The class will be held at Pueblo West Fire Station #3 at 729 East Gold Drive, Pueblo West, CO 81007 and there is no cost for the course.
Download and complete the LSU Sampling Course Flyer to register and for more information on the course, contact Jim Cody or Loraine Greenwood.
Employers recruit students in Construction Management and Civil and Industrial Engineering for full-time, part-time, internship and co-op positions. Construction Interviewing Day (CID) connects Construction Management and Civil and Industrial Engineering students and alumni with employers recruiting for full-time, part-time, internship and co-op positions.
Students will not be allowed to add interviews based on vacant time slots--all interviews will be added by recruiters. To register, log into Careers2Geaux, select the "Spring 2016 Construction Interviewing Day is currently active"  link on the right side of the welcome screen, and complete the registration form. If you do not already have a Careers2Geaux account, go to our public events calendar and click the "Participant Registration" link for the Spring 2016 Construction Interviewing Day.
All registration fees include admission for up to two recruiters and one 6-foot or 8-foot table (depending on attendance).
Please review the CID Employer Registration Phases Information Sheet for registration details.

The Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU) is a portable, powerful and highly reliable suction unit designed for optimal preparation in emergency situations.
How to use and run a device test on the LSU as well as assembly, disassembly and cleaning guidance.
For the assurance you need, the LSU device test will tell you in 10 seconds whether the LSU is ready for use in the field. As the Laerdal Suction Unit automatically charges when connected to an external power source, and charges to 80% after just 3 hours, it is ready for use when needed.
For ease of use in difficult situations, the LSU has a built in suction indicator, with colour coding, to help ensure the correct vacuum strength is selected for children. This feature, combined with the extra-large dial for ease of use with large gloves, the LSU enables providers to quickly select the correct amount of suction for any given situation. You will be redirected to the Careers2Geaux event overview page - scroll down and select the "See Who's Coming" link.
Once you register for an event, you are required to pay regardless if you cancel your registration. 11 - March 4 --> If you register during this period you will have an "open" schedule where qualifying students will sign-up directly to your posting.

You can also download the Careers by Symplicity app through the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android. Students who were not pre-selected for interviews should use this opportunity to vie for any vacant interview timeslots later in the day. Search Louisiana State University and then use the app to browse events, search jobs and even more. Students who did not attend the mandatory workshop will be allowed to present themselves to recruiters during this portion of the event with the hope of being added to the interview schedule by a recruiter. Underclassmen not looking to interview are encouraged to attend to begin learning about and networking with the participating companies.

Electronic pulse ab machine workout
Emergency lifeboat rations zip
Faraday lightning protection system jacket

Rubric: Canada Emergency Preparedness


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