary spools of thread, contains enough wire to rig several dozen snares.
Even the slightest human scent on a trap will alarm the prey and cause it to avoid the area.
A twitch-up will work much faster and with more force if you remove all the branches and foliage. Whatever you own that requires mechanical maintenance; learn about it to the best of your ability. If you have no tools other than one bent screwdriver, a nail hammer, and a Vise-Grip, then start by looking around and shopping at some places that sell basic and specialty tools. It is also great for pasture if you are raising livestock, so it is a very beneficial multi- purpose plant with unlimited potential. Also, this belt uses plastic hardware and nylon webbing which allows to belt to be adjustable. If I'd had more paracord available, I would have started with a 100 ft long hank, cutting that in half, then once the two shoulder straps were covered, I would of had plenty to continue down around the single back length of shock cord. You can store the peanut butter at room temperature where it will keep for at least a week. If you have enough space the smallest wide mouth bottles by Nalgene makes good container that also can be used as a water container in an emergency and are extremely hard to break. A lighter is also a very good tool to start a fire with; you can get a simple BIC lighter for a few dollars or a more expensive high quality storm lighter.
Klattermusen uses small whistles that they attach to the zippers on their jackets that can be bought in some stores that sell outdoor equipment. The Paracord normally have between seven and nine yarns inside the protective other shell that can be used for sewing, fishing line etc. Tool Logic makes a number of different cards, some with compass, fire steel and a small knife, Victorinox makes a model called Swiss Card. The main disadvantage: All items are packed in paper and plastic making the rations quite bulky and the rations are quite expensive. This type of setups can be a good alternative for people how work quite a long distance from their homes.
The array of Berkeys was confusing to me, and I was never sure which one would suit my family best.
Just measure out the contents of the meal, add hot water, allow to rehydrate for 15 minutes and eat! Kind of like this video, but I usually catch it at the earlier part of soft ball when the ball flattens as soon as it is formed. I put crochet stuff in the can for my littlest one and she was probably only 3 at the time. Ochsner Medical Center had been taking practical steps to prepare for a levee break since the 1950s. They may have been paranoid about Y2K, but their understanding of the need to be prepared was practical and timeless. Your best bet is to power through, keep moving and keep your eyes on the big picture.General preparedness will help keep you from the emotional roller coaster of going from one probable disaster to the next. It’s easy to prepare at such a frantic pace that you quickly burn out or make expensive mistakes. But think about every potential disaster you hear about as encouraging your decision to be prepared rather than as something new to worry about. But when one remembers Clinton was put in office by Tyson, one of the top meat packers, with some help from Monsanto and Walmart, something starts to smell. Imagine if Capone could have had media saying the little guys being mowed down were a threat to Chicago’s health and that he was protecting the city.
Congress must add a section into the Food Safety Modernization Act requiring evidence of contamination before the FDA can do anything to, ask anything of, bill anyone for, take, hold or seize anything from anyone. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland, traveled to Oakdale, California, where Anderson and a number of his fellow beekeepers spend winter and spring, they could find no correlation between the level of Varroa mite infestation and the health of bee colonies. New genetically modified crops, designed to be immune to certain pesticides and herbicides, have resulted in the increased usage of these chemicals.
After studies of the autopsy, the most alarming trait is that the lower intestine and stinger have discolored to black vs. As seen below in the comparison of the healthy Bee and the unhealthy bee, it is obvious that the bees that are ingesting GMO pollen are having severe digestive problems, so severe that the disease is terminal. When these packets were ground and mounted, some unidentified floating objects (UFO’s) were observed.
It must also be noted that this increased epidemic of the bee colony collapse has risen significantly since the use of GMO in our foods. In the end, only our children will fully realize; that it was greed that destroyed our beautiful blue planet. I've slept right over rockpiles and on 45A° ridges before, and some folks have slept OVER a running stream! With my homemade hammocks without a fixed ridgeline, I like to have my hammock supports make about a 30A° angle off horizontal. Here's a chart comparing the weights of some ground and hammock setups for different temps.
The friction of the spindle against an indentation in the fireboard grinds particles from both surfaces, which must heat to 800 degrees?F before a glowing coal forms. Step One Cut a notch at the edge of a round impression bored into the fireboard, as you would for a hand drill.
