The undead may be about as common as a misleading Daily Mail headline these days, but Sony Online Entertainment’s impending free-to-play PlayStation 4 escapade H1Z1 is aiming to do something a little different with its post-apocalyptic setting.
And fresh from several livestreams, the developer has now released a traditional trailer showing off the title’s exploratory aspects, projectile-based combat, and vehicular action. A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it.
You'll kick the cutthroat survival instinct needed to let poor Freshman Mikey Terriwick succumb to the horde.

Just think, once the zombies take out all of the crowds, you'll have the campus to yourself.
Evidently inspired by the likes of Day-Z, the MMO will find you fighting off rotten foes and scavenging for resources in a persistent world. It’s not the prettiest release in the world, but any muddy textures should be made up for by the enormous player count.
DayZ turned me off, played around with it thought it was fun, but the constant patching and server instability made me drop it fairly quick.Sony has the resources to do it right, I think this game will be huge!!

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