Once it has burst into flame, place it under a tepee formation of small twigs and add larger pieces until a strong fire has been established. The tinder bundle should be roughly the size of a softball and loosely formed to allow air circulation. Molten sparks from the steel will fly off and eventually be caught by an edge of the char cloth, causing it to glow. When using fishing line or other pliant materials, make a loop that's closed with a slip-knot. Something heavy and awkward to drag -- a long branch, for instance -- may be used if a solid tie-off point is unavailable. Attach the snare to a solid anchor -- a stake driven near the entrance with a rock, if necessary. Serious injuries can occur if one doesn't exercise the utmost caution when rigging this type of trap. The struggling victim, the force of gravity, or a bent sapling's tension provides the power. Place the top and bottom wire nooses 45 centimeters from the top and bottom of the pole to prevent the squirrel from getting its feet on a solid surface. It certainly has come in handy to know how to use the proper tools to fix and maintain many things.
Good places for tool browsing includes Sears, Lowe’s, Home Depot, NAPA Auto Parts, Ace Hardware, and many other local outlets or mom and pop stores. Then add a hacksaw, sheet rock saw, electric drill and bits, and cans of PVC pipe cleaner and glue. Click 'Older Posts' at the bottom of the last post on each page or search the 'Archive' for more. As with any food that has no preservatives, use common sense in terms of storage duration but in my experience, it will last for at least a month in the refrigerator, if not devoured much sooner.
The most compact type of lighters from BIC, the mini lighters take up very little space in a kit. If you’re looking for a light source I recommend that you go with and LED lamp instead. These whistles take up very little space in a survival kit, however I recommend that you get one of these and attach it to the zipper on your jacket so that it’s always with you. There is small knife in the kit that I suggest that you get rid of and replace with razor blade or a small high quality folding knife. So go ahead and add some water to get your food to a spreadable consistency if you need to. Storing entertainment is not high on the preparedness list, but can be a lifesaver especially if there are children around.
But when you make it a part of your life, it becomes quite fun and enriches every day in addition to preparing you for disasters. Pesticides, particularly Bayer’s imidacloprid, a nicotine-based product marketed under the names Admire, Provado, Merit, Marathon, and Gaucho have been concretely implicated6 in the destruction of bee populations before. A cubic particle that resembles the cubic bodies of polyhedrios viruses (this viruses attacks wax moths) excepting that the cube observed was ~10x too big for a virus particle.
Since the hammock supports my whole body, instead of just an inflatable pad supporting my hips and shoulders, I don't get sore spots and it relieves the pressure on my lower back. After the strips have blackened but not yet turned to ash, stuff them into a lidded jar to smother the fire. Third, an animal must come along and stick its head in the snare loop, tightening it as it moves.
If it does not escape during its struggles, it usually will die from strangulation or a broken neck. You must determine what species are in a given area and set your traps specifically with those animals in mind. Prepare the various parts of a trap or snare away from the site, carry them in, and set them up. The surrounding vegetation quickly catches the crossmember and the animal becomes entangled. Tie the long leg of the remaining forked stick to a piece of cordage secured to the twitch-up. Fruits and berries are full of vitamins and minerals, have many medicinal values and will thrive in the wilderness without attention.
A Fire Steel is another good item to start a fire with; however I suggest that you learn how to use it before you put it in your kit. Here are a few pointers in looking for your fat lighter, should you pass through an area with pine woods. If you were to cook and dry your own pie pumpkin, you’d know for sure that it was only pumpkin. After blending it into powder, I’ve got a nice little bag of nearly instant dehydrated squash baby food. They don’t look like much to start with, but they expand quite a bit with the beating. The FDA must be stopped from declaring food contaminated without evidence indicating contamination. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland,4 However, treatments against mites may be leaving hives open to the onslaught of powerful pathogens, much in the same way the overuse of antibiotics lead to super bugs”5 in society today.
The first few times I slept in a hammock I had a little lower back pain, but once I learned a few tricks like putting a clothing-filled stuff sack between my legs, the pain went away. At the same time, nothing about the snare location, presence or smell can give the animal warning. Such actions make it easier to avoid disturbing the local vegetation, thereby alerting the prey. This bait, however, should not be so readily available in the immediate area that the animal can get it close by.
Sharpen the upper end to a point, then drill a small diameter hole 5 to 7.5 centimeters down from the top. One of the best fire steels you can get comes from Light My Fire, they sell replacement fire steels for their SL3 knife, this fire steel consists of on the steel itself, and it has no handle so it takes up very little space in a survival kit. This kit is basically the same kit as the one mentioned above, only it comes in a larger container with a lid that can be better secured and some additional items. In the picture above, my helpers are putting the gelatin in the bowl and I haven’t rinsed the egg whites off the beater yet.
We had the cans sealed at an emergency preparedness fair, but you could rent the can sealer from an LDS dry pack cannery and seal your can at home.
But I wouldn’t have time to do anything about it, and I found myself just as unprepared the next time I watched or read.
The fact that other bees and insects are not raiding deserted hives to feed on the honey as they normally would lends some credence to the theory of a toxic overload”8. All PA samples were found to have nosema spores in their rectal contents while none of the GA samples did.
I don't even toss and turn when I sleep in my hammock, because there are no pressure points to relieve. Most people don't like tent camping that cold, but it can be done even more comfortably in a hammock. Done properly, your success ratio might be as high as 10 to 1; ten snares set will yield one success. For example, baiting a trap with corn in the middle of a corn field would not be likely to work. After an initial period of caution, they will try to go up or down the pole and will get caught in a noose. Cut a small stick 10 to 15 centimeters long and shape one end so that it will almost fit into the hole.
As you shop around, undoubtedly you will find other useful tools to add to your collection.
This kit is much more expensive than the standard kit, I suggest that you buy only the larger tin that can be bought separately and a standard kit and complement the rest of the items yourself if you’re considering this solution. Or put your boredom buster supplies in a clean paint can, mylar pouch, small bucket, or just a box. The toxic overload is certainly a concern, but wouldn’t it also need to be considered that this is systematic in the degeneration of the digestive process, such as in humans’ inability to digest preservatives and not absorb the enzymes to break down the foods eaten for survival? But this will happen only if you've taken time to learn proper methods for rigging and placing snares. For best effect, the channelization should reduce the trail's width to just slightly wider than the targeted animal's body. Likewise, if corn is not grown in the region, a corn-baited trap may arouse an animal's curiosity and keep it alerted while it ponders the strange food.
Having a good quality set of hand tools and knowing something about how to use them will put any prepper in good stead for keeping things maintained, repaired, and running. Using this basic knot, I've created two different types of belts in two different sizes for a total of three different types of belts. You can get a preassembled kit for around 20 dollars or build your own using items from your home almost for free. Ultimate Survival makes an excellent fire steel that’s called BlastMatch that can be operated with one hand. They will make your life richer if disaster never happens, and they will make life livable if disaster does happen.Many of the things you worry about will never happen.
Unfortunately, the long term effects on the human population has yet to be understood as the compromise of the immune system may be happening quicker than we are ready to accept, even regarding the advent of super bugs.
Maintain this constriction at least as far back from the trap as the animal's body length, then begin the widening toward the mouth of the funnel. When an animal catches its head in the noose, it pulls the forked sticks apart, allowing the twitch-up to spring up and hang the prey.
You may construct a perfect snare, but it will not catch anything if haphazardly placed in the woods. One bait that works well on small mammals is the peanut butter from a meal, ready-to-eat (MRE) ration.
Tie a small weight, about equal to the weight of the targeted species, to a length of cordage. Animals have bedding areas, waterholes, and feeding areas with trails leading from one to another.
Pass the free end of the cordage through the hole, and tie a slip noose that covers the perch.
I will give some advice about what items that can go into a Pocket Survival Kit and recommend some items from different companies; however this is only a fraction of the high quality products that can be found on the market. A piece of tinder like the Wetfire from UST can also be a good addition to start fire in an emergency. If one of the above techniques is not practical, and if time permits, allow a trap to weather for a few days and then set it. When using such baits, scatter bits of it around the trap to give the prey a chance to sample it and develop a craving for it.
You can often find some of the items cheap on E-Bay, a yard sale, a garage sale or as military surplus. When you position the trap, camouflage it as naturally as possible to prevent detection by the enemy and to avoid alarming the prey.

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